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READY TO. MOVE IN For the purpose of this para ‘ready to move in possession’ shall mean that the flat/unit shall be in habitable condition which is complete in all respects including the provision of all specifications, amenities and facilities as agreed between the parties, and for which occupation certificate and completion certificate, as the case may be has been issued by the competent authority;
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  • Order An order or application to provide, change or terminate a Service (including, but not limited to, a commitment to purchase a stated number or minimum number of lines or other Services for a stated period or minimum period of time).

  • Project Delivery Order Procedures The TIPS Member having approved and signed an interlocal agreement, or other TIPS Membership document, may make a request of the awarded Vendor under this Agreement when the TIPS Member desires goods or services awarded to the Vendor. Notification may occur via phone, the web, courier, email, fax, or in person. Upon notification of a pending request, the awarded Vendor shall acknowledge the TIPS Member’s request as soon as possible, but must make contact with the TIPS Member within two working days. Status of TIPS Members as Related to This Agreement TIPS Members stand in the place of TIPS as related to this agreement and have the same access to the proposal information and all related documents. TIPS Members have all the same rights under the awarded Agreement as TIPS.

  • Checkoff The Employer shall deduct the bi-weekly membership dues from the earnings of those employees who authorize such deductions in writing. The Union shall submit such authorizations and certify the amounts to be deducted at least seven (7) days prior to the end of the payroll period for which the deductions are to be effective and the deductions shall continue in effect until canceled by the employee through the Union. The aggregate deductions of all employees, together with a detailed record, shall be remitted to the Union office within ten (10) days after such deductions are made.

  • Certification of Completion Certification of completion of the program will be contingent upon Resident successfully completing the core requirements of the Program, returning all property of the Medical Center such as books, equipment, etc., and having settled any other professional or financial obligations to the Medical Center. The certificate will be issued in accordance with the provisions of the ASHP Regulations on Accreditation of Pharmacy Residencies and signed by the RPD and the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. A certificate will not be issued to anyone who does not complete the program’s requirements. Core requirements to successfully complete the program include: • Possess a valid pharmacist license from the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy by October 31st of the residency year. • Successful completion of core learning experiences and required longitudinal learning experiences as defined in the learning experience descriptions • Completion of all R1 goals/objectives with a status of achieved by the end of the residency. Completion of 100% of the remaining goals/objectives for the program with at least 50% of the objectives having a status as achieved. All objectives must have a minimum status of satisfactory progress. • All evaluations must be completed in accordance with ASHP Accreditation Standard as outlined in the Resident Agreement • Completion of pharmacokinetic certification by October 31 of residency year • Completion of inpatient anticoagulation certification by October 31 of residency year. • Completion of major project, which includes meeting all project deadlines and submission of written manuscript of completed project to the RAC. • Assigned projects (MUE, drug review, class review, and management project) have been completed • Presentation of at least one major CME program. • Completion of minimum staffing requirements as described in section 2.7 • Adherence to the organization’s attendance standards and as described in this document under Exhibit A.

  • CONTRACT ACCEPTANCE AND EXECUTION The City Council of Fernley, Nevada, at their publicly noticed meeting of , 20 , approved the acceptance of this Contract. Further, the City Council authorizes the Mayor of Fernley, Nevada to set his hand to this document and record his signature for the execution of this Contract in accordance with the action taken. FERNLEY: XXX XXXXXXXXX, MAYOR DATED this day of , 20 . ATTEST: XXX XXXXXXX, CITY CLERK DATED this day of , 20 . , being first duly sworn, deposes and says: That is the Contractor; that has read the foregoing Contract; and that understands the terms, conditions, and requirements thereof. CONTRACTOR BY: TITLE: FIRM: BUSINESS LICENSE #: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Telephone: / Fax #: E-mail Address: (Signature of Contractor) DATED this day of , 20 . STATE OF ) ) ss County of ) On this day of , in the year 20 , before me, / Notary Public, personally appeared , personally known to me or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed to this instrument, and acknowledged that he executed it. WITNESS my hand and official seal. Notary's Signature My Commission Expires:

  • Service Commencement 3.1 The Engineer may reuse an existing socket and line routing to fulfil your order; if this occurs your appointment will be cancelled and no engineer will attend site. If you want to force an engineer to attend site, then you are required to tick the box on the order form (up to 2 hours of Time Related Charges may apply in addition to the activation fee):

  • Service Commencement Date The date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service pursuant to the terms of an executed Service Agreement, or the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service in accordance with Section 15.3 or Section 29.1 under the Tariff.

  • Construction Phase Services 3.1.1 – Basic Construction Services

  • Dispatching CONTRACTOR shall provide qualified and trained personnel to: • Schedule and assign drivers and vehicles in accordance with the service hour schedules and scheduled trips for each day; • Assist drivers while they are in service to carry out the assigned trips on-time, providing address assistance and telephoning passengers as needed; • Monitor the performance of scheduled trips, reassigning trips and/or adjusting the number of vehicles in service as needed to ensure on-time performance in the most efficient manner; and, • Ensure that unanticipated service demands, passenger and vehicle accidents, other events and general service delivery are handled and performed in accordance with OoA policies and procedures. Dispatching staff are to be on-duty from the time the first SNEMT vehicle is in service until the last SNEMT vehicle is out of service. Dispatch staff will also ensure that: • All voice radio communications that pertain to SNEMT comply with FCC rules and regulations, and that regulations are enforced; • Average hold times on ride check calls are maintained at no more than two (2) minutes; and The OoA “no stranded passengers” policy is enforced.

  • Design Phase Services § 3.2.1 The Architect shall review the program and other information furnished by the Owner, and shall review laws, codes, and regulations applicable to the Architect’s services.

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