Medical condition definition

Medical condition means either of the following:
Medical condition means the state of a patient’s physical or mental health, including the patient’s illness, injury, or disease.

Examples of Medical condition in a sentence

  • Focus is on administration, interpretation and communication of assessment results to families and clients.Learning Activities Required for Course CreditOlder Adult Medical condition exam/presentationSelection, administration and interpretation of middle and older adult assessments Documentation and communication of evaluation resultsExam GradingAssignments & Quizzes25%Exams25%Lab50% Grading PoliciesWritten assignments are graded on content, style, clarity, conciseness, and comprehensiveness.

  • Medical condition that prevents full time study (Please note: Academic Advisor Approval is not necessary for medical condition.

  • Medical condition, including men- tal as well as physical illness.

More Definitions of Medical condition

Medical condition means an illness, injury, disability, or other health-related condition.
Medical condition means, for the purposes of qualifying
Medical condition means any physiological, mental, or psychological condition, impairment, or disorder, including drug addiction and alcoholism.
Medical condition means any disease, illness or injury.
Medical condition means an Accidental Bodily Injury or sickness (or a condition related to that Accidental Bodily Injuryor sickness), including disease and complications of pregnancy occurring within the first 31 weeks of pregnancy.