The Request Sample Clauses

The Request. (1) The request shall contain:
The Request. In accordance with a credit facility dated _____ and in accordance with a commitment letter dated____ attached to it (hereinafter together "the commitment:") and subject to its provisions, I hereby request from the bank credit in the amount of NIS ______ (_____ NIS) (hereinafter-the principal or the credit principal"), in accordance with the conditions set forth below.
The Request. 1. The University will communicate in writing the estimated need for stagehands to the Business Representative at least twenty-eight (28) days prior to a performance for which stagehands are needed.
The Request. 3.1. The Requester may only be a legal entity or a natural person. Where the Requester is a natural person, he/she has to be a person who has reached the age of majority, or, as the case may be, a person who has not yet reached the age of majority provided that such person is clearly endowed with adequate intellectual and volitional abilities as demonstrated by their course of action during the Evaluation Period and as such may be assumed to have appropriate legal capacity to enter into legal relations.
The Request. The PAI is drawn up upon request from the parents or the school headmaster, always with the agreement and participation of the family.
The Request. (i) a petition to the effect that the international application be processed according to this Treaty;
The Request. Snap-Quick is seeking a strategic partner to license its patented product, the Snap-Quick Connector, and assist in providing or arranging distribution to a larger market. It is anticipated that the partner will not need to invest any funds in the company, but compensate Snap-Quick via royalty payments. The company feels the opportunity for obtaining a significantly increased market share is at hand. With a suitable strategic partner, this opportunity can be seized to the mutual benefit of Snap-Quick and its partner.
The Request. The Borrowers and the Guarantor have requested that the Lender:
The Request. (1) The request shall contain:(i) a petition to the effect that the international application be processed according to this Treaty;