The Total Sample Clauses

The Total. Consideration of Apartment above includes the booking amount paid by the allottee to the Promoter towards the [Apartment];
The Total. Consideration of Apartment, Total Tax and the Total Extras & Deposits as mentioned in clause 1.2.1, 1.2.2 and

Related to The Total

  • Other Consideration In the case of a sale or other disposal of Licensee’s Licensed Product for value other than in an arm’s-length transaction exclusively for money, such as barter or counter-trade, the amount of such sale shall be calculated using the fair market value of such Licensed Product (if higher than the stated sales price) in the country of disposition.

  • Purchase Price; Consideration Purchaser shall, on the date hereof (the “Closing Date”), issue to Seller a promissory note, substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B, in the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000) (the “Promissory Note”) as the consideration for the Ownership Interests.

  • The Consideration 2.1 The Borrower agrees, as consideration for the Loan, to:

  • Purchase Price The purchase price for the Mortgage Loans (the "Purchase Price") shall be the percentage of par as stated in the Commitment Letter, multiplied by the aggregate principal balance, as of the Cut-off Date, of the Mortgage Loans listed on the related Mortgage Loan Schedule, after application of scheduled payments of principal due on or before the Cut-off Date whether or not collected. The Purchase Price may be adjusted as stated in the Commitment Letter. In addition to the Purchase Price as described above, the Purchaser shall pay to the Seller, at closing, accrued interest on the initial principal amount of the Mortgage Loans at the weighted average Mortgage Loan Remittance Rate from the Cut-off Date through the day prior to the Closing Date, inclusive. The Purchaser shall be entitled to (1) all scheduled principal due after the Cut-off Date, (2) all other recoveries of principal collected after the Cut-off Date (provided, however, that all scheduled payments of principal due on or before the Cut-off Date and collected by the Seller after the Cut-off Date shall belong to the Seller), and (3) all payments of interest on the Mortgage Loans at the Mortgage Loan Remittance Rate (minus that portion of any such payment which is allocable to the period prior to the Cut-off Date). The principal balance of each Mortgage Loan as of the Cut-off Date is determined after application of payments of principal due on or before the Cut-off Date whether or not collected. Therefore, payments of scheduled principal and interest prepaid for a Due Date beyond the Cut-off Date shall not be applied to the principal balance as of the Cut-off Date. Such prepaid amounts (minus interest at the Servicing Fee Rate) shall be the property of the Purchaser. The Seller shall deposit any such prepaid amounts into the Custodial Account, which account is established for the benefit of the Purchaser for subsequent remittance by the Seller to the Purchaser.

  • Purchase Price Protection With respect to any Mortgage Loan that prepays in full on or prior to the last day of the third full month following the related Closing Date (or such other date set forth in the related PPTL, the Seller shall reimburse the Purchaser an amount equal to the product of (a) the amount by which Purchase Price Percentage paid by the Purchaser to the Seller for such Mortgage Loan exceeds 100% and (b) the outstanding principal balance of the Mortgage Loan as of the Cut-off Date. Such payment shall be made within thirty (30) days of such payoff.

  • Other Considerations A. Changes to an Approved Scope of Work: The Grantee(s) shall notify FEMA and shall require a subgrantee to notify it immediately when a subgrantee proposes changes to an approved scope of work for an Undertaking.

  • Unit Price Unless the bidder clearly indicates that the price is based on consideration of being awarded the entire lot and that an adjustment to the price was made based on receiving the entire bid, any difference between the unit price correctly extended and the total price shown for all items shall be offered shall be resolved in favor of the unit price.

  • Total Consideration The aggregate consideration (the "Consideration") payable by the Surviving Partnership in connection with the merger of the Merged Partnership with and into the Surviving Partnership shall be $10,650,000, subject to adjustments at Closing pursuant to Section 3.9 and costs paid pursuant to Section 3.10(c) and Section 3.11, plus the amount of any tax or other reserves held by the Existing Lender (hereinafter defined).

  • Amount of Purchase Price The purchase price per Share for each share which the Optionee is entitled to purchase under the Options shall be $1.25 per Share.

  • Shares; Price The Company hereby grants to Optionee the right to purchase, upon and subject to the terms and conditions herein stated, the number of shares of Stock set forth in Section 1(c) above (the "Shares") for cash (or other consideration as is authorized under the Plan and acceptable to the Board, in their sole and absolute discretion) at the price per Share set forth in Section 1(d) above (the "Exercise Price"), such price being not less than the fair market value per share of the Shares covered by this Option as of the date hereof (unless Optionee is the owner of Stock possessing ten percent or more of the total voting power or value of all outstanding Stock of the Company, in which case the Exercise Price shall be no less than 110% of the fair market value of such Stock).