APPLICATION OF THE “[*]” Sample Clauses

APPLICATION OF THE “[*]”. Clause 1 of Letter Agreement No 1 to the A320 Family Purchase Agreement, is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following (such amendment to be applicable to all [*] Aircraft (A319 or A320 (or A321 in the case may be), irrespectively) delivered by the Seller to the Buyer after the date hereof): QUOTE [*] A320 Family-TAI-AMDT 11-11/04 Amendment No 3 to the Purchase Agreement is hereby terminated and cancelled and shall not be applicable to any Aircraft remaining to be delivered by the Seller to the Buyer under the Purchase Agreement.

Related to APPLICATION OF THE “[*]”

Application of Terms Grantee shall advise any sub-grantee of funds awarded through this Agreement of the requirements imposed on them by Federal and State laws and regulations, and the provisions of this Agreement.
Application of the Agreement (1) This Agreement shall apply to investments made in the territory of either Contracting Party in accordance with its legislation by investors of the other Contracting Party prior as well as after the entry into force of this Agreement.
Application of Funds After the exercise of remedies provided for in Section 8.02 (or after the Loans have automatically become immediately due and payable and the L/C Obligations have automatically been required to be Cash Collateralized as set forth in the proviso to Section 8.02), any amounts received on account of the Obligations shall be applied by the Administrative Agent in the following order:
Application of Net Proceeds The Company shall apply the net proceeds from the Offering received by it in a manner consistent with the application thereof described under the caption “Use of Proceeds” in the Registration Statement, the Pricing Disclosure Package and the Prospectus.
Application of clause (1) Clause 11 applies if the Buyer, Seller and each Financial Institution involved in the transaction agree to an Electronic Settlement using the same ELNO System and overrides any other provision of this contract to the extent of any inconsistency.
Application of Agreement The Modifications which You create or to which You contribute are governed by the terms of this Agreement, including without limitation Section 2.0. The Source Code version of Covered Code may be distributed only under the terms of this Agreement or a future version of this Agreement released under Section 6.1, and You must include a copy of this Agreement with every copy of the Source Code You distribute. You may not offer or impose any terms on any Source Code version that alters or restricts the applicable version of this Agreement or the recipients' rights hereunder. However, You may include an additional document offering the additional rights described in Section 3.3.
Application of Cash At Lender's option, Lender may apply any cash, whether included in the Collateral or received as Income and Proceeds or through liquidation, sale, or retirement, of the Collateral, to the satisfaction of the Indebtedness or such portion thereof as Lender shall choose, whether or not matured.
Application Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Cash Collateral provided under any of this Section 2.14 or Sections 2.03, 2.05, 2.15 or 8.02 in respect of Letters of Credit shall be held and applied to the satisfaction of the specific L/C Obligations, obligations to fund participations therein (including, as to Cash Collateral provided by a Revolving Lender that is a Defaulting Lender, any interest accrued on such obligation) and other obligations for which the Cash Collateral was so provided, prior to any other application of such property as may be provided for herein.
Application of Collections On each Payment Date, all collections for the related Collection Period shall be applied by the Servicer as follows:
Application of Receipts Except as expressly stated to the contrary in any Finance Document, any moneys which the Facility Agent receives or recovers in its capacity as Facility Agent shall be applied by the Facility Agent in accordance with Clause 34.5 (Application of receipts; partial payments).