First Day definition

First Day. (if different from date of possession): enter date
First Day means the first scheduled workday or the first voluntary workday.
First Day means the first day following the date of delivery of the Service or the day following the date of completion of the trial period, if agreed in a Special Arrangement or Technical Specification.

Examples of First Day in a sentence

  • In addition and as set forth above, the Debtors may have excluded amounts for which the Debtors have been granted authority to pay pursuant to a First Day Order or other order that may be entered by the Bankruptcy Court.

  • Amounts paid pursuant to the First Day Orders are monitored as to limits provided in the applicable orders of the Bankruptcy Court governing payment of such prepetition obligations, and this report is available to the U.S. Trustee as required.

  • Regardless of whether such claims are listed in the Schedules and Statements, to the extent such claims are paid pursuant to an order of the Bankruptcy Court (including the First Day Orders), the Debtors reserve all rights to amend or supplement their Schedules and Statements.

  • Lotz in Support of First Day Motions Pursuant To Local Bankruptcy Rule 1007-2, (Dkt.

  • The factual background regarding the Debtors, including their business operations, their capital and debt structures, and the events leading to the filing of the Chapter 11 Cases, is set forth in detail in the First Day Declaration and fully incorporated herein by reference.

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First Day pleadings means the pleadings filed by the Debtors on the Petition Date or referred to in Sections V and VI herein.
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First Day means the first day of the first Interest Period occurring after the date of delivery of the Compliance Certificate and the financial statements for the first Fiscal Quarter ending in 2003.
First Day has the meaning set forth in Section 7.13.
First Day. TRIBES: Choose 1 activity plus pass out Message in a Bottle if applicable Activity: Spiderweb Materials: ball of yarn, stuffed animal Time: 30 minutes Procedures:
First Day means the first day of the first full Fiscal Quarter occurring after the date on which the Borrower delivers to the Lenders each of the financial statements required to be delivered pursuant to Section 5.01 with respect to the first full Fiscal Quarter to occur after the Effective Date.
First Day means: (i) the Option Effective Date if the Option Effective Date is the first day of a calendar month or (ii) the first day of the calendar month next following the Option Effective Date if the Option Effective Date is not the first day of a calendar month.