Insurance Coverage definition

Insurance Coverage. Contractor shall, at Contractor’s sole expense, procure, maintain and keep in force for the duration of this Contract the following insurance conforming to the minimum requirements specified below. Unless specified herein or otherwise agreed to by the City, the required insurance shall be in effect prior to the commencement of work by Contractor and shall continue in force as appropriate until the latter of:
Insurance Coverage means any health plan, life insur- ance, long-term care insurance, long-term disability insur- ance, or property and casualty insurance administered as a PEBB benefit.
Insurance Coverage means any insurance that is available under any CGL Insurance Policy, Personal Injury Policy or Other Insurance Policy, whether known or unknown to the Debtor, that provides indemnification to: (a) the Debtor or any Person that is a Related Person to the Debtor for any reason or that provides reimbursement for any costs and expenses incurred by the Debtor or any Related Person; or (b) a Participating Party or any Person that is a Related Person to a Participating Party; provided, however, Insurance Coverage excludes any agreement or contract providing reinsurance to a Debtor CGL Settling Insurer or a USOPC Settling Insurer.‌

Examples of Insurance Coverage in a sentence

  • All requests for price redetermination shall be in written form and shall include documents supporting price redetermination such as Manufacturer’s direct cost, postage rates, Railroad Commission rates, Federal/State minimum wage law, Federal/State unemployment taxes, F.I.C.A. Insurance Coverage Rages, Producers Price Index or employment Cost Index for your industry or product category as published by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc.

  • Insurance Coverage for Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability, with limits of liability not less than $500,000, is required if Vendor or any of its employees, volunteers or subcontractors will interact with children, schools, the cognitively impaired, and/or vulnerable adults.

  • V.34.e) Health Insurance Coverage: The health insurance cover should be provided to the employees who are not given the benefit of ESI.

  • Insurance Requirements (Tab F).The successful Offeror will be required to submit Insurance Coverage as outlined in Appendix C.

  • Due the large number of activities, we summarize here the activities that relate to some of the top five topic domains referenced in Exhibit 6: School Climate & Student Success; Community & Economic Development; Healthcare Access & Insurance Coverage; Justice Reform; and Youth Representation, Voice, & Power.

More Definitions of Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage means insurance that is available under any Insurance Policy, whether known or unknown to the Debtors, which provides insurance for any portion of a Tort Claim or Unknown Tort Claim asserted against the Debtors; provided, however, that Insurance Coverage excludes any agreement or contract providing reinsurance to Hartford.
Insurance Coverage means insurance coverage provided by a policy of insurance or by a program of self-insurance to the extent permitted under this Agreement.
Insurance Coverage means any policy, plan, program, or fund established or maintained for the purpose of providing for its participants or their dependents medical, surgical, or hospital benefits. Insurance coverage includes, but is not limited to, medicaid or medicare; policies, plans, programs, or funds maintained by nonprofit hospital service and medical care corporations, health maintenance organizations, and prudent purchaser organizations; and commercial, union, association, self-funded, and administrative service policies, plans, programs, and funds.
Insurance Coverage means insurance and benefits from an insurance or indemnity carrier, trust or by self-funded plan.
Insurance Coverage means any health plan, life, or long-term disability insurance plan administered as a PEBB benefit.
Insurance Coverage shall have the meaning set forth in Section 12.5.
Insurance Coverage means the insurance coverage, not reduced to Cash Settlement Proceeds, available in respect of Trust Claims and/or Trust Expenses (i) pursuant to any Settlement Agreement or (ii) under any Policy.