The Trust Sample Clauses

The Trust. The termStarboard Investment Trust” means and refers to the Trustees from time to time serving under the Trust’s Declaration of Trust as the same may subsequently thereto have been, or subsequently hereto may be, amended. It is expressly agreed that the obligations of the Trust hereunder shall not be binding upon any of the Trustees, shareholders, nominees, officers, agent, or employees of the Trust personally, but shall bind only the assets or property of the Fund or Funds as to which the obligations relate. The execution and delivery of this Agreement have been authorized by the Trustees of the Trust and signed by an officer of the Trust, acting as such, and neither such authorization by such Trustees nor such execution and delivery by such officer shall be deemed to have been made by any of them individually or to impose any liability on any of them personally, but shall bind only the assets or property of the Fund or Funds or to which the obligations relate.
The Trust. World Omni acknowledges and agrees that (a) WOAR will, pursuant to the Sale and Servicing Agreement, sell the Receivables to the Trust and assign its rights under this Agreement to the Trust and (b) the Trust will, pursuant to the Indenture, grant the Receivables and its rights under this Agreement and the Sale and Servicing Agreement to the Indenture Trustee on behalf of the Noteholders. World Omni hereby consents to all such sales and assignments and agrees that the Trust or, if pursuant to the Indenture, the Indenture Trustee, may exercise the rights of WOAR and enforce the obligations of World Omni hereunder directly and without the consent of WOAR.
The Trust. The trust created hereby shall be known as "SCE&G Trust I" (the "Trust"), in which name the Trustees, or the Depositor to the extent provided herein, may conduct the business of the Trust, make and execute contracts, and sue and be sued.
The Trust. The Trust assumes and shall pay or cause to be paid all other expenses of the Trust, including, without limitation: taxes, expenses for legal and auditing services, costs of printing proxies, stock certificates, shareholder reports, Registration Statements, charges of the custodian, any sub-custodian and transfer agent, expenses of portfolio transactions, expenses of redemption of shares, Securities and Exchange Commission fees, expenses of registering the shares under Federal, state and foreign laws, fees and actual out-of-pocket expenses of all Trustees of the Trust who are not affiliated persons of the Investment Adviser or any sub-adviser or of an affiliate of the Investment Adviser or any sub-adviser, accounting and pricing costs (including the daily calculation of the net asset value), insurance, interest, brokerage costs, litigation and other extraordinary or non-recurring expenses, and other expenses properly payable by the Trust. It also is understood that the Trust will reimburse the Investment Adviser for its costs incurred in providing accounting services to the Trust.
The Trust. The Trust assumes and will pay, or cause to be paid, all other expenses of the Trust and the Fund not otherwise allocated in this Agreement, including, without limitation, the following:
The Trust. The Trust is engaged in the business of investing and reinvesting its assets in securities of the type and in accordance with the limitations specified in its Declaration of Trust, as amended or supplemented from time to time, By-Laws (if any) and Registration Statement filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”) under the 1940 Act and the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 (the “Securities Act”), including any representations made in the prospectus and statement of additional information relating to the Fund(s) contained therein and as may be supplemented from time to time, all in such manner and to such extent as may from time to time be authorized by the Board.
The Trust. It is understood and expressly stipulated that none of the Trustees or shareholders of the Trust shall be personally liable hereunder. Neither the Trustees, officers, agents nor shareholders of the Trust assume any personal liability for obligations entered into on behalf of the Trust. All persons dealing with the Trust must look solely to the property of the Trust for the enforcement of any claims against the Trust. No series of the Trust shall be liable for any claims against any other series.
The Trust. 10 SECTION 2.1. Name................................................................................10 SECTION 2.2. Office of the Delaware Trustee; Principal Place of Business.........................10 SECTION 2.3. Initial Contribution of Trust Property; Fees, Costs and Expenses....................11 SECTION 2.4.
The Trust. The Trust is a Delaware business trust registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the "Act"), as an open-end management investment company. The Trust consists of one or more separate series ("Portfolios") of shares and serves as a funding vehicle for variable annuity contracts and variable life insurance contracts. As such, the Trust sells its shares to insurance companies and their separate accounts. With respect to various provisions of the Act, the SEC requires that owners of variable annuity contracts and variable life insurance contracts be provided with materials and rights afforded to shareholders of a publicly-available SEC-registered mutual fund.