Time at Which Sample Clauses

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  • SERVICE FOR PREDECESSOR EMPLOYER In addition to the predecessor service the Plan must credit by reason of Section 1.29 of the Plan, the Plan credits Service with the following predecessor employer(s): _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________. Service with the designated predecessor employer(s) applies: (Choose at least one of (a) or (b); (C) is available only in addition to (a) or (b))

  • Credited Service With respect to each employee benefit plan, policy or practice, including severance, vacation and paid time-off plans, policies or practices, sponsored or maintained by Buyer or an Affiliate of Buyer, Buyer or such Affiliate shall recognize, for all Transferred U.S. Employees from and after the Closing Date, credit for all service with Seller, its Affiliates and their respective predecessors, prior to the Closing Date for all purposes (including eligibility to participate, vesting credit, eligibility to commence benefits, benefit accrual (other than under a defined benefit pension plan), early retirement subsidies and severance); provided, that no service credit shall be granted to the extent any duplication of benefits results.

  • Standard Company Benefits Executive shall be entitled to all rights and benefits for which he is eligible under the terms and conditions of the standard Company benefits and compensation practices which may be in effect from time to time and provided by the Company to its employees generally.

  • Holiday Pay for Employees Laid Off An employee who is laid off at the close of business the day before a holiday who has worked not less than five (5) previous consecutive work days shall be paid for the holiday.

  • Overtime and Compensatory Time Because of the unique nature of the duties and emergency response obligations of the Division, management reserves the right to assign employees to work overtime as needed.

  • Special Parental Allowance for Totally Disabled Employees (a) An employee who:

  • Prime Time Vacation Period Subject to the provisions of this article, it is the intent of the parties that no employee will be restricted in the time of year they choose to take their vacation. The Employer will make every effort to allow employees to take their vacation during the period of April 15th to October 15th inclusive, which will be defined as the prime time vacation period.

  • Regular Part-Time Employee A regular part-time employee is one who works less than full-time on a regularly scheduled basis. Regular part-time employees accumulate seniority on an hourly basis and are entitled to all benefits outlined in this Collective Agreement.

  • Part-Time Employee A new or reemployed part-time employee in a regular or limited-term position shall be placed on a new probation period for two thousand eighty (2080) paid hours exclusive of overtime, ending with the first day of the pay period following completion of said period.

  • Special Maternity Allowance for Totally Disabled Employees (a) An employee who: