Educational Leave of Absence Sample Clauses

Educational Leave of Absence. Leaves of absence may be granted up to six (6) months under the above provisions only if the course would be beneficial to both the University and the employee.
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Educational Leave of Absence. The Appointing Authority may approve an individual unit employee's written request for a full-time educational leave of absence without pay for an initial period of time up to one (1) year if the unit employee fulfills the following criteria.To qualify for such an educational leave, the unit employee must be admitted as a full-time student as determined by the established requirements of the educational institution relating to full-time status. Before the leave of absence can become effective, a curriculum plan and proof of enrollment must be submitted by the unit employee to his/her Appointing Authority. At the request of the Appointing Authority, the unit employee shall provide evidence of continuous successful full-time enrollment in such curriculum plan in order to remain on or renew such leave. Such education shall be directly related to the unit employee's field of employment. Such unit employee may return early from such a leave upon approval by the Appointing Authority. The Appointing Authority shall approve or deny the request for leave of absence without undue delay. Any denial shall include written explanation of the denial, if requested by the unit employee.
Educational Leave of Absence. Any Employee entitled to reemployment under this Section who applies for reemployment and who desires to pursue a course of study in accordance with a federal law granting such opportunity shall be granted a leave of absence for such purpose. Such leave of absence shall not constitute a break in Continuous Service provided the Employee reports promptly for reemployment after the completion or termination of such course of study. Any such Employee must notify the Company and the Union in writing at least once each year of his/her continued interest to resume active employment with the Company upon completing or terminating such course of study.
Educational Leave of Absence. Employees who are reinstated in accordance with the Universal Military Training Act, as amended, and other applicable laws and regulations, will be granted leaves of absence without pay for a period not to exceed a period equal to their seniority in order to attend school full-time under applicable federal laws in effect on the date of this Agreement. When reinstated, the employee shall return to the same salary step as that held upon time of leaving.
Educational Leave of Absence. If required by the employer, an eligible employee shall be entitled to leave of absence with pay and without loss of seniority and benefits to write examinations to upgrade his or her employment qualifications. Where employees are required by the employer to take courses to upgrade or acquire new employment qualifications, the employer shall pay the full costs associated with the courses. Subject to operational requirements, the Employer will make every reasonable effort to grant requests for necessary changes to an employee's schedule to enable attendance at a recognized upgrading course or seminar related to employment with the employer.
Educational Leave of Absence. Employees who are not eligible for early retirement or the deferred separation benefits, will be entitled to a leave of absence for educational purposes, with pay for a period of up to three (3) years while attending an educational training program. Employees electing this option will be paid a basic weekly rate of: Employees regularly assigned as Locomotive Engineer: $850.00 Employees regularly assigned as Conductor $815.00 Employees regularly assigned as Assistant Conductors: $745.00 The education training program, for which the employee desires leave, must be approved by the Company prior to educational leave of absence being granted. Employees granted educational leave of absence will be subject to being called to work while not attending courses during recognized school breaks. All outside earnings during this period of leave will be deducted from the employees‟ pay. Upon completion of the training program for which leave of absence was granted or upon expiration of the period of time for which leave was granted, the employee must resign from Company service unless there is a permanent position available for which the employee is the qualified successful candidate.
Educational Leave of Absence. Employees with four (4) years or more of continuous service with the Employer shall be entitled to an Educational Leave of Absence for up to one (1) year. Employees on an Educational Leave shall gain seniority for the duration of their Educational Leave of Absence. The following terms and conditions shall apply to such Leaves:
Educational Leave of Absence. An educational leave of absence without pay may be granted to a full-time employee with one (1) or more years of seniority for up to a maximum of one (1) semester in order to pursue a full-time educational program designed to further the employee’s skills. Requests for an educational leave of absence must be submitted on the appropriate application form and are subject to approval by the Company. If approval is received by an employee, the Company reserves the right to require proof that the educational program is being pursued along with proof of attendance as represented by submission to the Company each semester or term verification of a course grade of “C” or better. If proof of attendance is not submitted or a grade of “C” or better is not achieved, the educational leave of absence shall automatically be terminated. An employee granted an educational leave of absence must agree to return to employment with the Company upon termination of the leave subject to job position availability within the employee’s classification.
Educational Leave of Absence. Employees who desire to continue their education in preparation for added responsibilities with the City of Middletown may be granted an Educational Leave of Absence.
Educational Leave of Absence. An educational leave of absence without pay may be granted to employees after two (2) years of continuous service in the Sultan School District. This educational leave may be granted for an initial period of one (1) year and may be subject to renewal on recommendation of the superintendent. An educational leave of absence will be granted only with the concurrence of the superintendent and the Board of Directors. Employees who take an educational leave of absence shall retain all rights and benefits – seniority, retirement, etc. - commonly afforded educators in the District.