Pay Period definition

Pay Period means a two (2) calendar week period beginning on a Sunday and ending on the second Saturday thereafter.
Pay Period means the two (2) week period of time beginning on a specified Wednesday and ending on the second Tuesday following, which is used for calculating each employee's wages for that two (2) week period.
Pay Period means that period of employment for which the employer customarily or regularly makes payments to employees for work performed or services rendered.

Examples of Pay Period in a sentence

  • Rate Per Hour APPENDIX B Section 1 (cont’d) APPRENTICES AT Commencement of Agreement(i.e. from 1st Pay Period Beginning on/after 1 MARCH 2008) Weekly Rates include Tool Allowance** Start rate for an Apprentice who has NOT completed an approved pre-Apprenticeship course## Start (1st Year) rate for an Apprentice who has completed an approved pre-Apprenticeship course.

  • Effective the first payday in June 2020 (Pay Period 12 – May 22, 2020 through June 4, 2020), the County shall contribute a composite rate of $1,395 per month for each full-time enrolled, regular, limited-term, and probationary Sworn Public Safety Manager on paid status in this unit, except as noted in B., C., D., and E.

More Definitions of Pay Period

Pay Period means, with respect to a given Application for Payment, the one (1) month period following the last day of the previous Pay Period to which the immediately prior Application for Payment is applied; provided that the initial Pay Period shall commence on the date of delivery of the Notice to Proceed and end on the twenty-fourth (24th) day of the calendar month during which the Notice to Proceed is issued. Payment Bond is defined in Section 7.4.2. Performance Bond is defined in Section 7.4.1.
Pay Period means the period in respect of which a claimant is, or expects to be, normally paid by his employer, being a week, a fortnight, four weeks, a month or other shorter or longer period as the case may be;
Pay Period means a defined time frame for which an employee will receive a paycheck. A pay period may be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.
Pay Period means, in relation to members who receive either salary, wages or other regular payments under a contract of employment or a contract for services, the period in respect of which each payment is made in accordance with the terms of that contract;
Pay Period means the period with respect to which the fortnightly or other periodic instalment of annuity is payable in pursuance of this Act.
Pay Period means the period by reference to which an employee's emoluments are paid, whether weekly, monthly or otherwise;
Pay Period means the period in respect of which a payment of pensionable earnings is made;