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IN THE CASE. OF AN APPLICANT WHO IS A MINOR (i.e. UNDER THE AGE OF 21) acknowledge that I understand the provisions of the declarations of indemnity above and hold myself bound thereby and by all other provisions this registration; and the rules and Procedures of ISBS for the time being in force or as they may be altered, for any period during which I am a registered student; declare that I know that, should I during my attendance at ISBS undergo training In any workshop, laboratory or any other place of training or attend any excursion event or sporting activity whether within or without ISBS, I may be exposed to risks of life or to bodily injury, or to health or illness or of damage to property, or personal liability, therefore and that in the full knowledge of this, I consent to run all the risks involved In such training, excursion, exercise, event or sporting activity. Furthermore, I knowledge that the cost of transport to and from such training, excision, exercise, event or sporting activity shall be for my account; acknowledge that I have familiarized myself with this contract, ISBS Prospectus, Fee schedule Rules and Procedures, ISBS documentation and/or other relevant institute prospectus and certify that the information given in this form is accurate and complete in all respects; acknowledge that I am aware that I have to satisfy the requirements of due performance as laid down by ISBS, and the relevant conferring body or Institute as the case may be; agree that ISBS may communicate directly with the conferring body/institute on my behalf and that, as such, all correspondence the institute/ conferring body to myself may be sent directly to ISBS; accept sole responsibility for all amendments to, and confirmation of my degree, diploma or certificate registration; undertake that I will not amend or cancel my registration in any manner whatsoever without first informing ISBS in writing of such amendment or cancellation and acquiring ISBS’s written consent thereto; hold myself responsible for the payment in full of all fees and other charges as and when they fall due for payment at ISBS; agree that where tuition fees are payable to ISBS in instalments, the failure to pay any single instalment timeously will result in the full balance becoming immediately due and payable without further notice; agree that ISBS shall be entitled to recover from me all legal costs incurred by ISBS, including, but not way of limitation, attorney and own client fees and collection charg...
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IN THE CASE. OF GUARANTOR ------------------------ The quotient obtained by dividing EBITDA of Guarantor on a Consolidated basis by the sum of the following:
IN THE CASE. OF Paragraph (a) when delivered; (b) In the case of Paragraph (b), on the fifth business day after posting; (c) In the case of Paragraph -C-, on the day of transmission (if a business day) or if not a business day, on the next business day provided that party's answer back is received; (d) In the case of Paragraph 9d), on the day of transmission (if a business day), or, if not a business day, on the next business day provided the sender of the facsimile receives a transmission report confirming that the fax has been received by the recipient. Any party may change the address to which notices are to be delivered or sent by giving the other party notice in the manner herein set forth. If to the Buyer: Copy to: Xxxx Xxxx Financial Corporation Xxxxx X. Xxxx, Esq. 00000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx & Xxxxx, PLLC Xxxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 000 xxxxx Xxxxxx, xxxxx 0000 Xxxx: Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000-0000 Fax No.: (000) 000-0000 Fax No.: (000) 000-0000 Telephone No.: (000) 000-0000 Telephone No.: (000) 000-0000 If to the Sellers: Copy to: Any Party may give any notice, request, demand, claim, or other communication hereunder using any other means (including personal delivery, expedited courier, messenger service, telecopy, telex, ordinary mail, or electronic mail), but no such notice, request, demand, claim, or other communication shall be deemed to have been duly given unless and until it actually is received by the individual for whom it is intended. Any Party may change the address to which notices, requests, demands, claims, and other communications hereunder are to be delivered by giving the other Parties notice in the manner herein set forth.
IN THE CASE. A. The Company shall declare any dividend or distribution on its Common Stock (or on any other shares which the Holder of this Warrant may become entitled to receive upon exercise hereof); or
IN THE CASE. OF A LEGAL ENTITY, that it is a corporation duly incorporated under the Mexican laws and registered in the pertinent Public Registry, authorized pursuant to its Corporate Bylaws to be bound joint and severally and/or to grant guaranties, as well as the fact that its representative(s) have been duly empowered to execute this agreement, evidencing all of the above with the documents detailed in the Legal Opinion that shall become an integral part of the credit file kept by the Bank and which contents, for purposes of this agreement, are deemed as incorporated herein by reference. The representative(s) declare under oath that the authorities vested on them upon the execution of this agreement have not been revoked or limited whatsoever. IN THE CASE OF AN INDIVIDUAL, that it is his/her will to execute this agreement, and that he/she has the legal capacity necessary to do so, as well as that his/her nationality, his/her community property marital system and his/her business activity, if applicable, correspond to the indications made in the document cited in the first clause of this agreement which contains the particular characteristics of the Credit. In case he/she appears through a representative(s), he/she, under oath to tell the truth, shall state that the authorities they have been vested have not been revoked or limited whatsoever.
IN THE CASE. OF THE EXECUTIVE TO: -------------------------------- the last address of the Executive in the records of the Corporation or to such other address as the Parties may from time to time specify by notice given in accordance herewith.
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  • Asset Management Supplier will: i) maintain an asset inventory of all media and equipment where Accenture Data is stored. Access to such media and equipment will be restricted to authorized Personnel; ii) classify Accenture Data so that it is properly identified and access to it is appropriately restricted; iii) maintain an acceptable use policy with restrictions on printing Accenture Data and procedures for appropriately disposing of printed materials that contain Accenture Data when such data is no longer needed under the Agreement; iv) maintain an appropriate approval process whereby Supplier’s approval is required prior to its Personnel storing Accenture Data on portable devices, remotely accessing Accenture Data, or processing such data outside of Supplier facilities. If remote access is approved, Personnel will use multi-factor authentication, which may include the use of smart cards with certificates, One Time Password (OTP) tokens, and biometrics.

  • Financial Services The aim of cooperation shall be to achieve closer common rules and standards in areas including the following:

  • Acquisition Corp Acquisition Corp. is a wholly-owned Delaware subsidiary of Parent that was formed specifically for the purpose of the Merger and that has not conducted any business or acquired any property, and will not conduct any business or acquire any property prior to the Closing Date, except in preparation for and otherwise in connection with the transactions contemplated by the Merger Documents and the other agreements to be made pursuant to or in connection with the Merger Documents.

  • Health Care The Company will reimburse the Executive for the cost of maintaining continuing health coverage under COBRA for a period of no more than 12 months following the date of termination, less the amount the Executive is expected to pay as a regular employee premium for such coverage. Such reimbursements will cease if the Executive becomes eligible for similar coverage under another benefit plan.

  • SPECIAL SERVICES Should the Trust have occasion to request the Adviser to perform services not herein contemplated or to request the Adviser to arrange for the services of others, the Adviser will act for the Trust on behalf of the Fund upon request to the best of its ability, with compensation for the Adviser's services to be agreed upon with respect to each such occasion as it arises.

  • Western will as requested by the Manager oversee the maintenance of all books and records with respect to the investment transactions of the Fund in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and will furnish the Directors with such periodic and special reports as the Directors or the Manager reasonably may request.

  • Portfolio Securities Portfolio securities of the Issuer may be bought or sold by or through Distributors, and Distributors may participate directly or indirectly in brokerage commissions or "spreads" for transactions in portfolio securities of the Issuer.

  • Real Property Holding Corporation The Company is not and has never been a U.S. real property holding corporation within the meaning of Section 897 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and the Company shall so certify upon Purchaser’s request.

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