Calculation of Sample Clauses

Calculation of. An employee will receive as pay for a General Holiday the regular pay he would have received if he had worked such General Holiday. If an employee is required to work on a General Holiday, all hours worked at the hourly rate will be paid at time-and-one-half.
Calculation of. REIMBURSEMENTS The GLO agrees to reimburse Local Government its pro rata share for eligible expenses incurred in connection with the Project during the state fiscal year in which reimbursement is sought. The amount reimbursed each disbursement period shall not exceed Local Government's pro rata share of the total funds allocated by the GLO for reimbursement of program participants for beach cleaning and maintenance. The amount available for distribution among program participants each year is SEVEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE DOLLARS ($729,339.00). Reimbursement will be based upon the Local Government's proportionate share of total linear footage of gulf beach and the Local Government's proportionate share of the total of participant expenditures on cleaning and maintaining gulf beaches during the two fiscal years preceding the disbursement. The GLO will determine the actual amount of Local Government's pro rata share for each disbursement period in accordance with 31 TAC 25. All expenditures used in the calculation of Local Government's pro rata share of reimbursement must be eligible pursuant to 31 TAC 25.12. Pursuant to 31 TAC 25.13, no city or county may receive as its state share an amount that is greater than two-thirds of the amount of eligible expenses spent for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining public beaches within its jurisdiction during each disbursement period. In the event the GLO determines after a disbursement that additional funds are available, the GLO may, in its sole discretion, disburse an additional amount to participants on a pro rata basis. Reimbursement to Local Government for the state's share of cleaning and maintaining gulf beaches under this Contract cannot be determined until after an application has been received, all reimbursement requests have been submitted and evaluated, and the necessary calculations have been made in accordance with 31 TAC 25. the GLO shall disburse the funds on a semi-annual basis and provide Local Government a Notice of Disbursement, a sample of which is shown in Attachment B. The Notice of Disbursement for each year will be added to Attachment C of the contract upon its issuance.
Calculation of. For purposes of this Article seniority is calculated as follows: Full-time employees: date of appointment to an indeterminate full-time position within the bargaining unit. A full-time employee is deemed to be senior to a part-time employee. All other employees: continuous employment in the bargaining unit except that a part-time employee whose regularly scheduled hours of work are thirty (30) or more per week is deemed to he senior to any other part-time employee.
Calculation of. Unless otherwise stated, wherever FTE service is referred to in this agreement, it shall mean FTE service in the department/discipline/ program.
Calculation of interest The rate of interest on the Loan for each Interest Period is the percentage rate per annum which is the aggregate of the applicable:
Calculation of. Payment shall be calculated on the basis of the Employee's daily rate excluding overtime on the last day worked prior to the holiday. Rate for on a Employees authorized and required to work on a recognized holiday shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half (1 for all such work performed, in addition to the pay for the holiday set out in subsection (e) above.
Calculation of. The salary which shall be used to calculate the of the Public Service Award accordance Article shall be the salary which the employee was receiving on the date of the of his employment.
Calculation of. HEDGE PRICES The Issuer shall calculate and determine the Hedge Balance Vesting Price and LNG Vesting Price associated with each Balance Vesting Quantity and LNG Vesting Quantity Hedge Quantity allocated to the Holder under clause 3.3.2 in accordance with the procedure, algorithm and parameters described in Schedule C. The Holder shall negotiate the Tender Vesting Price with the Authority through the Tendering process. The Authority shall inform the Issuer of the results of the Tender and direct the Issuer to allocate the Tender Vesting Quantities to the successful Tenderer. 3.
Calculation of. (A) Subject to Section 4(a)(4), the calculation of [***] per each [***] of [***] having an [***], for which [***] pursuant to Section 4(a)(1) and 4(a)(2) for [***] shall be as follows: _________________ [***] Confidential treatment requested pursuant to a request for confidential treatment filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Omitted portions have been filed separately with the Commission. [***], where: [***] [***] The [***] of the [***] (based on [***]) [***], in the [***], of [***] [***], with a [***] of [***] In illustration, and not in limitation of the foregoing, [***] may be applicable), [***], with a [***] may be applicable) [***].
Calculation of. The [***] of [***] for which a [***] pursuant to Section 4(b)(1) and 4(b)(2) for a [***] shall be as follows: [***], where: [***] [***] The [***] of the [***] (based on the [***], in the [***], of the [***] for which [***] is [***] [***][***], with [***] of ([***])) In illustration, and not in limitation, of the foregoing, [***] (or whatever [***] may be applicable) [***], with a [***] (or whatever [***] may be applicable).