Association Dues Sample Clauses

Association Dues. 4.1 On behalf of the Association, the Employer shall deduct from the base salary of each member of the Bargaining Unit the Association’s regular dues and/or other assessments. The Association shall notify the Employer, in writing, of the amount of its regular dues and/or other assessments, and advise the Employer thirty (30) calendar days prior to the date of effect of any change in regular dues or assessments.
Association Dues. Such authorization shall continue in effect from year to year. Pursuant to such authorization, the Board shall deduct one-ninth (1/9) of such dues from the regular salary check of the employee for a period of nine (9) months beginning with the September paycheck. Amounts to be deducted shall be supplied to the Board through a schedule established by the WTA. Any balance due upon the employee's termination of employment shall be deducted from such individual's final check. Prior authorizations existing on the effective date of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect into this and successor agreements unless and until revoked in writing by the employee. The Board shall transmit to the Association the total monthly deduction for the professional dues within ten (10) school days following each regular pay period with a listing of the employees for whom the deduction was made.
Association Dues. 5.01 In every pay period, the Board shall deduct from every pay of each Occasional Teacher the appropriate amount of dues as authorized by the Constitution of the Association and directed by its Executive.
Association Dues. All RESIDENTS are members of the Residence Hall Association and agree to pay annual membership dues of $40 with the execution of this contract by the RESIDENT. The annual dues are incorporated into the total contract amount and are not subject to refund in case of contractual termination.
Association Dues. The Association which is the legally recognized exclusive bargaining representative of the employees as described in the “Recognition” clause of this Agreement shall have the right to have deducted from the salary of members of the Association (upon receipt of a written authorization form) an amount equal to the fees and dues required for membership in the Association.
Association Dues. During the term of this Agreement, the Institute shall deduct Association dues from the pay of each member of the Association who voluntarily executes a wage assignment form. When filed with the Institute, the authorization form will be honored in accordance with its terms. Such authorization form shall be revocable by the employee upon 30 days’ written notice to WSNA and the Institute. The Institute shall forward such revocations to the Association. Deductions shall be made monthly and remitted to the Association with a list of employees from whom the deductions were made. Deductions will be properly transmitted to the Association by check payable to its order. Upon issuance and transmission of a check to the Association, the Institute’s responsibility shall cease with respect to such deduction. The Association and each employee authorizing the assignment of wages for the payment of Association dues hereby undertake to indemnify and hold the Institute harmless from all claims, demands, suits or other forms of liability that shall arise against the Institute for or on account of any deduction made from wages of such employee.‌
Association Dues. A. The Association will submit, to the Finance Office by July 1, the dues rate which will be in effect for the fiscal year commencing on that date.
Association Dues. All employees covered by the Association's certificate of bargaining authority shall, as a condition of employment, pay a monthly fee to the Association equal to the monthly dues as determined from time to time in accordance with the by-laws of the Association. Such payment will be made by means of payroll deduction in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Relations Code as amended. This deduction shall become effective on the first day of the month coincident with or next following the date of appointment.
Association Dues. During the Term of this Agreement, the Company may pay reasonable initiation fees and dues payable in connection with the Executive’s membership(s) in those clubs and activities that in the opinion of the Board are in furtherance and directly related to the active conduct of the Company’s business and are consistent with sound financial and tax planning.
Association Dues. 8.01 During the term of this agreement, the Board agrees to deduct, from each pay cheque of each Occasional Teacher, the regular monthly fees and dues as certified by the Association to be currently in effect according to the constitution and by-laws of the Association. The Association shall notify the Board in writing, no later than August 31 for the following November, as to the amount of dues or fees currently in effect according to its constitution and by-laws.