LEAVE OF ABSENCE. With respect to the Award, the Company may, in its sole discretion, determine that if you are on leave of absence for any reason you will not be considered as having terminated employment with the Company; however, your rights to the Restricted Stock Units during a leave of absence will be limited to the extent to which those rights were earned or vested when the leave of absence began.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE. ‌ A leave of absence without pay for a period not to exceed one (1) year may be granted by the Board of Directors to a certificated employee subject to such terms and conditions as the Board shall determine. Any employee who has been granted a leave of absence must notify the district in writing of the employee’s intent to return to work no later than March 15. In event such notification is not received by the Superintendent, or designee, by March 15, the employee shall be considered to have resigned from employment. An employee returning from a leave of absence shall be placed in the same or similar position. A leave of absence may be renewed by the Board for up to one (1) additional year. The certificated employee shall submit to the Superintendent or his/her designee in writing a request for extension of the leave. Such request shall include the reasons for the request for extension and shall be submitted no later than March 15 of the year the leave is in effect. Employees on leave may continue their group insurance premiums if they remit the total cost of such premiums to the District prior to the date payment is due.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE. Employees on leave of absence without pay may opt to retain coverage under the Plan and shall pay the full premium. Coverage shall be permitted for a period of twelve (12) months of absence without pay, except if such leave is for educational purposes, when the maximum period shall be extended to two (2) years. If an employee on leave of absence without pay becomes disabled, her allowance under this Plan shall be based upon monthly earnings immediately prior to the leave of absence.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE. For purposes of Section 7.1, the Optionee's Service with the Participating Company Group shall not be deemed to terminate if the Optionee takes any military leave, sick leave, or other bona fide leave of absence approved by the Company of ninety (90) days or less. In the event of a leave of absence in excess of ninety (90) days, the Optionee's Service shall be deemed to terminate on the ninety-first (91st) day of such leave unless the Optionee's right to reemployment with the Participating Company Group remains guaranteed by statute or contract. Notwithstanding the foregoing, unless otherwise designated by the Company (or required by law), a leave of absence shall not be treated as Service for purposes of determining the Optionee's Vested Ratio.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE. 2401 The nurse will be required to submit a written request for any leave of absence unless otherwise herein stipulated. These requests will specify the reason for the leave and will be considered on an individual basis and may be allowed at the discretion of the Employer unless otherwise indicated in the agreement; however, requests for education leave will be given special consideration. Except in emergencies, such requests must be made at least four (4) weeks in advance. The Employer shall notify the nurse of her/his decision in writing, within two (2) weeks of receipt of the request. Requests for extension of educational leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, and bereavement leave will be granted if reasonably possible.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE. Any employee who requests a leave of absence without pay shall not be required to utilize and exhaust his/her annual leave prior to being granted such leave of absence.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE. An approved absence from work duty during a scheduled work period with or without compensation.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE. Any employee desiring leave of absence from his employment shall secure written permission from the Employer who shall notify the Union of the approved leave. The maximum leave of absence shall be for thirty (30) days and may be extended for like periods. During the period of absence, the employee shall not engage in gainful employment. Failure to comply with the provision shall result in the complete loss of seniority rights for the employee involved.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE. 47.01 An Employee shall be granted five (5) regularly scheduled consecutive work days bereavement leave, without loss of pay or benefits, on the death of a spouse, common-law spouse, same sex partner, a parent, step parent, adopted or foster parent of the employee or the employee’s spouse, a child, step-child, or foster child of the employee or the employee’s spouse and a brother or sister of the employee. An Employee shall be granted three (3) regularly scheduled consecutive work days bereavement leave, without loss of pay or benefits, on the death of a grandparent, step grandparent, grandchild or step grandchild of the employee or of the employee’s spouse, the spouse of a child, the employee’s son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law. Such bereavement leave shall be taken at the time of that bereavement or at the time the Employee received notification of such bereavement. Proof of bereavement may be required by the Director of Labour Relations or designate. The definition of immediate family shall be deemed to apply equally to Employees engaged in a common-law relationship that are deemed to be spouses pursuant to the Family Law Reform Act, as amended. Where the burial occurs outside the Province, reasonable traveling time up to five (5) working days without pay may be granted at the discretion of the Employee’s Department Head. In order to receive the paid leave provided for in this Clause, absence must result in loss of time and pay from a regular shift and the Employee must have worked the day before or the day after, provided that an Employee granted leave without pay for compassionate purposes within fourteen (14) calendar days prior to death shall not lose benefits under this Clause. Where an Employee is on vacation and would, but for being on vacation, be entitled to bereavement leave, they will be entitled to substitute bereavement leave in accordance with the provisions of this article, for vacation. The period of vacation so displaced shall be rescheduled to another time mutually agreed between the Employee and the Employer.