Requests for Sample Clauses

Requests for. Parental Leave shall be made in writing on the Application for Pregnancy Leave/Parental Leave Form and submitted to the Executive Superintendent of Human Resource Services or designate as far in advance as possible but in no case any later than two (2) weeks before the requested start date of the leave.
Requests for a Reduced Teacher Service Option must be made by the unit member to the Superintendent by June 1, 2006. No requests will be accepted after that date. For those unit members who participate in the Reduced Teacher Service Option in the 2006-2007 school year, this language will continue for up to ten (10) years as per Education Code 44922.
Requests for. BorrowingsTo request a Borrowing, the Company shall notify the Administrative Agent of such request by telephone (a) in the case of a LIBOR Borrowing, not later than 4:00 p.m., Boston, Massachusetts time, three Business Days before the date of the proposed Borrowing, or (b) in the case of an ABR Borrowing, not later than 2:00 p.m., Boston, Massachusetts time, on the day of the proposed Borrowing; provided that any such notice of an ABR Borrowing to finance the reimbursement of an L/C Disbursement as contemplated by Section 2.06(e) may be given not later than 10:00 a.m., Boston, Massachusetts time on the date of the proposed Borrowing. Each such telephonic Borrowing Request shall be irrevocable and shall be confirmed promptly by hand delivery or telecopy to the Administrative Agent of a written Borrowing Request in a form approved by the Administrative Agent and signed by the Company. Each such telephonic and written Borrowing Request shall specify the following information in compliance with Section 2.03:
Requests for. Advance Due by 1:00 PM. A separate Request for Advance shall be made for each Revolving Loan. On each Business Day that (i) the Seasoned Warehouse Agent shall have received a Request for Advance before 1:00 PM (all times are Houston times) and (ii) if additional Collateral is required to support such Revolving Loan pursuant to SECTION 4.5, such additional Collateral shall have been delivered to the Seasoned Warehouse Agent, Texas Commerce shall give notice to each Lender of that requested Revolving Loan and that Lender's Funding Share of the requested Revolving Loan before 2:00 PM on that same day, and each Lender shall cause its Funding Share thereof to be transferred to the Seasoned Warehouse Agent within two (2) hours after receiving such notice from the Seasoned Warehouse Agent or by 4:00 PM, whichever is later, so that the Seasoned Warehouse Agent receives it in good collected Houston funds on that same Business Day, and the Seasoned Warehouse Agent shall deposit those shares of such Revolving Loan into the Note Payment/Funding Account when received and shall disburse an amount equal thereto into the Borrowers' designated deposit account with the Seasoned Warehouse Agent.
Requests for. Paid Parental Leave for non-birthing parents shall be submitted to the Human Resources Department with 30 days advance notice of expected delivery date or anticipated placement date of a child for adoption or xxxxxx care. The 30 days advance notice is not required in emergency situations.
Requests for. 76 Loans - No provision for ......... 63
Requests for unscheduled leave must be made to the office of the designated leave approving official during the two hours prior to the scheduled tour of duty, or as soon as possible thereafter.
Requests for. Time Off - shall be approved in the following priority: vacations, floaters, ATO and Leave without pay.
Requests for taking vacation must be submitted by March 31st of each year and approved by April. Any vacation requests submitted after this date will be granted on a “first come, first service” basis. It is understood that due to changing requirements, employees may be asked to change their initial requests.
Requests for full weeks of ET will be given preference over requests for individual days. Requests for ET of more than two (2) weeks in the period June 1 through September 30 generally will not be approved. However, all requests for scheduled ET time off, whether in weekly blocks or in single days, will be scheduled and approved consistent with staffing needs. Final ET schedules will be posted no later than March 15 and October 15. (If there are conflicting requests, Hospital-wide seniority will be determinative.)