Determine the Sample Clauses

Determine the. Reinvestment Yield." The Reinvestment Yield will be equal to the yield on the (4) applicable * U.S. Treasury Issue ("Primary Issue") published one week prior to the date of prepayment and converted to an equivalent monthly compounded nominal yield. In the event there is no market activity involving the Primary Issue at the time of prepayment, the Lender shall choose a comparable Treasury Bond, Note or Bill ("Secondary Issue") which the Lender reasonably deems to be similar to the Primary Issue's characteristics (i.e., rate, remaining time to maturity, yield).
Determine the. REINVESTMENT YIELD." The Reinvestment Yield will be equal to the yield on the U.S. Treasury Issue ("PRIMARY ISSUE")* published one week prior to the date of prepayment and converted to an equivalent monthly compounded nominal yield. *At this time there is not a U.S. Treasury Issue for this prepayment period. At the time of prepayment, Lender shall select in its sole and absolute discretion a U.S. Treasury Issue with similar remaining time to the Maturity Date.

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  • SECONDARY FACTORS (a) The extent of control which, by agreement, COUNTY may exercise over the details of the work is slight rather than substantial; (b) CONTRACTOR is engaged in a distinct occupation or business; (c) In the locality, the work to be done by CONTRACTOR is usually done by a specialist without supervision, rather than under the direction of an employer; (d) the skill required in the particular occupation is substantial rather than slight; (e) The CONTRACTOR rather than the COUNTY supplies the instrumentalities, tools and work place; The length of time for which CONTRACTOR is engaged is of limited duration rather than indefinite; (g) The method of payment of CONTRACTOR is by the job rather than by the time; (h) The work is part of a special or permissive activity, program, or project, rather than part of the regular business of COUNTY;

  • Power Factor The Power Producer shall maintain the Power Factor as per the prevailing GERC regulations and as may be stipulated / specified by GETCO from time to time. The Power Producer shall provide suitable protection devices, so that the Electric Generators could be isolated automatically when grid supply fails. Connectivity criteria like short circuit level (for switchgear), neutral Grounding, fault clearance time, current unbalance (including negative and zero sequence currents), limit of harmonics etc. shall be as per Grid Code.

  • Performance Factors (a) Each party will notify the other party of the existence of a Performance Factor, as soon as reasonably possible after the party becomes aware of the Performance Factor. The Notice will:

  • Other Factors The Employer may provide for additional formal and informal evaluations as it shall determine to be necessary for the proper conduct of the educational program and the utilization of its employees. The evaluation opinions of the Employer shall not be subject to the Grievance Procedure if the procedures herein set forth have been followed.

  • Bilingual Differential When formally assigned in the employee’s position description, an employee assigned to interpret to or from another language to English will receive a differential of five percent (5%) of base pay.

  • Frequency Your milk must be supplied on a consistent basis throughout the week on either a daily or skip-a-day basis as agreed by you and DFMC, except in emergencies. DFMC has no obligation to collect your milk more frequently than once per day, but may agree to do so from time to time. If, at DFMC’s election, your milk is collected more frequently than you require, no Gate Fees or charges will apply for the additional collections.

  • Where there is a violation of the scheduling provisions (if any) pertaining to consecutive days of work or time off between shifts, the Employer will pay the employee premium pay of one and one-half times her regular straight time hourly rate for all hours worked for the following tour of duty subject to Article 16.02.

  • Happen After We Receive Your Letter When We receive Your letter, We must do two things:

  • NET INVESTMENT FACTOR For each Division of the Separate Account the Net Investment Factor for the current period is one plus the net investment rate for that Division. The net investment rate for the current period is equal to the gross investment rate for the Division reduced on each Valuation Date by a Mortality and Expense Risk Charge. The charge for these risks on the Issue Date is shown on page 4. The Company may increase or decrease the charge after the Issue Date, but the Company may not increase the charges to exceed the maximum charges shown on page 4. The gross investment rate for the current period for each Division is equal to a. divided by b. where:

  • Annual maximums State Dental Plan coverage is subject to a one thousand dollar ($1,000) annual maximum benefit payable (excluding orthodontia) per person. "Annual" means per insurance year.