Application of the Sample Clauses

Application of the. 30%‐ruling The ‘so‐called 30%‐ruling’ is applicable to the Director for the remaining term of the ruling. The current 30%‐ruling allows the Company, during a period of maximum 5 years to pay to the Director approximately 30% of practically all remuneration in the form of a tax‐free compensation for so‐called ‘extra territorial costs’. The termination or amendment of a 30%‐ruling will not result in any financial obligation on the part of the Company. The Company’s tax advisors will assist the Director in filing his annual Dutch tax return and will assist and advise the Director in other tax matters.
Application of the principle of seniority shall apply in the case of layoff, or recall, provided that the employee has the skills and abilities to do the work as determined in a fair and equitable manner.
Application of the. CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 TO THIS HIRE AGREEMENT If you are a company or other corporate body or if the total amount payable under this Hire Agreement is more than £15,000 (including VAT), then this Hire Agreement is not regulated by the Act. Consequently any reference in this Hire Agreement to the Act or anything deriving from the Act, for example any notice required to be served under the Act, will not apply to you.
Application of the. REGASIFICATION CODE
Application of the. Key Competencies of the Online Business Manager (as taught in the OBM Training program.)  Key #1 Knowing the Entrepreneurial Xxxxxxx  Xxx #0: Own Your Role in Your Client’s Business  Key #3: Be Proactive  Key #4: Keep Your Client Focused on the Right Stuff  Key #5: Over Communicate  Key #6: Be a Decision Maker in the Business  Key #7: Using your Marketing Xxxxxxx  Xxx #0: Taking a Coaching Approach in Communications  Key #9: Know Yourself! Note that the grading criteria is subject to change, and you will be notified of any changes when you apply to participate in Certification Week. Specific Grading Criteria The Certification Committee will be grading each of your projects based on the following criteria.
Application of the clause This clause applies only where the Vendor deals with personal information when, and for the purpose of, providing Services under the contract. 25.2 Obligations The Vendor acknowledges that it will use or disclose personal information obtained during the course of providing Services under the contract, only for the purposes of the contract. 26) Security 26.1
Application of the. Article of the Indenture Regarding ----------------------------------------------------- Subsidiary Guarantee. --------------------- The provisions of Article Thirteen of the Base Indenture shall not apply to the Notes, and the Notes shall not be deemed guaranteed by any Subsidiary Guarantor.
Application of the auto-learning algorithm The algorithm is applied to three distinct phases of the process:  The infusion phase, in which the resin flows from the resin pot to the tool and impregnates the fibres (fibre wetting).  The gelation phase, in which the part temperature rises in order to advance the degree of cure past the critical range for an exothermic event.  The final temperature phase, in which the resin attains the final set of properties (degree of cure and glass transition temperature). Temperature data from a number of thermocouples embedded in the part during processing are acquired during the ‘training’ cycles for the heat transfer model development. The heat transfer model translates the autoclave set-point profile to a time-temperature profile at each thermocouple location. This time- temperature profile can then be used to predict the time evolution of resin properties at these locations (space-level estimation of properties). The numerical procedure used for the space-level estimation of resin properties is presented in Figure 10.
Application of the. Article of the Indenture Regarding ----------------------------------------------------- Defeasance and Covenant Defeasance. ----------------------------------- The provisions of Article Fifteen of the Base Indenture shall not apply to the Notes.
Application of the. Second Additional Space to Previous Agreement. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that the rentable square feet of the Second Additional Space plus the First Additional Space is sufficient additional rentable square feet leased by Landlord to Tenant to allow Tenant a credit against minimum annual rent and other amounts due Landlord in accordance with that certain Agreement dated March 20, 1997 by and between Landlord and Tenant ("Agreement"). Landlord shall credit Tenant the sum of Sixty Thousand Dollars ($60,000.00) against the first payments of Minimum Annual Rent and Additional Rent due for the First Additional Space and Second Additional Space.