Responsible for Sample Clauses

Responsible for. The efficient care and maintenance of the Cemetery grounds and buildings. REPORTS TO: Cemetery Manager. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Be competent in and perform the following duties: • all duties of a Grade 1 General Handgeneral maintenance of the cemetery • check all new monumental work for piers, size & location. check masonry permits • open & close gates to wire compound at start and end of daily shifts • raise & lower flags daily • ongoing inspection of grounds and building to ensure quality outcomes • allocate, implement and supervise work and garden maintenance programs and tasks • maintenance of residence gardens, lawns & gutters • plant, water, prune & mulch new & existing trees • prepare & turf all new lawn areas • landscape all new garden areas • repair minor faults with machinery and ensure machinery is in good working order • transport of machinery to repairers • mixing of all chemicals • placement of new signs, bins etc • ensure all safety guards are fitted to mowers, edgers, etc • ensure that all general hands are wearing appropriate safety equipmentwhen required remove & replace turf for burials • other duties as required by management Use initiative to complete tasks and offer assistance commensurate with your skills. Complete allocated work on schedule. Maintain a high standard of work practice. Assist with implementation and ensure adherence to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Procedures within the Crematorium and Cemetery. Assist with implementation and ensure adherence to Woronora’s Harassment Policy and Woronora’s Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures. Maintain a clean and safe environment within the Cemetery gardens. At some time during your employment, you may be called upon to perform the duties of a Gravedigger or participate in a burial service or duties of a Transformer Hand. During your probationary period, you will be made fully conversant with these duties. If you are unable to perform these duties please advise your Manager during the probationary period. These duties are a requirement of your employment and refusal to perform these duties may lead to the termination of your employment. Ensure confidentiality. INTERNAL CONTACTS: Cemetery Manager & Burial Supervisor EXTERNAL CONTACTS: Masons & Funeral Directors. QUALIFICATIONS DESIRABLE:
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Responsible for. The term “responsible for” shall be interpreted to mean to undertake or cause to be undertaken, the relevant activities and be liable for all costs and expenses in respect thereof; in the case of Canada, subject to all procedures and approvals required by Canada for the payment of funds, including appropriation by the Parliament of Canada, to pay for such costs and expenses; in the case of the Crossing Authority, subject to availability of Crossing Authority Revenue or Canadian Contributions to pay for such costs and expenses and US Federal Agencies Contributions to pay for US Federal Plaza Costs, as applicable; and in the case of the Michigan Parties, subject to availability of the Canadian Contributions to pay for such costs and expenses.
Responsible for. The efficient care and maintenance of the Crematorium gardens and buildings. REPORTS TO:
Responsible for. Ensuring Operations meet agreed plans, budgets and agreements and addressing all matters affecting the Company’s Operations in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure profits and cash flows are maximized.
Responsible for. Communication with DfE • Project managementDevelopment of the sampling framework • School survey implementation • Assignment of case study responsibilities • Conducting case study visits • The quality and content of all reporting outputs Xxx Xxxxxx (Nominated project manager). Responsible for: • Ongoing responsibility for project progress and deliverables • Conducting case study visits Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx (Research Executive). Responsible for: • Conducting case study visits Xxxxx Xxxx (Research Executive). Responsible for: • Conducting case study visits Xxxxx Xxxxxx (Senior Researcher). Responsible for: • Conducting case study visits 7 STEERING COMMITTEE The Project Manager shall set up a Steering Committee for the Project, consisting of representatives from the Department, the Contractor, and any other key organisations whom the project will impact on, to be agreed between the parties. The function of the Steering Committee shall be to review the scope and direction of the Project against its aims and objectives, monitor progress and efficiency, and assess, manage and review expected impact and use of the findings from the Project against an agreed Project Communication Plan, through the standard Department Communication Plan Template. The Committee shall meet at times and dates agreed by the parties, or in the absence of agreement, specified by the Department. The Contractor’s representatives on the Steering Committee shall report their views on the progress of the Project to the Steering Committee in writing if requested by the Department. The Contractor’s representatives on the Steering Committee shall attend all meetings of the Steering Committee unless otherwise agreed by the Department.
Responsible for. Providing forms/baptismal records, writing request letters to the Xxxxxx, choosing and meeting with a sponsor and mentor, keeping my family informed, faith sharing activities, Christian service hours (20 for Confirmation year), and all communications regarding Confirmation. Desire to: Be confirmed in my faith, pray to the Holy Spirit to be well prepared for Confirmation, and do all that I can to live as a follower of Xxxxx Xxxxxx and faithful members of the Catholic Church. Candidate signature Date
Responsible for. Promoting the Company and ensuring all shareholders are informed of all material facts as authorized by the Board including press releases, filings on SEDAR and XXXXX and the publication of the Company’s annual report and information circular.
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Responsible for a) Notifying the CATALENT QP in advance of any proposed variations to the CTA and/or Product Specification File for which the product has been released for use.
Responsible for. Meeting specific, agreed objectives and targets, initiating new geological prospects, coordinating cost effective operation of the geological team while supporting the overall Company objectives and goals.
Responsible for. Directing JV’s towards increased output for increased positive cash flows and profits. Overseas all negotiations with Central as well as Local governments in addition to directing all HR and exploration related issues within the company and its subsidiaries.
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