PERIOD OF Sample Clauses

PERIOD OF. EXERCISABILITY ------------------------
PERIOD OF. EXERCISABILITY Section 3.1 - Commencement of Exercisability ----------- ------------------------------
PERIOD OF. Employment This Agreement will commence and be effective as of November 1, 1996, and shall expire and terminate as of October 31, 2000.
PERIOD OF. PROBATION The Employee acknowledges that his ability to perform the duties that will be assigned pursuant to his employment under this agreement are the basis for the Employer entering into this agreement and cannot be demonstrated until a period of employment has elapsed. Accordingly, the Employee agrees that the first three months of employment shall be probationary and that during the period the Employer may terminate the Employee’s employment with no notice or pay in lieu of notice (the “Period of Probation”).
PERIOD OF. Loan Utilization The project is expected to be completed by 31 December 2015. No disbursements from the loan account will be requested or made later than 30 June 2016. Advance contracting Advance contracting is requested for works, goods and consulting services. Retroactive Financing Retroactive financing is requested for eligible expenditures not exceeding the amount of $ 13.8 million, incurred before loan effectiveness, but not earlier than 12 months before the signing of the legal agreement. Implementation Arrangements The Executing Agency for PFR1 will be Saigon Water Corporation (SAWACO). SAWACO Project Management Unit (PMU) will be responsible for engaging and directing the work of all consultants, and managing and coordinating all the aspects of the project with all levels of Government, central and city level. A project administration manual (PAM) has been prepared for this tranche. Procurement and Consulting Services The Procurement Plan (Annex 4) and Outline Terms of Reference for the engagement of consultants (Annex 5) under this tranche are contained in the PAM. Readiness of the Project for Implementation The project to be financed with this loan has been approved by HCMC PC. Summaries of feasibility studies, engineering designs and economic and financial assessments are attached as Annex 6. Safeguards Please see attached (i) Environmental Assessment Review Framework, (ii) Initial Environmental Examination, (iii) Resettlement Framework, and (iv) draft Resettlement Plan in Annex 7. Annex 1: Design and Monitoring Framework MULTITRANCHE FINANCING FACILITY: VIET NAM WATER SECTOR INVESTMENT PROGRAM PERIODIC FINANCING REQUIREMENT 1 Project Title Design Summary Performance Targets/Indicators Data Sources/Reporting Mechanisms Assumptions and Risks Impact Sustainable provision of safe water in Ho Chi Minh City Meet targets Orientation Plan 2025: HCMC Coverage central water supply system from 82 to 90% (2020) and 95% (2025) with NRW reduction from 40% to 32% (2015) and 25% (2025). PCR PFR1 Annual water sector report Benchmarking surveys from Donors and MOC / VWSSA Assumptions • MFF implemented as designed Risks • Government's Policies not enforced Improved service delivery and coverage for 480,000 HH in HCMC PCR PFR1 Poor HH: First time 13,000 and own connection 6,500 access to pipe water in HCMC PCR PFR1 Increase of connections to FHH by 25% by 2015 and 50% by 2020 PCR MFF/PFR1 Drinking water quality by 2020 Water Quality Analysis Customer Satisfaction ...
PERIOD OF effectiveness of Plan/5/ Attendance records................................... Three years Changes in Withholding Exemption Certificates and Withholding Agreements........................... Two years after replaced or four years after termination COBRA notices required by changes in marital status, etc.......................................... Period of employment plus four years EEO-1 forms.......................................... Two years Employee performance evaluations..................... Three years General payroll records showing name, SSN, hours worked per day, total hours worked per week, wage rate, deductions and additions, straight time and overtime earnings, date of payment and applicable pay period (these may be in summary form).............................. Four years General records of personnel actions (e.g., summary or periodic reports of promotions, discipline, demotions, transfers, layoffs, training selection, recall, etc.; -------------------- /5/Do not discard the prior Affirmative Action Plan until completion of the succeeding Plan since the old Plan is needed to prepare the new Plan. The supporting documentation for the Plan, however, need not be retained beyond the end of the Plan year unless the Company has received notice of a proposed OFCCP audit. Before discarding, confirm with Richmond Human Resources that no OFCCP audit has been scheduled.
PERIOD OF. IMPLEMENTATION The period of implementation of the Works shall commence on the date fixed in accordance with Article 24. The period of implementation shall be specified in the Contract, without prejudice to extensions of the period, which may be granted under Article 26.
PERIOD OF. EXERCISABILITY Section 2.1 - Commencement of Exercisability
PERIOD OF. That the second party/Leasee/tenant has taken the possession of the said pemise from the first party/landlord/ lessor with effect from _______________________ That the premises shall be used by the second party for ____________________ in case he/ she vacate the premises earlier, the Rent Agreement/Lease automatically, stands cancelled That the second party/tanant shall pay the monthly rent of Rs.____________ (Rupees in words __________________________________________________ in advance on or before the 7th day of each English calendar month for which it falls due by the cheques/Draft/Cash . That ____ percent rent will be increased after every Eleven months/one year from the date of tenancy That the second party/tenant will pay the electricity Water charges and Sewerage charges bill as per meter reading issued by the concerned authorithy. That the second party/tenant shall not make any addition or alteration in the said premises under his/her occupation without the permission in writing from the first party/landlord . However ,minor repairs and replacement of Electric & Sanitary fittings will be undertaken by the second party/tenant at his expenses. That the second party/tenant shall keep and maintain the said premises in proper and good condition. That the second party/tenant shall not sublet or part with the said premises in whole or in part to any body else.