Selection Committee definition

Selection Committee means a committee of individual(s) who evaluate and rank proposals; conduct negotiations; and makes a contract award recommendation to the District and its respective Committees.
Selection Committee means a body constituted in accordance with Section 13-1-121 NMSA 1978 to perform the evaluation of Offeror proposals.
Selection Committee means a Selection Committee constituted under section 5;

Examples of Selection Committee in a sentence

  • Tender Selection Committee/ H&FW Dept can amend the scope & value of the contract bid under this project.

  • The Auditor’s Office may overturn the results of a bid process for ethical violations by Procurement staff, County Selection Committee members, subject matter experts, or any other County staff managing or participating in the competitive bid process, regardless of timing or the contents of a bid protest The decision of the Auditor-Controller’s OCCR is the final step of the appeal process.

  • If there is ambiguity on the unit price, the Selection Committee may decide to disqualify the offer.● Any requests for clarifications regarding the project that are not addressed in written documents must be presented to Mercy Corps in writing.

  • All proposals that pass the initial Evaluation Criteria which are determined on a pass/fail basis (Completeness of Response, Financial Stability, and Debarment and Suspension) will be evaluated by a County Selection Committee (CSC).

  • The Selection Committee may reject all proposals and stop the selection process at any time.

More Definitions of Selection Committee

Selection Committee means the committee formed pursuant to Section 5.1. “Selection Plan” has the meaning set forth in Recital A.
Selection Committee means a composition of members of Selection Committee including Departmental Selection Committee specified in the Appendix-1, Appendix-2 and Appendix-3 to the Schedule to these Rules.
Selection Committee means the officials described in Section 3207.1.3. of the Georgia Military College State Service Scholarship Program regulations.
Selection Committee means at least two members of the City Council, one of whom shall be a member of the Council Committee, and a Staff Committee.
Selection Committee means a team established to evaluate proposals, conduct interviews, and assist with negotiations during proposal evaluation for a specific product or services. Teams typically represent the functional areas to be addressed in the discussions. The Procurement Manager shall provide only technical assistance requested by the committee.
Selection Committee means a Selection Committee constituted under section 5 of this Act;
Selection Committee means the Selection Committee established by section 5(1);