Authority of the Sample Clauses

Authority of the. CUSTOMER to issue instructions 1) Oral instructions are confirmed by both parties without delay (at least in text form).
Authority of the. Client to give instructions The data is handled solely within the scope of the agreement entered into and in accordance with the instructions of the Client (cf. Section 11 (3) Sentence 1 BDSG). Within the scope of this agreement, the Client reserves an extensive right to issue instructions regarding the type, scope, and method of data processing; the Client can further substantiate this right by issuing individual instructions. Procedural changes and changes to the object of the processing must be jointly agreed upon and must be documented. Additional costs incurred must be compensated by the Client on a time and material basis. The Contractor may only provide information to third parties or data subjects with the prior written consent of the Client. The Client shall immediately confirm any verbal instructions in writing or by email (in text form). Insofar as the Contractor acts as the data processor the Contractor shall not use the data for any other purposes and is in particular not authorized to pass on the data to third parties. Exceptions to this are backup copies, provided that they are necessary for ensuring proper data processing, as well as data that is necessary in respect of compliance with legal retention obligations. In accordance with Section 11 (3), Sentence 2 BDSG, the Contractor must inform the Client immediately if it is of the opinion that an instruction violates data protection regulations. The Contractor is entitled to suspend carrying out the relevant instruction until such time as it is confirmed or modified by the Client’s responsible contact person.
Authority of the. Organiser to issue instructions
Authority of the. PARTIES 1.1
Authority of the. Company In order to carry out any of its purposes, the Company is authorized to take any lawful action consistent with any such purpose that a limited liability company is permitted to take under the laws of the State.
Authority of the. REPRESENTATIVE. In connection with this Agreement, the Representative will act for and on behalf of the several Underwriters, and any action taken under this Agreement by the Representative, will be binding on all the Underwriters.
Authority of the. Arbitrator The arbitrator shall not add to, subtract from, modify or alter the terms or provisions of this Agreement. The arbitrator shall refrain from issuing any statement or opinion or conclusions not essential to the determination of the issue submitted. The arbitrator shall have no authority to hear or decide issues or grievances which relate to allegations of discrimination on the basis prohibited by state or federal law, regulation or rule, except that concerning union activity. The arbitrator shall have no authority to hear or decide any issue or grievance relating to any academic decision or judgment concerning the member as a student. The arbitrator may, however, hear the arguments that an academic decision was arbitrary and capricious, discriminatory (except as excluded in this Agreement), or based on false information, or otherwise contrary to the terms of this Agreement. Upon such finding, the arbitrator shall direct the University to reconsider the matter in accordance with its graduate student academic grievance procedure and the arbitrator shall maintain jurisdiction over the case until the University’s review is completed. If discharge of a GE results from the academic decision that satisfactory progress toward a degree is not being maintained, as provided in Article 16 (Discipline and Discharge), Section 4, the arbitrator may hear an appeal of a grievance that the GE was not afforded review of the academic decision to which entitled under current graduate student academic grievance procedures. Upon such finding, the arbitrator shall instruct the University to reconsider the matter in accordance with relevant procedures and shall maintain jurisdiction over the case until the University’s review is completed. If the review results in a determination that satisfactory progress has been made, the arbitrator may order reinstatement and/or restitution subject to the limitations in this Article. The arbitrator shall have no authority to reinstate as a GE a person who is no longer a student, or who is not qualified to retain an appointment as a GE for academic reasons. The arbitrator’s award may include back pay, but the time period and amount thereof shall not exceed the amount and time of the unfulfilled appointment. The arbitrator shall have no authority either to award
Authority of the. Xxxxxxx Parties and the Company; Conflicts.
Authority of the. Contract Section 3.
Authority of the. REPRESENTATIVE The Representative is hereby authorized by the other Underwriters to act on their behalf and the Company shall be entitled to and shall act on any Notice given hereunder or agreement entered into by or on behalf of the Underwriters by the Representative, who represents and warrants that it has irrevocable authority to bind the Underwriters, except in respect of any waiver of any material condition of Closing pursuant to Section 7, or any admission of liability or settlement of any Claim under Section 9, which admission or settlement shall be given by each of the Underwriters, any notice of termination pursuant to Section 11(i), which notice may be given by any of the Underwriters and any amendment or supplement to this Agreement, which must be executed by all of the Underwriters. To the extent practicable, the Representative agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to consult with the other Underwriters concerning any material matters which may arise hereunder before it binds the Underwriters with respect to any such matters.