Paid Leaves Sample Clauses

Paid Leaves. 1) The Employer shall pay employees selected for jury duty the difference between the money received for jury duty, excluding mileage, and the employee’s normal daily rate of pay, provided that the employee has notified Human Resource Services of his/her notice to serve by 5:00 p.m. of the working day following receipt of such notice. Notwithstanding any of the above, employees shall, however, report for work to the extent time schedules permit.
Paid Leaves. The Employer has the right to verify that any leaves taken by unit members be in compliance with the applicable terms and conditions stated in the Agreement.
Paid Leaves. A. Sick Leave- The following Sections, including 2.b) (Personal Necessity Leave); 2.c) (Kin Care Leave); and 4) (Catastrophic Leave) are all related to the amount of sick leave the employee has accrued and has available for use.
Paid Leaves. 1. Each teacher shall be granted ten (10) days per year for paid leave that may be used at his/her discretion. • The teacher’s personal illnessIllness of a family member (spouse, father, mother, sister, brother, father-in-law, mother-in- law, grandparents, or dependent of immediate household residence) • At the teacher’s discretion for conducting personal business which could not be conducted without otherwise taking time off
Paid Leaves. All leaves of absence identified hereinafter are subject to the provisions contained herein.
Paid Leaves. For purposes of this subdivision, paid leaves of absence shall be treated the same as time worked and shall not constitute a break in the consecutive years of service;
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Paid Leaves. A. 1. Days will be credited at the beginning of each work year. A day is defined as the length of the employee's regularly scheduled work day.
Paid Leaves. Seniority and all other benefits shall continue to accumulate or remain in effect during any paid leave of absence.
Paid Leaves. A. 1. Subject to the limitations set forth herein, employees will be credited with paid sick leave days according to the following schedule. One (1) sick day per month will be added to accumulate sick leave on the first pay in August for twelve month employees and on the first pay in October for school year employees. Food Service personnel - ten (10 days per year Paraprofessionals - ten (10) days per year Assistant Secretaries - ten (10) days per year
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