Days or More Sample Clauses

Days or More. In the case of a carrier using independent contractors under long-term leases, the lessor and lessee will be given the option of designating which party will report and pay fuel use tax. In the absence of a written agreement or contract, or if the document is silent regarding responsibility for reporting and paying fuel use tax, the lessee will be responsible for reporting and paying fuel use tax. If the lessee (carrier) through a written agreement or contract assumes responsibility for reporting and paying fuel use taxes, the base jurisdiction for purposes of this Agreement shall be the base jurisdiction of the lessee, regardless of the jurisdiction in which the qualified motor vehicle is registered for vehicle registration purposes by the lessor. Leases are not required to be filed with the base jurisdiction, but shall be made available upon request.
Days or More. Upon return from any approved leave of more than thirty (30) work days, the teacher shall return to his teaching position or a position of like nature. At the time a leave is requested, the teacher will specify the return to work starting date to coincide with the semester break, or the start of the ensuing year, whichever is applicable. By mutual agreement of the parties, leaves may be terminated at times other than the dates specified.
Days or More. Employees who attend training for five (5) day eight hour days or more will be placed on a five (5) day/forty (40) hour schedule and will not be required to work twenty-four (24) hours prior to and forty-eight (48) hours after training or, as determined by their work schedule, forty-eight (48) hours prior to and twenty-four (24) hours after the training. Time spent in travel to or from training is not considered time off in terms of this provision. Employees will not lose FLSA time for the period of the training as a result of the change in their schedule. If their hours exceed the standard hours, they will receive additional FLSA credit. Note: Employees’ FLSA cycle will not be changed.
Days or More. Absences from school have a negative impact on student achievement and learning. We ask parents to consider the disruption of the learning process that takes place when students are absent from school for extended time and the implications of interrupting their child’s education before scheduling absences during times when school is in session. A letter notifying the attendance office of an absence of three (3) days or more should be submitted at least five (5) days in advance of the planned absence. Any days missed will count as excused absences and contribute to the total count as part of the Attendance Policy (see Attendance Policy Regarding Course Credit).
Days or More. For any absence of three (3) or more days, Human Resources will require the employee to submit a statement from a reputable physician stating that he or she has treated the employee for the illness or disability which kept the employee from duty and that the employee was unable to perform the duties of his or her employment within the whole period he or she was absent from duty. In the case of an illness or disability of an employee’s spouse, child or dependent which causes an absence by the employee of three (3) or more days, Human Resources will require a statement from a reputable physician stating that he or she has treated the employee’s spouse, child or dependent for the illness or disability which kept the employee from duty. CSO who is unable to report to work because of illness must notify their supervisor based on established protocol at least one (1) hour prior to the beginning of their shift, with the exception of the first shift of the day will provide two (2) hours notice. Sick Leave Abuse Employees who are suspected of abuse of sick leave may be required to provide verification for all sick leave absences and may be required as a condition of continued employment. If an employee is unable to provide verification of absences discipline may be imposed. Some examples of sick leave abuse include.
Days or More. A CONTRIBUTION OF S I X DOLLARS ( $ 6 . 0 0 ) PER w e e k . E f f e c t i v e De c e m b e r 1 , 1 9 6 6 , t h e c o n t r i b u t i o n w i l l
Days or More a. When a Pilot assigned to a line of flying is assigned by the Company to training, in accordance with Paragraph C.4., below, he shall receive Minimum Guarantee.
Days or More. The employee shall receive Worker’s Compensation benefit payments retroactive to the first date of injury. Once a return to work determination is received by the Employer stating that the absence due to the work-related injury will exceed 13 days, any salary already received by the employee from the Employer for any or all of the first seven (7) days will be applied to the remaining payments due for the difference between such employee’s salary and the weekly benefit received. If an employee returns to work before all salary received for any or all of the first seven (7) days of absence has been applied, the employee’s remaining salary for the year will be adjusted to recapture the overpayment. The Employer shall pay the employee the difference between such employee’s salary and the Workers’ Compensation benefit received with no charge to the employee’s sick leave for a period of up to one year. In all instances once a return to work recommendation is received by the Employer and is disputed by the employee, a full sick leave deduction shall be made to maintain full salary. Resolution of an appeal process in favor of the employee shall reinstate any sick leave deduction or the difference in compensation between the weekly benefits received under terms of the Michigan Workers' Compensation Act and the employee's salary. The Employer's responsibility under this section shall end upon cash settlement of a Workers' Compensation claim.