Accumulated Sick Leave definition

Accumulated Sick Leave means days of sick leave the employee earned in previous school years and has not taken, thereby accruing a balance from year to year.
Accumulated Sick Leave means the total number of days of unused sick leave up to a maximum of ninety (90) days accrued from previous contracts, but not used. Accumulated sick leave also includes the sick leave transferred from an employee’s previous public school employment.2
Accumulated Sick Leave means the total number of days of unused sick leave that an employee has to his/her credit.

Examples of Accumulated Sick Leave in a sentence

  • Accumulated Sick Leave (which shall include all previously accumulated sick leave and personal business leave and current unused paid leave days shall be tabulated and reported to each teacher at the beginning of each school year.

  • While the teacher is on unpaid leave, the teacher shall not be subject to and responsible for any Board Policy or the negotiated agreement for teachers except that the teacher shall have access to the transfer procedure (Administrative Procedure 4115.1), Policy 4151 (Payment for Accumulated Sick Leave), and priority participation in Policy 4119 (Resignation/Retirement).

  • Any portion of the Teacher's annual Discretionary Leave allotment that is unused at the end of each contract year will be credited to the Teacher as Accumulated Sick Leave to be used for sick leave purposes.

  • With respect to the Accumulated Sick Leave Benefit described in Section 3 (the “Severance Amount”), but not the 401(a) Plan benefits described in Section 4, the retiring teacher must also qualify for normal (unreduced) retirement benefits from the Indiana State Teachers’ Retirement Fund (“ISTRF”).

  • Admission to appear as visiting counsel in a particular case does not authorize visiting counsel to appear in any other case(s) without first complying with this Rule as to such other case(s).

  • Out for Accumulated Sick Leave (cont’d) An eligible employee who applies for a cash pay-out will receive a gross payment equal to the employee’s daily rate of pay on the employee’s last regular employment day of that school year times 80% of the number of unused sick leave days earned that school year.

  • All Sick, Bereavement (Emergency), and Personal Leave accrued and accumulated prior to the 2016-2017 contract year shall be credited to Teachers as Accumulated Sick Leave to be capped at 125 days.

  • In the event the WSIB withdraws the supplement and places the claimant on a full or partial pension and the claimant remains absent from work, Accumulated Sick Leave, if any, will be used at the rate of one per day of absence until fully expired.

  • Accumulated Sick Leave days over the maximum of ninety (90) days accrued will be paid at the rate of $50.00 per day at the end of each contract year.

  • This paragraph does not apply to teachers who have reached and maintain the maximum allowable number of Accumulated Sick Leave days.

More Definitions of Accumulated Sick Leave

Accumulated Sick Leave. All unused Sick Leave and Personal Leave days shall accumulate. Teachers who have taught five or more years in the Aurora Public Schools shall receive severance pay upon ceasing employment with the Aurora School District. Such pay shall be for each day of accumulated sick and personal leave at a rate of one-fourth (1/4) of the teacher’s daily earnings. The daily earnings are to be based on the amount of the teacher’s last contract and the number of contract days for that contract year. In the event of the teacher’s death and the five-year requirement has been met, the teacher’s beneficiary shall receive the compensation. (NOTE: The foregoing conditions of Sick Leave, Personal Leave and Accumulated Sick Leave only pertains to those individual teachers who have chosen not to participate in the “Absence From Work” provisions as negotiated for the 1999-2000 school year.)
Accumulated Sick Leave means sick leave afforded to employee of the Henry County School System over the years of employment that has not been used.
Accumulated Sick Leave means those days of accumulated sick leave from school years prior to the year of retirement plus a proportionate number of days of sick leave allowed for the year in which retirement occurs as prorated over said school year to the day of retirement. Only those sick leave days accumulated during employment in the School District will be included in the above calculations.
Accumulated Sick Leave means a Participant’s unused sick leave that has been credited to such Participant under the City’s sick leave policies and regulations or labor agreements as of the date of the Participant’s retirement.
Accumulated Sick Leave means days of sick leave the employee earned in previous school years and has not
Accumulated Sick Leave means the total number of days of unused sick

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  • Sick Leave means the period of time an employee is permitted to be absent from work with full pay by virtue of being sick, quarantined because of exposure to contagious disease or because of an accident for which compensation is not payable under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

  • Current Sick Leave means those days of sick leave for the current contract year, which leave is granted at the rate of one day of sick leave per month worked, or major part thereof.

  • Normal Retirement Date means the later of the Normal Retirement Age or Termination of Employment.

  • Retirement Account means any retirement or pension fund or account, listed in Iowa Code section 627.6(8)“f” as exempt from execution, regardless of the amount of contribution, the interest generated, or the total amount in the fund or account.

  • Retirement means voluntary termination by the Executive in accordance with the Employers' retirement policies, including early retirement, generally applicable to their salaried employees.