Research and Development Sample Clauses

Research and Development. (i) Advice and assistance in relation to research and development of Party B;
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Research and Development. All product research and development activities, including quality assurance, quality control, testing, and research and analysis activities, conducted by the Corporation and the Subsidiaries in connection with their business is being conducted in compliance, in all material respects, with all industry, laboratory safety, management and training standards applicable to the Business and all such processes, procedures and practices required in connection with such activities are in place as necessary and are being complied with in all material respects.
Research and Development. 1. The Parties agree that research and development is critical in the creation of economic prosperity and opportunities for decent work, and can make a pivotal contribution to achieving the objectives of this Agreement.
Research and Development. Technology Roadmap << Show the intended future development of your product or service, i.e., changes to meet future market demands, adaptations to international markets, or upgrades. Also detail plans for new products or services to add to the range. Include Team/Department structure Methodology Platforms used Milestones to be achieved System Overview Diagram>> Research and Development << Indicate whether you will have ongoing R&D as an activity of the company, what areas this will be exploring and what future contributions to the company you expect from this research. >>
Research and Development. Upon request of the administration, teachers shall be encouraged to recognize their professional obligation to participate in curriculum studies, research and revision committees during the school year as a part of professional development and involvement. The District will make attempts to have teacher representation from each building on curriculum council.
Research and Development. The Subrecipient agrees and understand that this is award is not for Research and Development.
Research and Development. Monsanto shall, in its sole discretion, continue to develop new Glyphosate-based herbicide formulations more particularly as described in Section 6.10 hereof;
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Research and Development. The Test Fee is […***…] for a Licensed NIPT LDT Test (A) that is performed by an Authorized Lab for internal research or development in the NIPT LDT Field, and (B) for which the Authorized Lab did not receive compensation on a per test basis (individually or as a lot of tests) for such Licensed NIPT LDT Test, and (C) the results of such Licensed NIPT LDT Test were not reported back to a subject or her physician or used for commercial purposes.
Research and Development. EPA develops standards from the results of research and development, which have been undertaken or funded by the agency. Development and testing of innovative technologies, program and quality assurance methods, health and environmental risk assessments and similar initiatives are valuable components of national environmental programs and provide important information to both EPA and the State. EPA will continue to provide technical and financial support for research and applied technology evaluation.
Research and Development. Purchaser and Seller agree that adjustments to research and development expenses for the purposes of determining Tax credits for research and development activities shall be governed by Section 41(f)(3) of the Code. Pursuant to Section 41(f)(3)(B) of the Code, Seller shall furnish the Purchaser information as is necessary for the application of Section 41(f)(3)(A) of the Code.
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