Will Serve definition

Will Serve means a commitment for water service per NAC 445A.6666 and NAC 278.290.
Will Serve. Letter Issued: June 7, 2010 TRIGID Sewer “Will Serve” Letter Issued: June 7, 2010 NDEP – Bureau of Waste Management (“BWM”) Process Facility Solid Waste Operating Permit Application Submitted: March 2009 Estimated Issue Date: July 2011 NDEP – BWPC NPDES Storm Water Discharge Permit - Construction General Permit At least two days prior to Construction, submit Notice of Intent and implement Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (“SWPPP”) NDEP – BWPC NPDES Storm Water Discharge Permit – Industrial Activity General Permit At least 24 hours prior to Operations start-up, submit Notice of Intent and implement SWPPP Division of Industrial Relations, Mechanical Unit Pressure Vessel Permit Prior to Construction Storey County Building Department Grading Permit Prior to Construction Storey County Building Department Building Permits Prior to Construction Storey County Fire Department Fire and Life Safety Plan Prior to Construction Agency Permit Status Storey County Fire Department Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement To be submitted 30 days prior to the storage of hazardous materials Storey County Fire Department Fire Alarm System Detection Permit Prior to Construction Storey County Fire Department Fire Suppression System Permit Prior to Construction Tahoe-Reno Industrial (“TRI”) Center - Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) ARC Design Approval Concurrent with Building Permit application submittal Storey County Building Department Occupancy Permit Issued upon completion of Construction * See also disclosures under Schedule 3.1(f). Schedule 3.1(l)
Will Serve letter means a letter issued by the city engineer of the city of Cloverdale stating that city possesses adequate water and sewer utility capacity to a proposed development and agrees to provide these utility services in accordance with the development plan reviewed by the city engineer.

Examples of Will Serve in a sentence

  • The owner of property requiring an extension of the treated water system and qualifying for water service pursuant to these Regulations, may receive a Will Serve Letter form the District.

  • Todd Lopez, “For Contingencies in Indo-Pacom, Army Will Serve as ‘Linchpin’ for Joint Force,” DOD News, December 1, 2021.

  • If a Will Serve Letter is desired, the Application located in Exhibit A shall be completed by the Applicant.A separate landscape irrigation meter shall be required for all new service connections that serve a parcel containing more than 5,000 square feet of irrigated landscape area for all commercial and industrial developments.

  • The information required prior to obtaining a Will Serve Letter includes the following: 1.

  • Will Serve letters are required by DWU – Engineering Services when the water or wastewater flows are over 1000 GPM (1.44 MGD).

  • The Customer provides a written request and the associated fees to the Coordinator using Form 11.19: Customer Availability and Will Serve Request.

  • The Applicant may request a water commitment for service in the form of a Will Serve Letter.

  • The Will Serve letter describes the ability of DWU to provide service of a specific volume of water or wastewater to the property as requested.

  • The owner of property not requiring an extension of the treated water system and otherwise qualifying for service by paying a standby charge may receive a Will Serve Letter covering a minimum size water service.

  • Customer fills out Form 11.19: Customer Availability And Will Serve Request and provides the form to the Coordinator.

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