Annual Leave Sample Clauses

Annual Leave. (a) An employee may elect with the consent of the employer, subject to the Annual Xxxxxxxx Xxx 0000, to take annual leave not exceeding five days in single day periods or part thereof, in any calendar year at a time or times agreed by the parties.
Annual Leave. A. Employees may elect to enroll in the annual leave program to receive annual leave credit in lieu of vacation and sick leave credits. Employees enrolled in the annual leave program may elect to enroll in the vacation and sick leave program at any time except that once an employee elects to enroll in either the annual leave program or vacation and sick leave program, the employee may not elect to enroll in the other program until 24 months have elapsed from date of enrollment.
Annual Leave. 12.1 Employees, other than casuals, shall be entitled to 4 weeks annual leave, taken and paid in accordance with the Xxxxxxxx Xxx 0000 and subject to the other provisions of this clause, except that on completion of five years recognised service the employee shall be entitled to 5 weeks annual leave. For the purposes of this clause, “service” shall be as defined in clause 5.
Annual Leave. Subject to the provisions of subclause (7), every employee shall between 15 December of each year and 14 January of the following year be granted at least three consecutive weeks' and one working day's annual leave and shall, in respect of such leave, be paid as follows:
Annual Leave. The minimum paid annual leave entitlement is twenty one days with a further four days after five years of continuous service. The entitlement as expressed applies to five day working patterns. For alternative working patterns an equivalent leave entitlement should be calculated.
Annual Leave. Annual leave accrues as follows, on a pro rata basis:
Annual Leave. When an employee requests to use annual or personal leave, and it is determined, based on information provided to the Employer by the employee or the employee's spokesperson (in the event the employee is incapacitated or otherwise designates a point of contact) that the time is for a qualifying purpose under the Act, the Employer may designate the time as FMLA leave and it will be counted against the employee's 12 work week FMLA leave entitlement if the time is either:
Annual Leave. (1) A period of four consecutive weeks' leave shall be allowed annually to a worker after a period of 12 months' continuous service.