Paid in Full Sample Clauses

Paid in Full. Any reference in this Agreement or in any other Loan Document to payment, repayment or satisfaction in full of the Obligations means termination of all Commitments and the repayment in full in cash (or, in the case of Letters of Credit or Bank Product Obligations, the Cash Collateralization or support by a standby letter of credit in accordance with the terms hereof or any agreement entered into in connection therewith) of all Obligations other than unasserted contingent indemnification obligations and other than any Bank Product Obligations or Hedging Obligations that constitute Obligations that, at such time, are allowed by the applicable Bank Product Provider or the counterparty to the Hedging Transaction to which such Hedging Obligations are incurred to remain outstanding.
Paid in Full. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 5, in no case shall any Fundamental Transaction be consummated prior to the prepayment in full of the Outstanding Balance of this Note, with such prepayment subject to the Prepayment Premium for the entire Outstanding Balance.
Paid in Full. For the purposes of this Agreement, “Paid in Full” or “Payment in Full,” when used in connection with the Senior Loan means the total outstanding indebtedness and any and all amounts due with respect to the Senior Loan has been paid in full and are not subject to avoidance or any right of recovery as a Preferential Payment or otherwise, and Senior Lender has no further obligation to advance additional amounts to Borrower. “Preferential Payment” means any payment of the Senior Loan that is or may be determined to be a preference under any bankruptcy or insolvency law or that otherwise may be determined to be subject to rescission or otherwise must be returned by Senior Lender for any reason whatsoever (including, without limitation, the insolvency, bankruptcy or reorganization of Borrower or any other person, firm or corporation). As used herein, “total outstanding indebtedness” shall mean the principal, interest and other amounts outstanding under a Loan.
Paid in Full. The Seller will pay off all balances of any assessments that are a lien against the land/property at the time of closing.
Paid in Full. Any reference in this Agreement or in any other Loan Document to satisfaction, payment or repayment “in full” with respect to the Obligations shall mean (a) the payment or repayment in full in Cash of all of the principal of and interest on or other liabilities (including any premium applicable to the repayment thereof, if any) relating to each Loan, and all fees and all other expenses or amounts payable under any Loan Document, (b) in the case of contingent Letter of Credit Obligations, Cash Collateralizing the applicable Letters of Credit in accordance with the terms hereof, (c) the payment or repayment in full in Cash of all other outstanding Obligations (including the payment of any termination amount then applicable (or which would or could become applicable as a result of the repayment of the other Obligations) under Secured Hedging Agreements provided by Swap Lenders) other than (i) unasserted contingent indemnification and expense reimbursement obligations and (ii) any Secured Hedging Obligations that, at such time, are allowed by the applicable Swap Lender to remain outstanding without being required to be repaid, and (d) the termination of all of the Commitments of the Credit Facility Lenders.
Paid in Full. No Other Creditor that obtains the benefits of this guaranty by virtue of the provisions hereof shall have any right to notice of any action or to consent to, direct or object to any amendment or waiver hereto other than in its capacity as a Bank Creditor and, in such case, only to the extent expressly provided in the Loan Documents.
Paid in Full. [ ] If checked here, all revolving loans under this Agreement and the Note must be paid in full for a period of at least __________ consecutive days during each fiscal year.
Paid in Full. For purposes of the foregoing, "paid in full" means payment of all amounts owing under the Loan Documents according to the terms thereof, including loan fees, service fees, professional fees, interest (and specifically including interest accrued after the commencement of any Insolvency Proceeding), default interest, interest on interest, and expense reimbursements, whether or not the same would be or is allowed or disallowed in whole or in part in any Insolvency Proceeding.