Right to Possession Sample Clauses

Right to Possession. At the Closing and as a condition thereto, Purchaser shall be given right to possession of the Property subject to any Leases, and Seller will execute such instruments and take such action as may be appropriate or required to assure Purchaser of uninterrupted and full possession of the Property, immediately following the Closing.
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Right to Possession of the Property shall transfer to Buyer on the Closing, subject only to the Conditions of Title and the Lease. If applicable, Seller shall transfer to Buyer on the Closing Date, to the extent in Seller’s control, custody or possession, the originals of all permits and other documents to be transferred to Buyer under this Agreement which have not yet been delivered to Buyer, provided that Seller may retain copies of all or any of the foregoing documents. This Section 6.10 shall survive the Closing and the recordation of the Deed.
Right to Possession. In return for the Qualifying Resident’s continued fulfillment of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Governing Documents, the Mutual grants to the Qualifying Resident possession of the Unit for the Term:
Right to Possession. Lessor covenants, warrants and represents that the Demised Premises are now unoccupied and tenant-free, and that absolute, tenant-free possession of the Demised Premises will be delivered to Lessee on the date of the commencement of the term hereof.
Right to Possession. Landlord hereby withdraws (i) the letter dated July 20, 2009 in which Landlord terminated Tenant’s right to possession of the Leased Premises and (ii) the letter dated July 21, 2009 in which Landlord demands that Tenant vacate the Leased Premises. Landlord and Tenant agree that Tenant’s right to possession of the Leased Premises is reinstated and assumed by Tenant as if such letters had not been executed and delivered to Tenant. Executed as of the date first written above. LANDLORD: CAMBRIDGE PROPERTIES, a sole proprietorship of Xx. Xxxxxxx X. Sharma By: Name: Title: TENANT: UNIVERSITY GENERAL HOSPITAL, LP, a Texas limited partnership By: University General Hospital, LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership, its general partner By: /s/ Hassan Chahadeh Name: Hassan Chahadeh Title: Partner & Chairman of Management Committee GUARANTORS: By: /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxxx XXXXXX XXXXXX By: /s/ Hassan Chahadeh HASSAN CHAHADEH By: /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX By: /s/ Xxxxx Small XXXXX SMALL By: /s/ Xxxxx Xxxxxxx XXXXX XXXXXXX ANNEX 1
Right to Possession of the Property shall transfer to Buyer on the Closing Date. Seller shall transfer and deliver to Buyer on the Closing Date such keys, lock and safe combinations and other similar items as Buyer shall require to obtain immediate and full occupation and control of the Property, and shall also deliver to Buyer original execution copies of the Real Property Lease and Related Agreements and of the Other Leases and Contracts which are assigned to Buyer, together with all amendments or modifications thereto, which documents shall be identical in all material respect to the copies thereof previously provided by Seller to Buyer, and the Sterling Lease Notice, Sterling Option Notice, Notice of Assignment and Recognition Agreement shall be recorded with the official real estate records of the County of Loudoun, Virginia.
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Right to Possession. The Tenant is entitled to possession of the Premises on the first day of the Lease term, and shall yield possession of the Premises to the Landlord on the last day of the Lease term. The Tenant is not liable for Rent until the date on which possession of the Premises is delivered.
Right to Possession. Any Receiver shall be entitled to immediate possession of Collateral and the Company shall forthwith upon demand by any Receiver deliver up possession to a Receiver of any Collateral.
Right to Possession. The right of the Mortgagee to take possession of and sell or operate and manage the Mortgaged Property in compliance with the provisions of this Chattel Mortgage shall not be adversely affected by the provisions of the Federal Bankruptcy Code as at any time amended or of any provision of any succeeding act to the same effect.
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