Operation of the Sample Clauses

Operation of the. Cable Network after the Closing ------------------------------------------------
Operation of the full depth louvers and exclusion racks. The licensee shall continue to operate, clean and otherwise maintain the full depth louvers, installed in the first level of the canal system in Fall 2002 and the exclusion racks at the attraction water intake gates to ensure efficient and reliable operation of these facilities for the protection of aquatic resources. The licensee shall annually inspect the full depth louvers and exclusion racks, and repair them as necessary. In the event the full depth louver facility is out of service during the fish passage season as described in License Article 411(a)(2), the canal system shall not be operated and the headgates shall be closed to seal flows into the canal. If necessary, at the end of the fish passage season a slow drain of the canal shall be performed to return any fish to the Connecticut River. In the event of a failure of the canal louver bypass system, the licensee shall shut the canal down. If there is a structural failure of the louver panels, the licensee shall notify Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (Massachusetts DFW), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries) within 24 hours, and shall implement a slow drain procedure to allow any fish in the canal downstream of the louver facility to return to the River.
Operation of the. Company" 1) The "First Party" shall have the "Second Party" operate the "Company" from the approval date for provisional use of the building, and the date when the registration for preservation of ownership of the building is completed shall be defined as the hand-over date thereof. 2) The matters relating to some land owned by Doosan Construction Co., Ltd. And Doosan Development Co., who are joint project owners of the re-development project owner, shall be settled before completion of the said re-development project under the responsibility of the "First Party". 3) Upon completion of construction of the building, the building shall be registered with it being divided by floors, and the land shall be registered with it being integrated into one plot at #00, Xxxxxxxxxx-0 xx, Xxxxx-xx, Xxxxx, Xxxxx. 4) The remaining construction works of the "Company" shall be completed by Taeheung Construction Co., Ltd. As located at #00-0, Xxxxx-xxxx, Xxxxx-xx, Xxxxx, Xxxxx, which have executed the construction works of the project so far. 5) The "First Party" shall cooperate with the "Second Party" in taking over any necessary personnel among the existing Directors and any required books so the "Second Party" may operate the "Company" smoothly, and the "Second Party" shall take over all related matters required for operation of the "Company".
Operation of the. Subject Property Prior to Closing. Between the date of this Contract and the date of the Closing, the Seller shall operate the Subject Property in a manner consistent with the leasing and management standards heretofore maintained. Seller shall disclose to Buyer any new or renewal tenant leases or service contracts which Seller shall enter into during the Inspection Period. Subsequent to the termination of the Inspection Period, Seller shall not enter into any additional tenant leases or service contracts (which would extend after the Closing) without the express written consent of the Buyer.
Operation of the. Project outside the nominal voltage and power factor range specified above will result in reduction of power output consistent with generator capability curves. SCHEDULE 3 GOVERNMENT ORDERS
Operation of the. PROPERTY 7.1
Operation of the. Business Prior to the Initial Closing. Except as ------------------------------------------------------ contemplated by the Documents or the Restated Certificate, during the period between the date of this Agreement and the Initial Closing, without the prior written consent of Conning, the Company shall:
Operation of the nz domain name space requires the collection of information, including some personal information, from you. In order to have a domain name registered in your name, this information must be entered into the register (see clause 5 below for more details regarding the register). When a domain name in the .nz domain name space is registered to you, or in your name as directed by you, you agree:
Operation of the. Contract The Parties recognize that it is impractical in this Contract to provide for every contingency which may arise during the life of the Contract, and the Parties hereby agree that it is their intention that this Contract shall operate fairly as between them, and without detriment to the interest of either of them, and that, if during the term of this Contract either Party believes that this Contract is operating unfairly, the Parties will use their best-efforts to agree on such action as may be necessary to remove the cause or causes of such unfairness, but no failure to agree on any action pursuant to this Clause shall give rise to a dispute subject to arbitration in accordance with Clause GC 8 hereof.