The Director of Human Resources Sample Clauses

The Director of Human Resources may on an annual basis make a special assignment to a member of the Secretarial/Clerical Bargaining Unit to coordinate, resolve technology operational difficulties, and in-service staff. If this assignment is provided to a member of the Secretarial/Clerical Bargaining Unit, 35 cents per hour will be added to the listed hourly rate.
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The Director of Human Resources of the Corporation shall be responsible for investigating complaints of harassment or appointing a person to investigate such complaints. It is the responsibility of the person investigating an allegation of harassment to:
The Director of Human Resources. Employer (or designate) shall meet with the grievor and a Union Xxxxxxx, in person or virtually as agreed amongst the parties, within thirty (30) twenty (20) days and shall render his/her decision in writing within seven (7) days following such meeting.
The Director of Human Resources. (or designate) shall communicate the final rating and/or other decisions made by the Committee to the appropriate Department Director, the concerned Supervisor, the Union and the incumbent(s) of the committee’s decision. Subject to completion of the

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  • Director Director/Secretary The Corporate Seal of the Secretary of State for Education, hereunto affixed is authenticated by: ..........................................

  • Executive Director (a) The HMO must employ a qualified individual to serve as the Executive Director for its HHSC HMO Program(s). Such Executive Director must be employed full-time by the HMO, be primarily dedicated to HHSC HMO Program(s), and must hold a Senior Executive or Management position in the HMO’s organization, except that the HMO may propose an alternate structure for the Executive Director position, subject to HHSC’s prior review and written approval.

  • Associate Directors (A) Any person who has served as a director may be elected by the Board of Directors as an associate director, to serve during the pleasure of the Board.

  • President Unless the Trustees otherwise provide, the President shall preside at all meetings of the shareholders and of the Trustees. Unless the Trustees otherwise provide, the President shall be the chief executive officer.

  • Director/Secretary The Corporate Seal of the Secretary of State for Education, hereunto affixed is authenticated by: ..........................................

  • Chairman An individual (who need not be a Registered Warrantholder) designated in writing by the Warrant Agent shall be chairman of the meeting and if no individual is so designated, or if the individual so designated is not present within fifteen minutes from the time fixed for the holding of the meeting, the Registered Warrantholders present in person or by proxy shall choose an individual present to be chairman.

  • President and Chief Executive Officer The president shall be the chief executive officer of the Trust, unless the Board of Trustees designates the chairman as chief executive officer. The chief executive officer shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Trustees are carried into effect. The chief executive officer shall also be the chief administrative officer of the Trust and shall perform such other duties and have such other powers as the Board of Trustees may from time to time prescribe.

  • Vice Chairman In the absence of the Chairman of the Board, the Vice Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the unitholders of the MLP; and he shall have such other powers and duties as from time to time may be assigned to him by the Board of Directors.

  • Medical Director The Contractor shall employ the services of a Medical Director who is a licensed Indiana Health Care Provider (IHCP) provider board certified in family medicine or internal medicine. If the Medical Director is not board certified in family medicine, they shall be supported by a clinical team with experience in pediatrics, behavioral health, adult medicine and obstetrics/gynecology. The Medical Director shall be dedicated full-time to the Contractor’s Indiana Medicaid product lines. The Medical Director shall oversee the development and implementation of the Contractor’s disease management, case management and care management programs; oversee the development of the Contractor’s clinical practice guidelines; review any potential quality of care problems; oversee the Contractor’s clinical management program and programs that address special needs populations; oversee health screenings; serve as the Contractor’s medical professional interface with the Contractor’s primary medical providers (PMPs) and specialty providers; and direct the Quality Management and Utilization Management programs, including, but not limited to, monitoring, corrective actions and other quality management, utilization management or program integrity activities. The Medical Director, in close coordination with other key staff, is responsible for ensuring that the medical management and quality management components of the Contractor’s operations are in compliance with the terms of the Contract. The Medical Director shall work closely with the Pharmacy Director to ensure compliance with pharmacy-related responsibilities set forth in Section 3.4. The Medical Director shall attend all OMPP quality meetings, including the Quality Strategy Committee meetings. If the Medical Director is unable to attend an OMPP quality meeting, the Medical Director shall designate a representative to take his or her place. Notwithstanding the Medical Director ‘s sending of a representative, the Medical Director shall be responsible for knowing and taking appropriate action on all agenda and action items from all OMPP quality meetings.

  • Director An Approved User who is generally a senior IT official of the Requester with the necessary expertise and authority to affirm the IT capacities at the Requester. The IT Director is expected to have the authority and capacity to ensure that the NIH Security Best Practices for Controlled-Access Data Subject to the NIH GDS Policy and the Requester’s IT security requirements and policies are followed by all of the Requester’s Approved Users.