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Copies of. (i) the resolutions of the Board of Directors of each of the Seller, the Originators and Commonwealth authorizing the execution, delivery and performance by the Seller, such Originator and Commonwealth, as the case may be, of the Agreement and the other Transaction Documents to which it is a party, (ii) all documents evidencing other necessary corporate action and governmental approvals, if any, with respect to the Agreement and the other Transaction Documents and (iii) the certificate of incorporation and by-laws of each of the Seller, each Originator and Commonwealth.
Copies of the original UCC-1 financing statement, and any continuation statements, filed by the originator of such Cooperative Loan as secured party, each with evidence of recording thereof, evidencing the interest of the originator under the Security Agreement and the Assignment of Proprietary Lease; Copies of the filed UCC-3 assignments of the security interest referenced in clause (vi) above showing an unbroken chain of title from the originator to the Trustee, each with evidence of recording thereof, evidencing the interest of the originator under the Security Agreement and the Assignment of Proprietary Lease; An executed assignment of the interest of the originator in the Security Agreement, Assignment of Proprietary Lease and the recognition agreement referenced in clause (iv) above, showing an unbroken chain of title from the originator to the Trustee; An executed UCC-1 financing statement showing the Company or Clipper, as applicable, as debtor and the Trustee as secured party, each in a form sufficient for filing, evidencing the interest of such debtors in the Cooperative Loans; and For any Cooperative Loan that has been modified or amended, the original instrument or instruments effecting such modification or amendment.
Copies of the resolutions of the Board of Directors of each of the Transferor and Wackenhut authorizing the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement by the Transferor or Wackenhut, as the case may be; and

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  • Copies of the Employer’s response will be forwarded to all persons issued with tendering documents, including a description of the inquiry, but without identifying its source.

  • Copies of the TCC 001 “Application for a Tax Clearance Certificate” form are available from any SARS branch office nationally or on the website

  • Copies of relevant contracts to be submitted along with bid in support of having supplied some quantity during each of the Financial year.

  • Copies of the exhibit containing the redacted portions have been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission subject to a request for confidential treatment pursuant to Rule 24b-2 under the Securities Exchange Act.

  • Copies of relevant contracts (proving supply of cumulative order quantity in any one financial year) to be submitted along with bid in support of quantity supplied in the relevant Financial year.

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Copies of results" photographs taken by Canfield Scientific, as may be reasonably necessary to permit Revlon xx xxxxote the Products; provided, however, that Senetek shall not be required to disclose such information if doing so would violate agreements with others and it has used Best Efforts to obtain a waiver or amendment of such provisions to permit such disclosure.
Copies of as built" drawings shall be provided to Landlord no later than sixty (60) days after completion of the Tenant's Work.
Copies of all existing insurance policies or acceptable certificates of insurance. Copies of Contract Obligations. Fitzgeralds acknowledges receipt of this item. Copies of all purchase and construction warranties or guarantees. List of all employees engaged with respect to the Property, setting forth in respect of each employee: (1) his or her name and address; (2) his or her position; (3) his or her current salary or wages and fringe benefits including vacation time and free or reduced rent; (4) and his or her Christmas or other bonus, if any. Past 3 years insurance claims, incidents reports, litigation and proceedings summary. Personal Property Inventory. SCHEDULE 7.1 SCOUT'S DISCLOSURES The Property is located within an earthquake zone. Scout has provided to Fitzgeralds that one certain "proposed Re-Trac Project Plan" prepared by Stevx Xxxxxx, X. E., Director of Public Works, City of Reno, published on the WWW: May 14, 1999. This report states that on page 5 thereof the ground water is contaminated. Also, the proposed Re-Trac Project Plan provides that the railroad track currently in place on the Land will be lowered and the construction activity may affect the operation of the Improvements. Scout has provided to Fitzgeralds a copy of that one certain letter dated July 14, 1999 from Gallxxxx & Xensxx, xxtorneys for Tarianna Nazieux, notifying Scout Development Corporation of injuries sustained as the result of an accident which occurred on May 16, 1998. Fitzgeralds acknowledges that Scout did not plan, build or otherwise Construct the Property and that, as a result, Scout does not possess the knowledge and information it might possess if it had planned or built the Property. Scout hereby notifies Fitzgeralds that the "walkway" referenced in Section 9.1(c) hereinafter is presently in the process of being removed and this activity may affect the operation of the Improvements. Except for the retail area occupied by the tenant area, the sprinkler system is dry and is not charged. Also, there is an obstruction in the toilet facility in the first level of the Property. The Property includes two elevators and ticket spitters. The Deed of Correction and the Record of Survey must be executed by parties other than Scout in order to be completed and filed in the official records of Washoe County, Nevada. Fitzgeralds acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Deed of Correction and Record of Survey. EXHIBITS A-R are intentionally omitted.
Copies of as set forth in this Request means authentic duplicates of the originals, as kept, maintained, or organized by the Secretary in the usual ordinary course of business.
Copies of. Seller's books, records and accounts relevant to the operation of the Business including, without limitation, accounting records, customer and supplier lists, contacts and files, catalogues, brochures, pricing and other marketing information, but excluding all such items related solely to the Excluded Liabilities or Excluded Assets (as hereinafter defined);
Copies of. Investigational Documentation For: Enrollment Form (Initial and Current) Current Verification of Other Insurance Coverage Employee Work Status Form Divorce/Separation Decrees, Court Orders Proof of Deductible and OOP Physician’s Statements (Disabled Adult Children) COBRA Election Form Accident Details/Police Report Proof of COBRA Premium Payments Subrogation Claim Copies Workers’ Compensation Pre-certifications Itemized Bills Case Management Reports TPA__________________________________________________________________________ TPA Address___________________________________________________________________ Claim Contact Name____________________________ Phone #________________________ Email Address__________________________________________________________________ Case Management Contact Name ____________________ Phone #______________________ Authorized Signature____________________________________________________________ Title_______________________________________ Date____________________________ I certify that the above information is correct and that the claims have been paid in accordance with the plan document. For your protection Arizona law requires the following statement to appear on this form: Any person who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent claim for payment of a loss is subject to criminal and civil penalties.
Copies of all notices given to Executive shall be sent to: Debevoise & Plimxxxx Copies of all notices given to the Company shall be sent to: Sidley & Austin 555 Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000-0000 Attention: Sherxxx X. Xxxxxxx, Xxq. Facsimile: (213) 000-0000 All notices, requests or other communications required or permitted by this Agreement shall be made in writing either (a) by personal delivery to the party entitled thereto, (b) by mailing via certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested, in the United States mails to the last known address of the party entitled thereto, (c) by reputable overnight courier service, or (d) by facsimile with confirmation of receipt. The notice, request or other communication shall be deemed to be received upon actual receipt by the party entitled thereto; provided, however, that if a notice, request or other communication is not received during regular business hours, it shall be deemed to be received on the next succeeding business day of the Company.