Illness or Injury Sample Clauses

Illness or Injury. If an employee or dependent of an employee shall, while the employee is insured, be confined in a hospital as a bed-patient for treatment and not primarily for medical investigation or diagnosis only, and if the employee shall incur expense in respect of such confinement, the Company will pay, subject to the proviso below, benefits equal to the actual charges made by the hospital for bed, board and routine nursing services as regularly provided by such hospital, but the Company will in no event make payment in respect of that part of any charge for bed, board and routine nursing services which exceeds
Illness or Injury. An employee may utilize accrued paid leave when unable to perform work duties by reason of illness or injury, necessary medical or dental care, exposure to contagious disease under circumstances in which the health of the employees with whom the employee associates or members of the public necessarily dealt with by the employee would be endangered by the attendance of the employee.
Illness or Injury. Paid leave is provided by the County to cover illness or injury under Article 14. Paid Leave.
Illness or Injury. 2. Medically verified incapacity or restriction because of exposure to a contagious disease.
Illness or Injury. (a) In the event an Instructor on any day is injured while at work and unable to continue work, she shall not suffer a reduction in pay for the remainder of her scheduled hours on that day.
Illness or Injury. As a result of a verifiable non-occupational illness or injury supported by medical evidence of continuing disability up to the extent of recovery but not to exceed six (6) months. Extensions of such leaves shall be granted by the Employer, solely upon the presentation by the employee of written request for extension supported by medical evidence of continuing disability and medical evidence of a reasonable expectation to return to work within no more than one (1) year's total leave.
Illness or Injury. 14.10 A bargaining unit employee may be granted an unpaid leave of absence due to temporary incapacity due to illness or injury. An employee may be required to provide a physician’s statement or other appropriate verification for such leaves of absence. The length of the leave of absence may not extend beyond the expiration date of the appointment.
Illness or Injury. Leaves of absence for illness or injury will be granted for up to eighteen (18) months, or length of service, whichever is less. Employees must provide medical certification.
Illness or Injury. The District will provide for leave of absence of a unit member and will grant compensation to them when they are compelled to be absent because of illness, accident or quarantine. The cause of the illness or accident need not arise out of and in the course of employment. A full time unit member is entitled to ten (10) days fully-paid leave each year for illness or injury. The unused amount of leave allowed in any school year shall be accumulated without limit from year to year. Part time unit members are entitled to a proportionate leave. The ten (10) days leave granted each year may be used at any time when needed during the school year.
Illness or Injury. In-Line-Of-Duty Leave: Any full-time regular employee shall be entitled 25 to illness- or injury-in-line-of-duty leave with pay, less any Workers’ Compensation payments, for