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For the Board. For the Union: Art Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx XxXxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx LETTER OF AGREEMENT B E T W E E N: The Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board Canadian Union of Public Employees and its Local 4148 (Clerical and Educational Assistants)
For the Board. “Xxx Xxxxxx” For the Association: “Xxxx Xxxxxx” “X.X. Xxxxxx” “Xxxxx XxxxxxLetter of Understanding
For the Board. For the Association:

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  • For the Board, the current portion of the accumulated vacation pay is not considered to be material.

  • For the Board to consider a bill for approval it must be submitted to the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary at least two weeks prior to a scheduled/or re-scheduled Board meeting date.

  • For the Board to take action at a meeting, a quorum of directors must be present.

  • For the Board For the Association Date Date LETTER OF AGREEMENT FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT The Board will comply with provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993.

  • For the Board to deliberate validly, at least one-half of its members shall be present.

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For the Board. Xxxxxx” For the Association: “Xxxx Xxxxxx” “Xxxxx XxxxxxLetter of Understanding Article Uniform and Civilian Collective Agreements
For the Board. FOR THE UNION: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Manager of Human Resources OSSTF Executive Assistant and PRN Chief Negotiator Xxx Xxxx Xxx Xxxxxxxxx Manager of Human Resources President, P.S.S.P District 20 Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Superintendent of Education Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Member, P.S.S.P. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Senior Manager/Professional Services Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Member, P.S.S.P. Xxxxxxx Xxxx Staffing and Recruiting Officer Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Member, P.S.S.P. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxx Human Resources Administrator Member, P.S.S.P. ` LETTER OF AGREEMENT between The Halton District School Board (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) and Professional Student Services Personnel – X.X.X.X.X Xxxxxxxx 00, (hereinafter referred to as the “Union”)
For the Board. For the Association: “Xxx Xxxxxx” “Xxxx Xxxxxx” “X.X. Xxxxxx” “Xxxxx Xxxxxx
For the Board. By the Administrator: NAME, President Principal’s Name Board of Education Name, Clerk Name School Board APPENDIX A Administrator Longevity Incentive The District shall contribute, pursuant to the following schedule, funds associated with the number of years employed by the District into a post-employment Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). The HRA is a portable post-employment benefit that can be accessed by the Administrator subject to the terms and conditions of the HRA provider. The HRA vendor/plan administrator shall be selected by the District. The annual percentage-of salary contributions to the HRA and vesting procedures are set forth in the chart below. Contributions shall cease when the Administrator’s employment with the District ends. # of Years in District % Salary Contributed Amount Vested After 1 year 2% 80 After 2 years 4% 90 After 3 years 6% 100 After 4 years 8% 100 After 5 years 10% 100
For the Board. For tHE aSSoCiation:
For the Board. For the Union:
For the Board. For the Union: Letter of Understanding between The Halton District School Board (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) and The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Halton District (hereinafter referred to as the “Union”)