PERIOD OF Sample Clauses

PERIOD OF. EXERCISABILITY ------------------------
PERIOD OF. EXERCISABILITY Section 3.1 - Commencement of Exercisability ----------- ------------------------------
PERIOD OF. IMPLEMENTATION The period of implementation of the Works shall commence on the date fixed in accordance with Article 24. The period of implementation shall be specified in the Contract, without prejudice to extensions of the period, which may be granted under Article 26.
PERIOD OF. Employment This Agreement will commence and be effective as of November 1, 1996, and shall expire and terminate as of October 31, 2000.
PERIOD OF execution This consultancy will be developed starting Jun 1st and finalizing May 31st, 2014. These dates include contract process period required to prepare specialists´ contracts that will be also working for RUTA under this consultancy.
PERIOD OF. Time Any player who receives 2 “periods of time” throughout the tournament (not in the same game), will receive an automatic 1 match suspension. Every subsequent period of time will receive an automatic 1 match suspension. A player who is dismissed for 2 “periods of time” in the 1 game will be dealt with in the following manner: Should the referee deem that both “periods of time” are not of a nature to warrant further suspension, the player, on the second offence will be sent to the end of the field for the remainder of the game. NO FURTHER action will take place. Should the referee deem the combined incidents serious enough, the player on the second offence will be sent from the field of play. In this instance the player will receive an automatic 1 match suspension. A suspension of 1 or 2 match is to be served on the following 1 or 2 games in which the team actually plays. Byes do not count as a game played. A team that wins by a forfeit will count, however a team losing by xxxxxxx, will not. A period of time applied to a player for a team offence will not be registered against an individual. In relation to players not moving forward off the line, the referee will warn the team to move forward. If they do not, the referee will penalise the offending team. If they again do not move forward, the referee will remove a player from the field to the junction of the sideline and the seven-metre line. The player will be able to return to the field of play once his/her team has possession. All participants need to recognize that this is not a “period of time” and will not be recorded on the referee’s card. Any player sent for a period of time, will remain at the end of the field for 2 completed sets of possession by both teams prior to being allowed to re-enter the field of play. Coaches and Managers need to be aware that this is the period a player will be off the field; the referee will still determine the length of the time depending on the severity of the offence. Any infringement that will cause the touch count to restart, will simply be a continuation of that set. EG If a defender knocks the ball down or gives away a penalty on the third touch this does not constitute that this set has been completed, but rather is extended. Conversely, if an attacking player causes the infringement so that a turnover takes place on the 3rd touch this will constitute a completed set.
PERIOD OF. This Agreement shall be effective from the date of signing in full force and effective until June and thereafter from year to year unless either party gives notice, in writing, of termination or amendment not more than ninety (90) calendar days and not less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the date of expiration. Notice of Either party desiring to propose changes to this Agreement shall within thirty (30) calendar days following receipt of notice under Xxxxxx give notice in writing to the other party of the changes proposed. Within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of such proposed changes by one party, the other party is required to enter into negotiations for a new Agreement, of Agreement The Employer shall have the Collective Agreement printed and the cost shall be shared equally between the Employer and the Association. Article
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