Benefits will Sample Clauses

Benefits will continue during the life of the disability retiree. Upon the death of the retiree, the surviving spouse may continue Group coverage at his/her own expense and with advanced payments as determined by the District. If said retiree’s spouse is employed by the District, in no instance will the District contribute more than the specified District contribution for one (1) medical plan covering unit member and spouse.
Benefits will be payable from the first day of a disability due to an accident and the first day when an employee is hospitalized, or fourth day of disability due to sickness. Benefits will continue to be paid for the duration of the disability while under the care of a physician.
Benefits will not continue for Full time employees that continue to work full time beyond age sixty-five (65).
Benefits will continue for one (1) month from the date of discharge, termination or resignation.

Related to Benefits will

  • Benefits Plans During the Employment Period, You will be eligible to participate in all benefit plans in effect for executives and employees of the Company, subject to the terms and conditions of such plans.

  • Retiree Health Benefits 1. There is currently in effect a retiree health benefit program for retired members of LACERS under LAAC Division 4, Chapter 11. All covered employees who are members of LACERS, regardless of retirement tier, shall contribute to LACERS four percent (4%) of their pre-tax compensation earnable toward vested retiree health benefits as provided by this program. The retiree health benefit available under this program is a vested benefit for all covered employees who make this contribution, including employees enrolled in LACERS Tier 3.

  • Requiring Health Benefits for Covered Employees Contractor agrees to comply fully with and be bound by all of the provisions of the Health Care Accountability Ordinance (HCAO), as set forth in San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 12Q, including the remedies provided, and implementing regulations, as the same may be amended from time to time. The provisions of section 12Q.5.1 of Chapter 12Q are incorporated by reference and made a part of this Agreement as though fully set forth herein. The text of the HCAO is available on the web at Capitalized terms used in this Section and not defined in this Agreement shall have the meanings assigned to such terms in Chapter 12Q.

  • Affected Employees The Employer shall first determine by job classification the number of employees or FTEs to be affected by the layoff. Provided that the employer determines that unique or specialized qualifications which are relevant to the pre-requisites of the position and the ability to perform are not overriding factors, the least senior employee by office seniority within the affected job classification shall be selected for layoff. The employee(s) holding such FTEs shall be the “affected employee(s).”

  • Retiree Medical Benefits If Executive is or would become fifty-five (55) or older and Executive's age and service equal sixty-five (65) and Executive has at least five (5) years of service with the Company within two (2) years of Change in Control, Executive is eligible for retiree medical benefits (as such are determined immediately prior to Change in Control). Executive is eligible to commence receiving such retiree medical benefits based on the terms and conditions of the applicable plans in effect immediately prior to the Change in Control.

  • Benefits for Part-Time Employees (The following clause is applicable to part-time employees only) A part-time employee shall receive in lieu of all fringe benefits (being those benefits to an employee, paid in whole or part by the Hospital, as part of direct compensation or otherwise, including holiday pay, save and except salary, vacation pay, standby pay, call back pay, reporting pay, responsibility allowance, jury and witness duty, bereavement pay, and maternity supplemental unemployment benefits) an amount equal to 14% of his/her regular straight time hourly rate for all straight time hours paid.

  • Group Benefits The Executive will participate in the Company's Group Benefit Plan and any other group perquisites all as in effect from time to time.