Selection Committee definition

Selection Committee means a committee of individual(s) who evaluate and rank proposals; conduct negotiations; and makes a contract award recommendation to the District and its respective Committees.
Selection Committee means a body constituted in accordance with Section 13-1-121 NMSA 1978 to perform the evaluation of Offeror proposals.
Selection Committee means the committee formed pursuant to Section 5.1. “Selection Plan” has the meaning set forth in Recital A.

Examples of Selection Committee in a sentence

  • When a Selection Committee has been established, the responsiveness of vendor offers shall be determined as stated in Subsection 21.83.d of this Code.

  • The Selection Committee determines candidates' suitability for the position by assessing their skills, experience and qualifications against the established job profile and makes an initial selection from the applications received.

  • For non-restricted posts the Contracting Authority may designate up to two additional members to the Selection Committee on a proposal from the Management Board, either from another service of Europol, from outside Europol or from outside the community institutions including Member States.

  • A Selection Committee may assist the Village Manager in preparing his/her recommendation to the Village board for contract approval.

  • For restricted posts the Selection Committee may also include up to two additional members designated by the Contracting Authority on a proposal from the Management Board.

More Definitions of Selection Committee

Selection Committee means a composition of members of Selection Committee including Departmental Selection Committee specified in the Appendix-1, Appendix-2 and Appendix-3 to the Schedule to these Rules.
Selection Committee means a Selection Committee constituted under section 5;
Selection Committee means at least two members of the City Council, one of whom shall be a member of the Council Committee, and a Staff Committee.
Selection Committee means the officials described in Section 3207.1.3. of the Georgia Military College State Service Scholarship Program regulations.
Selection Committee means a minimum three-member committee of the board, that includes a member that was appointed by the Medical Board of California.
Selection Committee means the Selection Committee established by section 5(1);