The System definition

The System means an electronic control system or complex electronic control system that provides or forms part of the control transmission of a function to which this Regulation applies. This also includes any other system covered in the scope of this Regulation, as well as transmission links to or from other systems that are outside the scope of this Regulation, that acts on a function to which this Regulation applies."
The System means a "Higher-Level Electronic Control" system and its electronic control system(s) that provide the automated driving function. This also includes any transmission links to or from other systems that are outside the scope of this Regulation that acts on the automated lane keeping function.
The System means a proprietary uniform system offering the Products and Services having high standards of quality developed by the Franchisor for use by Franchisees.

Examples of The System in a sentence

  • The System for Award Management (SAM) will be checked for active excluded parties prior to award of contract.

  • The System is subject to claims and lawsuits that arise primarily in the ordinary course of business.

  • The System, as part of the primary government of the State, provides for risks of loss associated with workers’ compensation and general liability through the State’s self-insurance program.

  • The System provides retirement and disability benefits, annual cost-of-living adjustments, and death benefits to plan members and beneficiaries.

  • FINANCIAL IMPACT: The System states that the amended rule has no financial impact.

More Definitions of The System

The System means the equipment as detailed in the System Specification / maintenance and / or monitoring proposal issued to the Customer as detailed in the proposal issued to the Customer by the Company.
The System means the digital cellular mobile telecommunication system using the GSM standard as defined by the European Technical Standard Institute operated by MTC.
The System s high degree of accuracy means the side-effect profile is extremely favourable.“
The System is a collection of government water schemes plus the water resources of the catchments that feed the government water schemes;
The System means the FMS and its Cloud Platform.
The System means the National Parks System of Bermuda established pursuant to section 3(1);
The System means the recipes and manufacturing procedures established by the Company for the Products as the same may be amended or changed from time to time;