Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. All use of the registered trademark name Granite Shield will be surrendered such as domain names and ceased on marketing material if you are no longer a Granite Shield applicator.
Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. If you are considering applying for a DBA or corporation name with the name Granite Shield in your city or state will require approval in writing from Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx or
Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. XXXXXX PARTDESC UNITPRICE ------ -------- --------- 0010-00744 HE PRESSURE CONTROL (20SCCM) ASSY $ [**] 0010-13150 ASSY, IHC CHAMBER D $ SHC (20SCCM) $ [**] 0010-13152 ASSY, IHC CHAMBER D & SHC (50SCCM) $ [**] 0010-35404 IHC ASSY,5200 MCVD CENTURA $ [**] 0010-35650 ASSY,INDEPENDENT HELIUM CONTROL $ [**] 0010-37643 ASSY,INDEPENDENT HELIUM CONTROL,DPS WOUT/FILTER $ [**] 0010-40240 ICH ASSY,5300 W/RSTR $ [**] 0010-76952 ASSY, IHC CHAMXXX X,X, XXD C, (50 SCCM) $ [**] 0190-18037 ASSEMBLY, DUAL IHC $ [**] 0620-02211 CABLE ASSY TRANSDUCER 27"LG 15P-D CONN $ [**] 1040-01093 METER XDCR 3.1/2 LCD 0-100 PSI 13032VDC 15PIN-D $ [**] 1350-01012 XDCR PRESS 0-100 TORR VCO D CONNECTION $ [**] 1350-01025 XDCR PRESS 100TXXX 0XXX-X +/-00XXX @ 050MA 45C $ [**] 1350-01026 XDCR PRESS 1TORR 8VCR-F +/-15VDC @ 250MA 45C $ [**] 1350-01027 XDCR PRESS 0-1000 XXXX X/XXX #0 XXX D CONN $ [**] 1350-01028 XDCR PRESS 2-1000 TORR CAJON 8 VCR FEM FTG $ [**] 1350-01045 XDCR PRESS 10TORR 8VCR-F +/-15VDC @ 250MA 45C $ [**] 1350-01067 XDCR PRESS 100MTORR 45C 15VDC 8VCR FEM FTG VERTCL $ [**] --------- Confidential Materials omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Asterisks denote omissions. ATTACHMENT 1A
Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. SUBJECT: [*] Avianca, (the “Buyer”) and Airbus S.A.S. (the “Seller”) have entered into an Airbus A319/A320 Aircraft Purchase Agreement, dated as of even date herewith (the “Agreement”), which covers, among other things, the sale by the Seller and the purchase by the Buyer of certain Aircraft, under the terms and conditions set forth in said Agreement. The Buyer and the Seller have agreed to set forth in this Letter Agreement No. 17A (the “Letter Agreement”) certain additional terms and conditions regarding the sale of the Aircraft. Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined in this Letter Agreement will have the meanings assigned thereto in the Agreement. The terms “herein,” “hereof” and “hereunder” and words of similar import refer to this Letter Agreement. Both parties agree that this Letter Agreement will constitute an integral, nonseverable part of the Agreement, that the provisions of the Agreement are hereby incorporated herein by reference, and that this Letter Agreement will be governed by the provisions of the Agreement, except that if the Agreement and this Letter Agreement have specific provisions that are inconsistent, the specific provisions contained in this Letter Agreement will govern. AVA - A320 Family PA AMENDED AND RESTATED LETTER AGREEMENT N° 17A *[Twelve pages have been omitted in accordance with a request for confidential treatment.] AVA - A320 Family PA AMENDED AND RESTATED LETTER AGREEMENT N° 17A If the foregoing correctly sets forth our understanding, please execute two (2) originals in the space provided below and return one (1) original of this Letter Agreement to the Seller. Agreed and Accepted Agreed and Accepted For and on behalf of For and on behalf of Aerovias del Continente AIRBUS S.A.S.
Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx (Jan 27, 2021 07:13 EST) Date: January 27, 2021 Printed Name: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: Director of Technology PEERGRADE INC. January 26, 2021 Date: Printed Name: Xxxxxx Xxxx Title: VP, Partnerships E XHIBIT “A” DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES Eduflow, a platform that facilitates online courses including content and feedback for students. Educators use Eduflow to allow students to see content, submit work ("submissions") and give feedback to each other (“reviews”) and in doing so highlighting strengths and weaknesses in their work – ones like persistence, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. This is done through the Eduflow Website. 1081011v1 EXHIBIT “ B” SCHEDULE OF DATA Instructions: Operator should identify if LEA data is collected to provide the described services. If LEA data is collected to provide the described services, check the boxes indicating the data type collected. If there is data collected that is not listed, use the “Other” category to list the data collected. We do not collect LEA Data to provide the described services. We do collect LEA Data to provide the described services. SCHEDULE OF DATA Category of Data Elements Check if used by your system Application Technology Meta Data IP Addresses of users, Use of cookies etc. X Other application technology meta data-Please specify: Application Use Statistics Meta data on user interaction with application- Please specify: Please refer to: xxxxx:// X Assessment Standardized test scores Observation data X Other assessment data-Please specify: formative assessments X Attendance Student school (daily) attendance data Student class attendance data Communications Online communications that are captured (emails, blog entries) X Conduct Conduct or behavioral data Date of Birth Demographics Place of Birth Gender Ethnicity or race Language information (native, preferred or primary language spoken by student) Other demographic information-Please specify: Enrollment Student school enrollment Student grade level Homeroom Guidance counselor Specific curriculum programs Year of graduation Other enrollment information-Please specify: Parent/Guardian Contact Information Address Email Phone Parent/Guardian ID Parent ID number (created to link parents to students) Parent/Guardian Name First and/or Last Schedule Student scheduled courses Teacher names X Special Indicator English language learner information Low income status Medical alerts /health data Student disability infor...
Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Xxxxxx material may not contain more than 5% clay, organic debris, or trash by volume. SUBSECTION SHAPING 4-55 ROAD SHAPING Purchaser shall shape the subgrade and surface as shown on the TYPICAL SECTION SHEET. The subgrade and surface shape must ensure runoff in an even, un-concentrated manner, and must be uniform, firm, and rut-free.