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The Information. For greater certainty and without limitation, the Purchase Price (including the funds to be released to the Vendor pursuant to the Payment Undertaking as set out in section 2.5(b)) and the amount of reimbursement of expenditures as set out in section 2.7 shall be delivered on the Closing Date to and held in trust together with all other closing deliverables by the Closing Escrow Agent pursuant to the Closing Escrow Agreement (at which point the Transaction shall be deemed to be closed in escrow and no longer affected by the Expiry Date), to be released to the appropriate Parties only and immediately at such time as the Closing Escrow Agent has received confirmation that the said conveyance or transfer of the Properties has been duly recorded or registered with the SER as well as a duly updated disposition search abstract from the SER (delivered by the Vendor), evidencing such recordation or registration.
The Information. 3.1 The following information comprises the Personal Data that Pause requires the Pause Practice to capture in the Pause Quality Assurance System relating to each woman that the Pause Practice works with:
The Information