Time at Which Sample Clauses

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  • Terminable at Will The Employee may terminate his employment under this Agreement at any time with or without Good Reason (as defined below).

  • REASON FOR TRANSFER – FOR US RESIDENTS ONLY Consistent with US IRS regulations, Odyssey is required to request cost basis information from US securityholders. Please indicate the reason for requesting the transfer as well as the date of event relating to the reason. The event date is not the day in which the transfer is finalized, but rather the date of the event which led to the transfer request (i.e. date of gift, date of death of the securityholder, or the date the private sale took place). SCHEDULE “B” EXERCISE FORM TO: FLOWER ONE HOLDINGS INC. AND TO: ODYSSEY TRUST COMPANY The undersigned holder of the Warrants evidenced by this Warrant Certificate hereby exercises the right to acquire (A) Common Shares of Flower One Holdings Inc. Exercise Price Payable: ((A) multiplied by $2.60, subject to adjustment) The undersigned hereby exercises the right of such holder to be issued, and hereby subscribes for, Common Shares that are issuable pursuant to the exercise of such Warrants on the terms specified in such Warrant Certificate and in the Warrant Indenture. Any capitalized term in this Warrant Certificate that is not otherwise defined herein, shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Warrant Indenture. The undersigned represents, warrants and certifies as follows (one (only) of the following must be checked):

  • Public Posting & Certified Payroll Records In compliance with Article 8, Section 220 of the New York State Labor Law:

  • Termination at Will This contract may be terminated by either party upon no less than thirty (30) calendar days notice in writing to the other party, without cause, unless a lesser time is mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties. Said notice shall be delivered by certified mail, return receipt requested, or in person with proof of delivery.

  • Reporting Company/Shell Company The Company is a publicly-held company subject to reporting obligations pursuant to Section 13 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “1934 Act”) and has a class of Common Stock registered pursuant to Section 12(g) of the 1934 Act. Pursuant to the provisions of the 1934 Act, the Company has timely filed all reports and other materials required to be filed thereunder with the Commission during the preceding twelve months. As of the Closing Date, the Company is not a “shell company” but is a “former shell company” as those terms are employed in Rule 144 under the 1933 Act.

  • Date of Closing Subject to the conditions stated in this Agreement, the sale by Seller and the purchase by Buyer of the Assets pursuant to this Agreement (the “Closing”) shall occur on or before April 8, 2013, or such other date as Buyer and Seller may agree upon in writing. The date scheduled for the Closing shall be the “Closing Date”.

  • Date Whenever any payment due hereunder shall fall due on a day other than a Business Day, such payment shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day, and such extension of time shall be included in the computation of interest or fees, as the case may be.

  • Closing Time and Place The Closing Date shall be August 24, 2009, or such later date on which all of the conditions set forth in Article II have been fulfilled or otherwise waived by the parties hereto, but in any event not later than August 31, 2009, or such later date as the parties may mutually agree. All acts taking place on the Closing Date shall be deemed to be taking place simultaneously as of the commencement of business on the Closing Date, unless otherwise provided. The closing of the reorganization contemplated by the Plan (the “Closing”) shall be held at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern time) at the offices of Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx LLP, 3000 Two Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000, or such other time and/or place as the parties may mutually agree.

  • Notice to LIFE COMPANY AVIF will promptly make known in writing to LIFE COMPANY the Board of Directors' determination of the existence of a material irreconcilable conflict, a description of the facts that give rise to such conflict and the implications of such conflict.

  • PRE-RELEASE OF RECEIPTS The Depositary may issue Receipts against the delivery by the Issuer (or any agent of the Issuer recording Share ownership) of rights to receive Shares from the Issuer (or any such agent). No such issue of Receipts will be deemed a "Pre-Release" that is subject to the restrictions of the following paragraph. Unless requested in writing by the Issuer to cease doing so, the Depositary may, notwithstanding Section 2.3 hereof, execute and deliver Receipts prior to the receipt of Shares pursuant to Section 2.2 ("Pre-Release"). The Depositary may, pursuant to Section 2.5, deliver Shares upon the receipt and cancellation of Receipts which have been Pre-Released, whether or not such cancellation is prior to the termination of such Pre-Release or the Depositary knows that such Receipt has been Pre-Released. The Depositary may receive Receipts in lieu of Shares in satisfaction of a Pre-Release. Each Pre-Release will be (a) preceded or accompanied by a written representation and agreement from the person to whom Receipts are to be delivered (the "Pre-Releasee") that the Pre-Releasee, or its customer, (i) owns the Shares or Receipts to be remitted, as the case may be, (ii) assigns all beneficial rights, title and interest in such Shares or Receipts, as the case may be, to the Depositary in its capacity as such and for the benefit of the Owners, and (iii) will not take any action with respect to such Shares or Receipts, as the case may be, that is inconsistent with the transfer of beneficial ownership (including, without the consent of the Depositary, disposing of such Shares or Receipts, as the case may be), other than in satisfaction of such Pre-Release, (b) at all times fully collateralized with cash, U.S. government securities or such other collateral as the Depositary determines, in good faith, will provide substantially similar liquidity and security, (c) terminable by the Depositary on not more than five (5) business days notice, and (d) subject to such further indemnities and credit regulations as the Depositary deems appropriate. The number of Shares not deposited but represented by American Depositary Shares outstanding at any time as a result of Pre-Releases will not normally exceed thirty percent (30%) of the Shares deposited hereunder; provided, however, that the Depositary reserves the right to disregard such limit from time to time as it deems reasonably appropriate, and may, with the prior written consent of the Issuer, change such limit for purposes of general application. The Depositary will also set Dollar limits with respect to Pre-Release transactions to be entered into hereunder with any particular Pre-Releasee on a case-by-case basis as the Depositary deems appropriate. For purposes of enabling the Depositary to fulfill its obligations to the Owners under the Deposit Agreement, the collateral referred to in clause (b) above shall be held by the Depositary as security for the performance of the Pre-Releasee's obligations to the Depositary in connection with a Pre-Release transaction, including the Pre-Releasee's obligation to deliver Shares or Receipts upon termination of a Pre-Release transaction (and shall not, for the avoidance of doubt, constitute Deposited Securities hereunder). The Depositary may retain for its own account any compensation received by it in connection with the foregoing.