Vacation Leave Sample Clauses

Vacation Leave. A. Employees shall be entitled to vacation leave credit for the first six (6) months of service. On the first day of the monthly pay period following completion of six (6) qualifying monthly pay periods of continuous service, all full-time employees covered by this Section shall receive a one-time vacation bonus of 42 hours of vacation credit. Thereafter, for each additional qualifying monthly pay period, the employee shall be allowed credit for vacation with pay on the first day of the following monthly pay period as follows: 7 months to 3 years 7 hours per month 37 months to 10 years 10 hours per month 121 months to 15 years 12 hours per month 181 months to 20 years 13 hours per month 241 months and over 14 hours per month
Vacation Leave. The current accrual schedule for full-time employees is as follows: During Paid Vacation Days 1st year 12 2nd year 13 3rd and 4th years 14 5th - 9th years 15 10th year 16 11th year 17 12th year 18 13th year 19 14th year 20 15th year 21 16th year 22
Vacation Leave. B11.01 The vacation year shall be from April 1st to March 31st, inclusive.
Vacation Leave. Vacation leave shall be taken only at times mutually agreed to by the Employer and the employee. The Employer may restrict the number of concurrent vacation leave requests at a work location based on work shifts.