The Member definition

The Member means a Savings Bank Account Holder who has been admitted to benefits of the Scheme and on whose life an assurance has been or is to be effected in accordance with these Rules.
The Member s local home” means a residence of the member situated in the constituency or region;
The Member means the account holder and, if more than one, means each of the Members jointly and severally.

Examples of The Member in a sentence

  • When a public entity initiates a purchase with Vendor, if the Member inquires verbally or in writing whether Vendor holds a TIPS Contract, it is the duty of the Vendor to verify whether the Member is seeking a TIPS purchase.

  • Vendor agrees that when Vendor or its subcontractors are liable for any damages or claims, Vendor’s policy, shall be primary over any other valid and collectible insurance carried by the Member or TIPS.

  • However, unless this term of the Agreement is negotiated and modified to state otherwise, those specific Sale Terms are not accepted by TIPS on behalf of all TIPS Members and each Member may choose whether to accept, negotiate, or reject those specific Sale Terms, which must be reflected in a separate agreement between Vendor and the Member in order to be effective.

  • Fees are due to TIPS upon payment by the Member to the Vendor, Reseller or Vendor Assigned Dealer.

  • Vendor agrees to pay the participation fee to TIPS for all Agreement sales upon receipt of payment including partial payment, from the Member Entity or as otherwise agreed by TIPS in writing and signed by an authorized signatory of TIPS.

More Definitions of The Member

The Member s parliamentary home” means the member's only or main residence in the area comprising—
The Member means the party to this agreement, who will, provided that such Member has been accepted by FirstLife, have access to leads on the FirstLife system;
The Member means The Agent, being a paid up member of The Dispute Service Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
The Member means a member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme
The Member s parliamentary home” means the member’s only or 35
The Member means the party to this Deed so designated above including where the context so admits or requires -
The Member means any person who is the subject of an investigation into any alleged breach of the Code of Conduct