Requests for Sample Clauses

Requests for. Parental Leave shall be made in writing on the Application for Pregnancy Leave/Parental Leave Form and submitted to the Executive Superintendent of Human Resource Services or designate as far in advance as possible but in no case any later than two (2) weeks before the requested start date of the leave.
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Requests for a Reduced Teacher Service Option must be made by the unit member to the Superintendent by June 1, 2006. No requests will be accepted after that date. For those unit members who participate in the Reduced Teacher Service Option in the 2006-2007 school year, this language will continue for up to ten (10) years as per Education Code 44922.
Requests for. Paid Parental Leave for non-birthing parents shall be submitted to the Human Resources Department with 30 days advance notice of expected delivery date or anticipated placement date of a child for adoption or xxxxxx care. The 30 days advance notice is not required in emergency situations.
Requests for full weeks of ET will be given preference over requests for individual days. Requests for ET of more than two (2) weeks in the period June 1 through September 30 generally will not be approved. However, all requests for scheduled ET time off, whether in weekly blocks or in single days, will be scheduled and approved consistent with staffing needs. Final ET schedules will be posted no later than March 15 and October 15. (If there are conflicting requests, Hospital-wide seniority will be determinative.)
Requests for. TRANSPORTATION CHANGES All requests for transportation and changes in transportation shall be processed through the RCJTC with the understanding that no student may be transported unless previously authorized by the RCJTC, with the following exception;
Requests for unscheduled leave must be made to the office of the designated leave approving official during the two hours prior to the scheduled tour of duty, or as soon as possible thereafter.
Requests for. Time Off - shall be approved in the following priority: vacations, floaters, ATO and Leave without pay.
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Requests for professional development leaves with pay to attend conferences, workshops or seminars during regular working hours shall be presented in writing to the employee’s supervisor, at least two (2) weeks prior to their occurrence and shall be related to the employee’s approved professional objectives as identified during the annual performance review process, or can be demonstrated that the professional development activity is consistent with the employee’s job responsibilities, and/or the operations of AMAPCEO. The employee’s supervisor may accept a request for professional development that does not meet the two week time frame in extenuating circumstances. Approvals of these requests and related considerations (costs, travel time, etc.) shall be at the discretion of the employee’s supervisor and shall not be unreasonably be denied, subject to maintaining AMAPCEO’s services and funds available for such leaves. Consideration will be given for rotation of these opportunities among all employees.
Requests for taking vacation must be submitted by March 31st of each year and approved by April. Any vacation requests submitted after this date will be granted on a “first come, first service” basis. It is understood that due to changing requirements, employees may be asked to change their initial requests.
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