The College Sample Clauses

The College. University shall provide the Department Chairperson and faculty within the department a copy of the job description of the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson position. The local UNION shall be provided with a copy of the Chairperson’s duties and responsibilities. At least one semester’s notice shall be provided to the local UNION of any anticipated modifications to any existing chairperson job description or of any newly created chairperson job description where they do not presently exist.
The College. (i) fails to provide information in response to the request within a reasonable time; or
The College undertakes to provide a data connection and, where practicable following a request to the Lodge Manager, a telephone connection, on the main College site.
The College must use the Funding solely for the purpose of delivering the Services agreed in the Appendices and Annexes of this Funding Agreement, any tender documents submitted by THE COLLEGE, or any other requirements set out in this EFA Conditions of Funding.
The College undertakes to supply a reporting system to report instances where there is a disruption to, or problem with, services so that remedial action can be taken. You undertake to report instances of disruption to, or problem with, maintenance services via the online form found at xxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xx.xx.xx/forms/maintenance-request-form, and with IT services at xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xx.xx.xx/catz-students/library-it/. The College undertakes to respond to all such reports within 48 hours either by notifying you of a change in service, a repair or an explanation of the situation. (A slightly longer period might elapse in the event of matters reported after5.00pm on Friday and thereafter on Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday). If at the end of 48 hours no notice, repair or explanation has taken place the situation should be reported by email to the JCR Vice- President/DLO, MCR President or Catz House Representative as appropriate, and Home Bursar.
The College and the SCHS may annually conduct surveys of participating instructors, principals, and guidance counselors.
The College supplying information and a reference in respect of the Student to any educational institution which the Applicant proposes the Student may attend. The College will take care to ensure that all information that is supplied relating to the Student is accurate and any opinion given on his/her ability, aptitude and character is fair. However, the College cannot be liable for any loss the Applicant or the Student is alleged to have suffered resulting from opinions reasonably given, or statements of fact contained, in any reference or report given by the College;
The College. Wide Committee on Sabbaticals shall use the following guidelines in determining which of the completed applications will be recommended to the President of the college by the last day of the Fall semester for acceptance:
The College shall prepare and annually maintain the seniority list. A copy of the seniority list and subsequent revisions shall be furnished to the ESP Team Leader.
The College. 1. Agrees to keep the Agency advised concerning the objectives of the College.