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The Benefits. The RCEP is tipped to boost economic growth in the region by delivering improved export and foreign investment opportunities, including the following benefits: new scope for trade in services throughout the region including across telecommunications, professional and financial services; improved mechanisms for tackling non-tariff barriers including in areas such as customs procedures, quarantine and technical standards; greater investment certainty for businesses; rules on e-commerce to make it easier for businesses to trade online; a common set of rules on intellectual property; agreed rules of origin that will increase the competitiveness of regional production chains; and access deals with all RCEP parties which build on existing free trade agreements, as well as the prospect of an agreement on market access with India. The RCEP includes chapters covering areas that are new between some of the RCEP signatories, including modernising commitments in electronic commerce, competition/antitrust regulation, government procurement and economic and technical cooperation. The RCEP does not presently contain investor state dispute settlement procedures which are in other free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties but which have come under increasing scrutiny. THE BACKGROUND Representatives from the RCEP Signatory States first gathered to negotiate the RECP in November 2012. Initially, India was also part of those negotiations, but it indicated in late 2019 that it had a number of issues preventing it from joining the agreement. The MinistersDeclaration on India’s Participation in the RCEP, however, affirms that the RCEP is open for India to accede to,3 and expresses the strong will to re-engage India in the RCEP. The text of the Agreement itself had been finalised just over a year ago, on 4 November 2019, the culmination of 29 rounds of secretive negotiations. Following that, an extended period of technical legal review ensued. The RCEP will take effect once it has been ratified domestically by the signatory states. The signing of the RCEP on Sunday constitutes a landmark statement in favour of free-trade and multilateralism by the new Indo-Pacific trading bloc. It is particularly noteworthy given recent uncertainty over global trade terms and agreements, and the economic strain imposed by Covid-19-related restrictions. We will provide further analysis on specific issues arising from the RCEP. Please feel free to reach out to any of our specialists if you wou...
The Benefits. For Employees hired after April 26, 2007, and once they become eligible for Non- occupational Accident and Sickness benefits, the amount of weekly benefits will be computed by multiplying 18 hours times the current wage rate. For Employees hired prior to April 26, 2007, and once they become eligible for Non- occupational Accident and Sickness benefits, the amount of weekly benefits will be the greater of 18 hours times the current wage rate or the following schedule: Average Hourly Earnings Weekly Benefit Amount Up to $15.99 $320 $16.00 to $18.50 $350 $18.51 to $20.99 $390 $21.00 or more $420 An Employee who is receiving benefits under this Article IV on a date when new maximum benefits become effective, as shown above, will be eligible to receive the new maximum benefits if his or her average hourly earnings qualify for the maximum benefits. The term "average hourly earnings" as used above shall mean the straight time average hourly earnings (shall include available PBP) for the Employee during the most recent pay period in which he or she worked on his or her regular classification and is to be computed by dividing the total hours worked into the total straight time earnings. The amount of weekly accident and sickness benefits otherwise payable will be reduced for each week in excess of 21 weeks of benefits during any one continuous period of disability by:
The Benefits. 1. Any premium cost, for benefits selected by the employee, which are beyond the health medical, the employee will pay via payroll deductions.
The Benefits. Administration Manager of Valero shall retain all certificates representing Restricted Stock issued to Employee under the Plan, together with stock powers executed by the Employee pertaining to such Restricted Stock, until the restrictions on such Restricted Stock described in the Plan and this Agreement lapse. The Transfer Agent for the Common Stock of Valero shall be instructed to like effect in respect of such shares.

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Liability of the beneficiaries Except in case of force majeure (see Article 51), the beneficiaries must compensate the Commission for any damage it sustains as a result of the implementation of the action or because the action was not implemented in full compliance with the Agreement.
Examination of the benefit suspension level 1. If the Party complained against considers that the level of benefits suspended is excessive, it may request in writing the original Panel to examine the level of suspension of benefits. If this is not possible, the procedure established in Article 179 (Panel Selection) shall be followed, in which event the periods set out thereof shall be reduced by half (23). 2. This Panel shall issue its ruling within 60 days following the date of the referral of the matter to it. When the Panel considers that it cannot provide its report within this timeframe, it shall inform the Parties in writing of the reasons for the delay together with an estimate of the period within which it will submit its report. Any delay shall not exceed a further period of 30 days unless the Parties otherwise agree. The ruling of the Panel shall be final and binding. It shall be delivered to the Parties and be made publicly available. 3. If the Panel finds that the level of benefits which the complaining Party has suspended is excessive, it shall determine the appropriate level of benefits it considers to be of equivalent effect.
Exclusive Benefits Except as expressly provided in this Section 4 and subject to Section 5 hereof, the Executive shall not be entitled to any additional payments or benefits upon or in connection with the Executive’s termination of employment.
One Benefit Only Despite anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the Executive and Beneficiary are entitled to one benefit only under this Agreement, which shall be determined by the first event to occur that is dealt with by this Agreement. Except as provided in section 2.5 or Article 3, subsequent occurrence of events dealt with by this Agreement shall not entitle the Executive or Beneficiary to other or additional benefits under this Agreement.
Leave Benefits Paid leave is available to the Superintendent when the following specific conditions are met: (1) the Superintendent is currently employed by the District and (2) the paid leave day is taken on a day Superintendent would otherwise be expected to be at work.
Pregnancy Leave Benefits Where superior provisions exist, as a result of the meshing of the 2012 MOU with any superior provisions that existed in the 2008-2012 collective agreements, they must be incorporated into the common central provisions in Article 11.2 of Part A of this agreement and the resulting article placed in Part B of this agreement.
Retiree Benefits No Covered Person or ERISA Affiliate of such Covered Person has an obligation to provide any Person with any medical, life insurance, or similar benefit following such Person's retirement or termination of employment (or to such Person's beneficiary subsequent to such Person's death) other than (i) such benefits provided to Persons at such Person's sole expense and (ii) obligations under COBRA.
General Benefits During the Term of Employment, the Executive shall be entitled to participate in such employee pension and welfare benefit plans and programs of the Company as are made available to the Company's senior-level executives or to its employees generally, as such plans or programs may be in effect from time to time, including, without limitation, health, medical, dental, long-term disability, travel accident and life insurance plans.
Communication when Agent is Impaired Agent If the Agent is an Impaired Agent the Parties may, instead of communicating with each other through the Agent, communicate with each other directly and (while the Agent is an Impaired Agent) all the provisions of the Finance Documents which require communications to be made or notices to be given to or by the Agent shall be varied so that communications may be made and notices given to or by the relevant Parties directly. This provision shall not operate after a replacement Agent has been appointed.
Executive Benefits The Executive shall be entitled to participate in all executive benefit or incentive compensation plans now maintained or hereafter established by the Company for the purpose of providing compensation and/or benefits to executives of the Company and any supplemental retirement, salary continuation, stock option, deferred compensation, supplemental medical or life insurance or other bonus or incentive compensation plans. Unless otherwise provided herein, the Executive’s participation in such plans shall be on the same basis and terms as other similarly situated executives of the Company. No additional compensation provided under any of such plans shall be deemed to modify or otherwise affect the terms of this Agreement or any of the Executive’s entitlements hereunder.