The Business Sample Clauses

The Business. The parties acknowledge that the Company is engaged in the development, marketing and sale of certain proprietary technologies, processes and related products in the areas of chemical detection, technical processes, and technical/business services, and that the Company may also from time to time become or may intend to become engaged in other business endeavors (individually and collectively, the "BUSINESS"). The Company shall be deemed to intend to become engaged in a business endeavor if it has devoted or expended any significant resources, either financial or human resources, towards the proposed endeavor, either in planning or implementing the undertaking of such planned endeavor.
The Business. Executive acknowledges that the Company and its Affiliates are engaged in the business of (i) manufacturing, marketing and distributing long-handled tools, wheelbarrows, hose reels, striking tools, pruning implements, pots and planters, snow tools, lawn carts, repair handles, garden hoses, and decorative accessories for the lawn and garden, and (ii) conducting such other activities as are undertaken (or are proposed or contemplated to be undertaken) from time to time by the Company and each of its Affiliates as a result of future acquisitions or otherwise (collectively, the "Business").
The Business. 2.1 The business of the Company (the Business) shall be:
The Business. 6.1 As far as the Company is aware, no event has occurred or is subsisting or is about to occur which constitutes or would, with the giving of notice and/or lapse of time, constitute a default or result in the acceleration by way of default, of any obligation under any agreement or arrangement to which any member of the Group is a party which is material to the business of any member of the Group.
The Business. 1.1 The parties hereby agree that the core business of QXM (the "QXM BUSINESS")is the design, manufacture and sale of all types of mobile handsets and related accessories, including but not limited to GSM, CDMA and 3G mobile handsets, as well as handsets that may contain commercial, entertainment, computing or other consumer electronics functions, or other distinctive functions such as medical, security, or other functions utilizing portable electronic devices, as determined from time to time by the board of directors of QXM.
The Business. The Parties further agree to cooperate and use their respective commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the necessary consent from the landlord to effect the separation of such Commingled Lease, splitting the property with the Seller identity numbers B82 and RD1 into one lease and the property with the Seller identity number G38 into another lease, if practicable prior to Closing and on substantially the same terms as currently in effect with respect to each such property or other terms reasonably mutually agreeable to the Parties in accordance with the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in Sections 2.7(a) - (c) (inclusive), mutatis mutandis. If such split is effected prior to Closing, the lease of the real property with the Seller identity number G38 shall not constitute part of the Purchased Assets. If such split is not effected prior to Closing, the lease of the real property with the Seller identity number G38 shall constitute part of the Purchased Assets and sharing arrangements will be addressed pursuant to the Reverse Transition Services Agreement.
The Business. Indow Windows is a manufacturer of interior thermal inserts that insulate windows and block noise. Indow Windows are sold via authorized dealers (“Dealer” or “Dealers”) to homeowners and commercial customers. Indow Windows has instituted a program whereby third parties (“Affiliates) can act on behalf of the Dealer to generate retail sales leads (“Leads”) for the Dealer (“Affiliate Program”).
The Business. The principal business of the Company shall be to engage in the marketing and sale of the Products manufactured by the Quota Holders and/or their Affiliates, and purchased by the Company under the Pirelli LTSA and the CDTI LTSA including any and all related activities generally associated with such business, and any additional businesses agreed by the Parties from time to time (the “Business”). The Company’s head offices shall be located in Via Piero e Alberto Pirelli 27, 20126, Milan, Italy.