Expiration of the Sample Clauses

Expiration of the. “Ertguli” credit card and/ or the term of the credit limit does not exempt the Customer from his/her obligations under the present Agreement and the respective credit card agreement, including from payments under the respective Additional Agreement and from other outstanding credit liabilities.
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Expiration of the. PAL (1) The PAL becomes effective upon issuance of this permit and expires 10 years after the effective date unless the permit holder applies to renew the PAL in accordance with I.ZZZ.4 before the PAL expires. [07-KLH-284 and ss. NR 408.11(7)(b) and (c), Wis. Adm. Code.] (2) If the permit holder chooses to let the PAL expire or if the permit holder is no longer eligible for the PAL or if the permit holder no longer wishes to operate under the PAL the permit holder shall, prior to PAL expiration, submit an application for a construction permit under s. NR 406.035, Wis. Adm. Code, and an operation permit revision under s. NR 407.13, Wis. Adm. Code. containing the following: [s. NR 408.11(9), Wis. Adm. Code, 07-KLH-284 and s. 299.83, Wis. Stats.] (a) A proposed allowable emission limitation, as a 12-month rolling average, for each emission unit or group of emission units that distributes the PAL allowable emissions among each emission unit that existed under the PAL. As long as the facility remains in good standing with Tier 2 of the Green Tier Program, the Department agrees to redistribute emissions as proposed by Serigraph in a redistribution plan required under 408.11(9)(a)1. (b) The permit holder shall comply with the terms and conditions of the PAL until a construction permit and a revised operation permit are issued by the Department. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will issue any necessary air pollution control permits within 120 days of submittal of a complete application. (1) Submit reallocation request and permit applications to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Southeast Region Air Program 000 XX Xxxxxxx Xx, Xxxx 000, Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000. [s. NR 407.09(1)(f)5., Wis. Adm. Code.] ZZZ. Other Requirements Applicable to the Entire Facility
Expiration of the last remaining Patent Rights shall not preclude SAVYON from continuing to utilize the Patent Rights and without further royalty or other payment to the WRF.

Related to Expiration of the

  • Expiration of the Term This Agreement shall terminate automatically at the expiration of the Period of Employment unless the parties enter into a written agreement extending Employee's employment, except for the continuing obligations of the parties as specified hereunder.

  • Expiration of Term During the Initial Term or Renewal Term, whichever currently is in effect, should either party exercise its right to terminate, all out-of-pocket expenses or costs associated with the movement of records and material will be borne by the Fund. Additionally, the Transfer Agent reserves the right to charge for any other reasonable expenses associated with such termination.

  • Expiration No Person shall have any rights whatsoever pursuant to this Agreement or in respect of any Right after the Expiration Time, except the Rights Agent as specified in Subsection 4.1(a) of this Agreement.

  • Expiration of Agreement Notwithstanding the expiration of this Agreement, any claim or grievance arising hereunder may be processed through the grievance procedure until resolution.

  • Expiration and Termination This Agreement is for one academic year (August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019) and will automatically renew for the following academic year unless terminated as indicated below by either party.

  • Expiration of Option The Option may not be exercised to any extent by anyone after the first to occur of the following events:

  • EXPIRATION AND RENEWAL 47.01 This Agreement shall be in effect from May 21, 2021, and shall remain in effect until May 20, 2025, and thereafter from year to year, but either party may, not less than thirty (30) days or more than ninety (90) days before the expiry date or the anniversary date of such expiry date from year to year thereafter, give notice in writing to the other party of a desire to terminate such Agreement or to negotiate a revision thereof.

  • Expiration and Extension of the Offer The Offer shall initially be scheduled to expire at one minute following 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time, on the 20th business day following the Offer Commencement Date, determined as set forth in Rule 14d-1(g)(3) and Rule 14e-1(a) under the Exchange Act (unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Parent and the Company) (such date or such subsequent date to which the expiration of the Offer is extended in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the “Expiration Date”). Subject to the Parties’ respective termination rights under Section 8.1: (i) if, as of the scheduled Expiration Date, any Offer Condition is not satisfied and has not been waived, Purchaser may, in its discretion (and without the consent of the Company or any other Person), extend the Offer on one or more occasions, for an additional period of up to ten business days per extension, to permit such Offer Condition to be satisfied; (ii) Purchaser shall extend the Offer from time to time for: (A) any period required by any Legal Requirement, any interpretation or position of the SEC, the staff thereof or Nasdaq applicable to the Offer; and (B) periods of up to ten business days per extension, until the Regulatory Condition has been satisfied; and (iii) if, as of the scheduled Expiration Date, any Offer Condition is not satisfied and has not been waived, Purchaser shall, at the request of the Company, extend the Offer on one or more occasions for an additional period of up to ten business days per extension, to permit such Offer Condition to be satisfied; provided, that in no event shall Purchaser: (1) be required to extend the Offer beyond the earlier to occur of (the “Extension Deadline”) (x) the valid termination of this Agreement in accordance with Section 8.1 and (y) the first business day immediately following the End Date; or (2) be permitted to extend the Offer beyond the Extension Deadline without the prior written consent of the Company. Purchaser shall not terminate the Offer prior to any scheduled Expiration Date without the prior written consent of the Company except in the event that this Agreement is terminated in accordance with Section 8.1.

  • Expiration of the Warrant This Warrant shall expire and shall no longer be exercisable as of the earlier of:

  • Termination of Use These terms and Your access to Our Website may be terminated by Us (at Our sole discretion) at any time without notice or any requirement to give You a reason why. In the event of termination under this clause We shall have no liability to You whatsoever (including for any consequential or direct loss You may suffer).

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