User Agreement definition

User Agreement means an agreement for the provision of Access to the Services.
User Agreement means the agreement between JetBrains and Users of a JetBrains Plugin as referred to in Section 5 of this Agreement.
User Agreement means an agreement required by this chapter which is entered into between a provider and a warehouse operator licensed by the department pursuant to the provisions of Iowa Code chapter 203C.

Examples of User Agreement in a sentence

  • The escalation plan should describe how the Contractor will manage any resulting Authorized User Agreement to ensure uninterrupted, high quality performance and overall contract effectiveness.

  • Agreement Form: In order to ensure the proper use of technology resources, it is necessary that each student and parent/guardian annually sign the attached Student Acceptable Use Policy – User Agreement Form.

  • Authorized User Agreements fully executed prior to the expiration of the OGS Centralized Contract shall survive the expiration date of the OGS Centralized Contract, if applicable, based on the term of the Authorized User Agreement.

  • Signature of Department Head: Date: Employee Portion: I have reviewed the Wright County Issued Procurement Card Policy and the Procurement Card User Agreement.

  • Such termination of the Authorized User Agreement shall not affect the Contract or any other project or Purchase Order that has been issued under the Contract.

More Definitions of User Agreement

User Agreement means any user agreement that must be entered into by any user of the Platform.
User Agreement means an agreement regarding electronic grain contracts which is entered into between a provider and a licensee.
User Agreement means an agreement that establishes the obligations and responsibilities of the registered user for use of the EFS.
User Agreement means the agreement entered into by and between a User and the Company relating to such User’s access to and use of the ATS.
User Agreement means an agreement by and between Data Recipient and the Exchange, pursuant to which Data Recipient has the right to access the Exchange to, among other things, enter orders on the Exchange, receive status updates on orders, cancel orders, and execute trades against orders on the Exchange limit order book, as such agreement may be amended, modified, or supplemented from time to time.
User Agreement means each Contract to which the Company is a party that constitutes an end user agreement, terms of use, terms of service, or end user license agreement that governs (or is intended to govern) the Company’s third party end usersaccess to and use of any Company Product.