IN POLICY Sample Clauses

IN POLICY. (A) Resident agrees and understands that everything will be done to have the property cleaned, trash and old furniture removed and repairs made by the first day of this new lease. The Resident agrees that if the previous Resident has caused damage or has not cleaned the property, Landlord will not be held responsible for a situation beyond his control and the Resident will give the Landlord a reasonable amount of time to correct any problems for them. If Landlord is unable to deliver possession to the Resident, due to previous Resident’s failure to vacate and/or failure to clean or repair the premises, Landlord’s sole liability to Resident shall be a daily prorated rent credit for each day possession cannot be delivered and the lease shall remain in full force and effect. (B) A condition report will be filled out by Landlord and given to Resident at check-in. Two copies are made and one is left with Resident. This report shall be deemed correct unless Resident objects to it in writing within five (5) days after its receipt by Resident. (C) Resident will receive and sign for a Resident Handbook at check-in, which will be deemed an addition to the lease. Resident agrees that signing by one constitutes acceptance by all. (D) One key will be given at check-in and the remaining keys will be in the dwelling. It is the Resident’s responsibility to distribute the keys. (E) In the event of damage to the property by fire, enemy action, or other casualty, if this Lease is not terminated as set forth below, Landlord shall repair the same with reasonable dispatch after written notice of such damage by Resident.
IN POLICY. You must call your supervisor directly. If at least 24 hour notice was not given your supervisor may deem your absence as unexcused. 1st offence “written warning” 2nd offence “termination”.

Related to IN POLICY

  • NO LEMON POLICY This Agreement provides that following the expiration of the term of the Covered Product’s manufacturer’s warranty, and subject to Our Limit of Liability, after three (3) service repairs have been completed for the Covered Product for the same problem, as determined in Our sole discretion, in lieu of performing a fourth (4th) repair on the Covered Product, We may replace it with a product of like kind or similar features, or issue a check to You in an amount not to exceed the remaining limit of liability as determined in accordance with the section titled “LIMIT OF LIABILITY.” If We replace the Covered Product, all Our obligations for the Covered Product under this Agreement terminate.

  • Vacation Policy The Executive shall be entitled to a paid vacation of four weeks during each year of the Term.

  • Cancellation Policy Client is responsible for payment of the agreed upon fee for any missed session(s). Client is also responsible for payment of the agreed upon fee for any session(s) for which Client failed to give Therapist at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. Cancellation notice should be left on Therapist’s voice mail at 925-322-1681.

  • Return Policy You will properly disclose to the Cardholder, at the time of the transaction and in accordance with the Rules, any limitation you have on accepting returned merchandise.

  • SPAM POLICY You are strictly prohibited from using the Website or any of the Company's Services for illegal spam activities, including gathering email addresses and personal information from others or sending any mass commercial emails.

  • Union Policy Grievance The Union may institute a grievance consisting of an allegation of a general misinterpretation or a violation by the Employer of this Agreement in writing at Step Number 2 of the grievance procedure, providing that it is presented within ten (10) working days after the circumstances giving rise to the grievance have originated or occurred. However, it is expressly understood that the provisions of this clause may not be used to institute a grievance directly affecting an employee or employees which such employee or employees could themselves initiate as an individual or group grievance and the regular grievance procedure shall not be thereby bypassed.

  • Competition Policy 1. The Parties recognize the importance of cooperation and technical assistance between their national competition authorities, including inter alia, the exchange of information and experiences, and the improvement of technical capacities in order to reinforce their competition policies. 2. In this sense, cooperation shall be conducted in accordance with their respective domestic laws and through their national competition authorities, who may sign a cooperation agreement.

  • Non-Discrimination Policy State-Federal Law