The Benefits Sample Clauses

The Benefits. The full benefit amount is payable as the result of accidental: • Loss of lifeLoss of speech and loss of hearing • Loss of speech and one of loss of hand, foot, or sight of one eye • Loss of hearing and one of loss of hand, foot, or sight of one eye • Loss of both hands, both feet, loss of sight or any combination thereof Fifty percent (50%) of the Principal Sum is payable for accidental: • Loss of hand, foot, or sight on one (1) eye (any one (1) of each) • Loss of speech or loss of hearing Twenty-five percent (25%) of the Principal Sum is payable for accidental: • Loss of thumb and index finger of the same hand The Company will consider it a loss of hand or foot even if they are later reattached. The Company will pay the single largest applicable Benefit Amount.
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The Benefits. For Employees hired after April 26, 2007, and once they become eligible for Non-occupational Accident and Sickness benefits, the amount of weekly benefits will be computed by multiplying 18 hours times the current wage rate. For Employees hired prior to April 26, 2007, and once they become eligible for Non-occupational Accident and Sickness benefits, the amount of weekly benefits will be the greater of 18 hours times the current wage rate or the following schedule: Average Hourly Earnings Weekly Benefit Amount Up to $15.99 $320 $16.00 to $18.50 $350 $18.51 to $20.99 $390 $21.00 or more $420 An Employee who is receiving benefits under this Article IV on a date when new maximum benefits become effective, as shown above, will be eligible to receive the new maximum benefits if his or her average hourly earnings qualify for the maximum benefits. The term "average hourly earnings" as used above shall mean the straight time average hourly earnings (shall include available PBP) for the Employee during the most recent pay period in which he or she worked on his or her regular classification and is to be computed by dividing the total hours worked into the total straight time earnings. The amount of weekly accident and sickness benefits otherwise payable will be reduced for each week in excess of 21 weeks of benefits during any one continuous period of disability by:
The Benefits. The benefits of this cover are that in the event of cancellation you will receive full repayment of your deposit and/or final payment up to the final invoice cost not exceeding £2000 per week less booking fee, HCP and any administration fee. The Cover You and your party members are covered for the following events: • Death, injury, illness of you or your party members or a close relative or close business colleague or that of your party members, compulsory quar antine, jury/witness service (in a court of law) or redundancy (which qualifies for payment under the Employment Protection Consolidation Act 1978). • Admittance to a hospital/nursing home as a result of illness/injury during the holiday. • Fire/storm/flood/subsidence/malicious damage rendering the insured’s home uninhabitable. • Occupational postings giving rise to exemption from UK income tax on earnings. • Hi-jack of the conveyance in which you are travelling. • In addition, in the unfortunate event of your holida y being cut short by any of the above events then a proportion of your holiday cost will be repaid, based on the number of days holiday actually taken. A Doctor’s Certificate or other relevant document will be required to support a claim. You must declare any reason, medical or otherwise, and any pre-existing medical conditions concerning the health of the people travelling and of others upon whose health the trip may depend. For a copy of the full Terms and Conditions please visit our website at www.northumbria- xxxxxxxx.xx.xx.
The Benefits. In the paper presented under topic 5 it was demonstrated how SMEs can benefit from the patent system in at least these ways: They can:
The Benefits. 1. Any premium cost, for benefits selected by the employee, which are beyond the health medical, the employee will pay via payroll deductions.
The Benefits. The full Benefit Amount of $100,000 is payable for (except bacterial infection caused by an accident or from accidental Administrator: Answers to specific questions can be obtained by writing the Plan (i) accidental loss of life; (ii) loss of speech and loss of hearing; (iii) consumption of a substance contaminated by bacteria), or bodily International Marketing & Administration Company (IMAC) Administrator: International Marketing & Administration Company (IMAC) loss of speech and one of loss of hand, foot or sight of one eye; (iv) malfunctions, or medical or surgical treatment; participation in military c/o My Rewards, LLC, P.O. Box 2600, Wilmington, NC 28402 loss of hearing and one of loss of hand, foot or sight of one eye; or action while in active military service; suicide, attempted suicide or PHONE NUMBER 000-000-0000 c/o My Rewards, LLC, P.O. Box 2600, Wilmington, NC 28402 PHONE NUMBER 000-000-0000 Email Address
The Benefits.  With financing provided by TAF, Toronto Community Housing is able to accelerate high- impact facility upgrades such as replacing faucets, toilets, radiators, and lighting with new, energy efficient ones.  Retrofits are projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent and utility costs by 20 per cent.  Cutting-edge sensor technology is in place to monitor, measure and document improvements in indoor air quality and resident comfort.  Energy cost savings can be used to support Toronto Community Housing's 10-year capital plan. Investment in capital repairs and revitalization will lead to a 10-per-cent reduction in utility costs and a nine-per-cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over 30 years.  The results of this project will clearly demonstrate the benefits of similar retrofits for Toronto Community Housing and other large social housing providers. THE RETROFITS The seven buildings being retrofitted are located at Xxxxxxxxx Drive, Kendleton Drive and Arleta Avenue. Ecosystem Energy has been selected to design and implement the projects. Intensive monitoring of the retrofit performance will provide valuable data that will benefit the field of retrofit design and optimization. Indoor comfort and air quality in the buildings will be monitored before and after the retrofits as part of a research partnership with the University of Toronto. The research findings will provide valuable insight into the potential for energy retrofits to improve health and comfort in multi-unit residential buildings.
The Benefits. The contract sets a floor to protect you against downward movement in the market and allows you to take advantage of some upward movement in prices. You will never receive less than the floor. You offset the cost of the floor by setting a ceiling. The Risk You are limited in your upside potential. You are tied to a call option so your gain is not xxxxx-for-xxxxx with the futures. We recommend contracting no more than 20% of your expected production. The Cost The cost is highly customizable and is the difference between the cost of the floor and the premium for the ceiling. Xxxxxx’x Coop charges a $0.02 administration fee. All fees will be deducted from the final cash price.
The Benefits. Administration Manager of Valero shall retain all certificates representing Restricted Stock issued to Employee under the Plan, together with stock powers executed by the Employee pertaining to such Restricted Stock, until the restrictions on such Restricted Stock described in the Plan and this Agreement lapse. The Transfer Agent for the Common Stock of Valero shall be instructed to like effect in respect of such shares.
The Benefits. For National laboratories, benefits include: – Increased opportunities for co-innovation, providing solutions aligned with Key Technology Areas. – Enhanced inward innovation from Industry through better knowledge of needs and strengths. – Enhanced access to broader resource pool (facilities and staff) within Industry, augmenting capacity and capability. – Prospect of alternative funding routes (e.g. share of national innovation programmes looking at societal applications thematic areas, often requiring commercial partners). – Contribution to economic and societal impact metrics of Industry, which may be viewed favourably by regional and national funding bodies in justification of core funding. – Demonstrable increase in demand for Technical Platforms – ability to retain/enhance dedicated resources and improve sustainability. – Development of shared training programmes and skills base with Industry. Strengthens support for academic/ commercial strategic funding bids. – Standardisation of some test and validation procedures – more efficient use of resources. For the Lateral Markets and Supply Chain, benefits include: – Access to advanced facilities for technology development, test and validation – opens new innovation opportunities and expedites product development. – Increased opportunities for co-innovation and tech transfer into the Research Infrastructure market. – Heightened knowledge of available IPR, capabilities and capacity located within National Laboratories. – Coordinated (ideally, integrated) access, IPR, and technology transfer policies. – Transparent costing and scheduling information, allowing accurate project evaluation. – Exposure to larger Supply Chain, promoting opportunities for business-to-business partnerships. Increased opportunities to develop integrated sub-systems through brokering service. – Opportunity to input into development of future platforms to better reflect Industry requirements. – Underpins stronger, longer-term relationships with National Laboratories. – Delivered through added value, not subsidy; allowing European Industry to continue to tender internationally. For the European science base, the benefits include: – Enhanced delivery in Key Technology Areas. – Co-ordination of Technical Platforms, enhancing effective capacity, capability and expertise across existing infrastructure. – Co-ordination of future Technical Platform developments – providing maximum scientific impact from capital investments. – Enhanced sustai...