Leaves of Absence Sample Clauses

Leaves of Absence. Article 11 applies for both paid and unpaid leaves. For the purposes of an unpaid 11.25 hour shift, the deduction from pay shall equate to 14.05 hours. For the purposes of an unpaid 7.5 hour shift, the deduction from pay shall equate to 9.375 hours.
Leaves of Absence. 11.01 Written requests for a personal leave of absence without pay will be considered on an individual basis by the Chief Nursing Officer, Supervisor or designate. Such requests are to be given as far in advance as possible and a written reply will be given within fourteen (14) days; except in cases of emergency in which case a reply will be given as soon as possible. Such leave shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Leaves of Absence. 7:1 A leave of absence without pay may be granted to regular employees with six (6) months or more of continuous service for urgent, substantial reasons, provided adequate arrangements can be made to take care of the employee’s duties without undue interference with the normal routine of work. A leave will not be granted if the purpose for which it is requested may lead to the employee’s resignation. The Company shall grant a leave of absence when required by the Family and Medical Leave Act. Claims to enforce such leave requests shall not be brought under the grievance and arbitration provisions of this Agreement.
Leaves of Absence. It is recognized that the granting of leaves of absence are subject to Civil Service Rules and policies. It is therefore agreed that to the extent possible, the Department shall grant and recommend for Civil Service approval, leaves of absence for no more than five (5) employees in this Unit. It is understood that these employees should be hired by the recognized employee organization certified to represent the employees in this Unit on a full-time basis. Such leaves of absence may be for periods of up to one year, but in no event shall the Department recommend for any one employee an accumulation of more than three (3) years continuous leaves of absence. In order to be eligible, an employee must have completed three (3) years of continuous service with the Department. Employees, upon returning from such a leave of absence, shall be entitled to return to their former classification and salary range in accordance with Civil Service Rules and policies. Employees on such a leave of absence shall be permitted to maintain membership in an existing health care plan, and/or a dental plan, if any, on condition that said employees pay the full cost of said plan(s).
Leaves of Absence. 16.1 For permanent teachers and long-term occasional teachers, any leave of absence for reasons other than illness or injury that, under a provision of the 2008-12 Collective Agreement or board practices and policies in effect during the 2008-2012 collective agreement that utilized deduction from sick leave, shall be granted without loss of salary or deduction from sick leave, to a maximum of five (5) days per school year. Collective agreements or board practices and policies in effect from September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2014, that had five ( 5) days or less, shall remain at that number. Collective agreements or board practices and policies in effect from September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2014 that had more than five (5) days shall be limited to five (5) days. These days shall not be used for the purpose of sick leave nor shall they be accumulated from year-to-year.
Leaves of Absence. For any purpose under this Agreement, employment shall be deemed to continue while the Participant is on a bona fide leave of absence, if such leave was approved by the Company in writing and if continued crediting of employment for such purpose is expressly required by the terms of such leave or by applicable law (as determined by the Company).
Leaves of Absence. (a) The Employer shall grant, on written request, leave of absence without pay and seniority:
Leaves of Absence. Sec. 1601 LEAVES OF ABSENCE - GENERAL POLICY: Leave of absence from regular duties without pay for such purposes as recovery from illness or injury or to restore health, maternity, travel, education, training, or assisting other public jurisdictions, may be granted by the appointing authority not to exceed one (1) year when such leave is in the best interest of the County. Additional leave for the same purposes may be granted by the Director- Human Resources with the concurrence of the appointing authority. This Section shall not limit military leave of absence rights as provided in the California Military and Veterans Code or as provided in other statutes.