Medical Leave of Absence Sample Clauses

Medical Leave of Absence. Where you have a medical leave of absence due to any medically determinable physical or mental impairment that can be expected to result in death or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than six months, and you have not returned to employment with the Company or an Affiliate, a Separation from Service has occurred on the earlier of: (A) the first day on which you would not be considered “disabled” under any disability policy of the Company or Affiliate under which you are then receiving a benefit; or (B) the first day on which your medical leave of absence period exceeds 29 months.
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Medical Leave of Absence. An employee who, because of illness or injury, has exhausted all sick leave benefits may be granted a medical LEAVE OF ABSENCE without pay. The seniority status of an employee who is granted a medical LEAVE OF ABSENCE shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Article herein titled "Seniority/Layoff." An employee requesting a medical LEAVE OF ABSENCE without pay shall be required to furnish conclusive evidence of disability to the EMPLOYER, specifically the Leave and Accomodation Management (XXX)
Medical Leave of Absence. An Employee who is unable to work as specified in Article XVIII, Section 18.031 may request, and may be granted by the College, a medical leave of absence without pay and benefits for a specified period of time not to exceed one year after the exhaustion of all sick leave.
Medical Leave of Absence. A. A medical leave of absence for an employee’s own medical condition not to exceed six
Medical Leave of Absence. (i) Definition - A medical leave of absence of up to one (1) year may be granted to employees with regular status who suffer from catastrophic illness or serious mental illness. Such leave of absence will be granted only after FMLA, CFRA and/or PDL have been exhausted. The employee is responsible for providing documentation from a qualified health practitioner prior to approval. County Fire retains the right to request medical documentation regarding the employee’s continued incapacity to return to work. The employee will be removed from his/her position so that the department may fill behind the employee. All leave benefits shall be administered as if the employee has been terminated; retirement contributions shall remain in the system and cannot be requested for distribution until the expiration of the leave. The employee shall be eligible to purchase medical benefits pursuant to the federal Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). Upon the employee’s ability to return to work or the expiration of the leave of absence, whichever comes first, the employee will have the right to return to the classification within the department from which he/she took a leave of absence when a funded vacancy for which the employee meets the qualifications is available. If the employee does not return to the work by the expiration of date of the leave, or the soonest date after that for which the department has a vacancy, the employee relinquishes the right to return. The employee will serve a new probationary period with no right to return to former classification.
Medical Leave of Absence. When an employee has exhausted his/her accumulated sick leave and is still unable to return to work for the reasons enumerated in sick leave policy, the Board of Education will, upon proper application of the employee, place the employee on medical leave of absence. Such a leave will begin on the day that the accumulated sick leave reaches zero and the employee has no earnings due, and will be for not less than the balance of the current school year or current school semester whichever is shorter and for a maximum period of not more than two (2) consecutive school years in addition to the remainder of the semester during which it commences. While on medical leave of absence, the employee ceases to accumulate sick leave. The Board of Education will, however, pay its full share of the employee's hospitalization and major medical insurance and group term life premiums falling due and payable prior to the end of the month during which the medical leave begins. An employee may request emergency short-term medical leave for a total period not to exceed thirty (30) calendar days, in which case all fringe benefits will be maintained by the Board, and the employee shall return to the position temporarily vacated. A condition precedent to the granting of any such short-term emergency medical leave shall be the providing by the employee of a doctor's certificate indicating both the necessity for such leave and the reasonableness of anticipated return within thirty (30) days. Should the employee in question be unable to return to full- time responsibilities upon completion of said thirty (30) day period, he/she must request regular medical leave in accordance with the terms of the remainder of this policy. An employee on medical leave of absence will be carried on payroll records as required by 3313.202, Ohio Revised Code. An employee shall be paid in full the balance due him/her in his/her last check with appropriate deductions made for federal withholding tax, state income tax, city income tax, retirement contribution, insurance, dues, etc. While an employee is on medical leave of absence, the Board will pay its share of the employee's total fringe benefit package for the following periods: employees with zero (0) to three (3) years in-district experience – three (3) months in any one calendar year; those with over three (3) but not over five (5) years experience – six
Medical Leave of Absence. Employees who have completed at least one (1) year of service to the Timberlane Regional School District and who work at least twenty-five (25) hours per week during the academic year are eligible to receive a medical leave of absence for the extended illness of the employee, or of the employee's spouse, children, mother, father or such individual for whom the employee has primary care and responsibility, for a period of up to six (6) weeks in a year. During the period of such medical leave of absence, the employee shall concurrently utilize all other leaves which are available to the employee.2 The medical leave of absence shall be unpaid, but the employee will receive pay from any concurrent paid leaves. The District will pay its share of insurance, if any, during the medical leave of absence, provided the employee also pays his/her share of insurance. An employee shall submit the District’s forms for a medical leave of absence, which are similar to the District’s forms for FMLA leave. For purposes of this provision and calculating the use of six (6) weeks of medical leave of absence in a “year”, year is defined as a July 1–June 30.
Medical Leave of Absence. Employees may be granted, by the Employer, extended leaves of absence without pay, not to exceed one (1) year beyond the accumulation of paid sick leave, for valid medical reasons, such as extended illness, accident or pregnancy. Such leaves will be handled as set forth in this Agreement and the State of Washington Family and Medical Leave Act and the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.
Medical Leave of Absence. Any member who has completed the required probationary period and who has exhausted their accumulated sick and vacation leave shall be granted a leave of absence for illness for a period not to exceed six (6) months. The member shall furnish satisfactory medical proof of such said illness. The Chief of Police will review the request for unpaid leave on a monthly basis.
Medical Leave of Absence. Upon written application to the City, leaves of absence or renewals thereof without pay including those of thirty (30) days or more, shall be granted to each fulltime employee who is absent from work and unable to work because of a medically diagnosable, not duty related sickness, injury, or disability, provided, however, that the employee submits to the City such medical evidence of the cause and duration of the absence, the employee’s inability to work, and the employee’s ability to resume employment as the City may request. The City reserves the right to refer an employee to a doctor of its choice to obtain information concerning a period of absence. The initial leave of absence, which under certain extenuating circumstances, may be requested orally but then must be reduced to writing, shall be for an initial period of five (5) days and shall not exceed thirty (30) calendar days and any renewal must be requested in writing prior to the expiration of the leave then in effect. The duration of each leave of absence and any renewals thereof shall be specifically stated in the request and in the granting of the leave. No leaves will be granted for a total or continuous period or periods which exceed twenty- six (26) weeks, in any one continuous twelve (12) month period. Failure of an employee to report for work at the time at which the employee is regularly scheduled to report at the conclusion of the approved leave period will result in termination of employment. The employee may elect to apply any earned but unused vacation or paid sick leave time toward a leave of absence for medical purposes. Moreover, a leave of absence without pay for medical purposes means that time previously worked for the City is not lost in computation of length of service and the benefits dependent thereon. However, time spent while on such a leave will not be credited toward any calculation of any applicable paid vacation or sick leave time. An employee on said medical leave also will not be eligible for any holiday falling within this medical leave without pay period.