Insurance Coverage definition

Insurance Coverage. Contractor shall, at Contractor’s sole expense, procure, maintain and keep in force for the duration of this Contract the following insurance conforming to the minimum requirements specified below. Unless specified herein or otherwise agreed to by the City, the required insurance shall be in effect prior to the commencement of work by Contractor and shall continue in force as appropriate until the latter of:
Insurance Coverage means any insurance that is available under any CGL Insurance Policy or Other Insurance Policy, whether known or unknown to the Debtor, that provides indemnification to: (a) the Debtor or any Person that is a Related Person to the Debtor for any reason or that provides reimbursement for any costs and expenses incurred by the Debtor or any Related Person; or (b) a Participating Party or any Person that is a Related Person to a Participating Party; provided, however, Insurance Coverage excludes any agreement or contract providing reinsurance to a Debtor CGL Settling Insurer or a USOPC Settling Insurer.
Insurance Coverage means insurance coverage provided by a policy of insurance or by a program of self-insurance to the extent permitted under this Agreement.

Examples of Insurance Coverage in a sentence

  • In writing, a thirty (30) day notification is required from the Company if the stipulated Insurance Coverage is canceled or modified.

  • Dental Insurance Coverage Employees who wish to register to the Basic Dental or Optional Dental Programs must register within forty-five (45) days of the start of the first contract in their program of study, for a period covering at least twelve (12) months.

More Definitions of Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage. The City shall continue to pay the premiums for employee health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance previously paid for by the City for the period covered under this article. The employee is responsible for paying the costs he/she had previously authorized towards premiums. Any City payment of premiums and coverage beyond that time will be the responsibility of the employee. 3013 Nothing herein in any way limits the rights of the City to increase, decrease, change or delete any benefit of any group insurance plans it provides to its current employees. Employees who are on a leave without pay may or may not continue under any new or revised plan subject to the carrier’s or provider’s approval.
Insurance Coverage means any health plan, life insur- ance, long-term care insurance, long-term disability insur- ance, or property and casualty insurance administered as a PEBB benefit.
Insurance Coverage means insurance that is available under any Insurance Policy, whether known or unknown to the Debtors, which provides insurance for any portion of a Tort Claim or Unknown Tort Claim asserted against the Debtors; provided, however, that Insurance Coverage excludes any agreement or contract providing reinsurance to Hartford.
Insurance Coverage means any policy, plan, program, or fund established or maintained for the purpose of providing for its participants or their dependents medical, surgical, or hospital benefits. Insurance coverage includes, but is not limited to, medicaid or medicare; policies, plans, programs, or funds maintained by nonprofit hospital service and medical care corporations, health maintenance organizations, and prudent purchaser organizations; and commercial, union, association, self-funded, and administrative service policies, plans, programs, and funds.
Insurance Coverage has the meaning set forth in Section 8.4(b).
Insurance Coverage means insurance and benefits from an insurance or indemnity carrier, trust or by self-funded plan.
Insurance Coverage means any health plan, life or long-term disability insurance plan administered as a PEBB benefit.