Employees with Sample Clauses

Employees with. 37 Hours Regular part-time and casual employees with thirty-seven (37) hours of work in a five day period, shall not be compelled to work a sixth day unless the employee agrees to work.
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Employees with disabilities 1 In accordance with the valid legal regulations, the employer creates at the faculties and other units of Xxxxxxx University job opportunities for employees with disabilities. When resolving these issues, the employer closely cooperates with the competent trade union authorities and the Employment Office, or the competent regional branches of the Employment Office for the region where the respective workplace is located.
Employees with disabilities may request an accessible copy of this Agreement. The College and the Union will share the expense of producing such copies, if requested.
Employees with a minimum of six (6) months and less than three
Employees with.  war-caused or defence-caused injury as determined by the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986;  war-caused or defence-caused injury as determined by the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA); or  an illness or injury contracted during a period of warlike or non-warlike service as declared under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 or the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 are eligible for additional personal leave.
Employees with a sick leave balance in excess of three hundred (300) hours during a twelve (12) month rolling calendar will be paid at one hundred percent (100%) of their rate. Employees whose balance is below three hundred (300) hours, and has exceeded eighty (80) hours of sick leave in a rolling calendar year, will be paid at eighty percent (80%) of their regular rate. Sick leave balances will not automatically renew at the beginning of the regular calendar year. Employees’ sick leave will be determined on a rolling calendar basis and sick leave accrues at the rate of 4.6 hours per 80 hours of work with the thirteenth month’s use of sick leave dropping off and the new month added in. Sick leave prior to and subsequent to a hospitalization will be paid at one hundred percent (100%) the employee’s regular rate. Any sick leave utilized in excess of eighty (80) hours in any one usage period shall be paid at one hundred percent (100%). An employee’s inability to work may be verified by the employee’s physician. New employees, years one through four, will have the sick leave paid at one hundred percent (100%). The rolling calendar will begin on May 1, 2008.
Employees with twenty-four (24) years or more of Company service credit as of June 30th in the current year will receive five weeks vacation with vacation pay of ten percent (10%) of their gross earnings (including taxable benefits) from July 1st of the previous year through June 30th of the current year. At the Company's discretion the fifth (5th), fourth (4th) and third (3rd) week may not necessarily be given consecutively with any other regular vacation period.
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Employees with a minimum of five (5) years of service within the immediately previous six (6) years, shall be eligible to apply for educational leave of one (1)
Employees with less than 5 years seniority, hired before July 1st, 2020
Employees with. Reduced Hours on SharedWork program 32 It is agreed employees whose hours have been reduced will be submitted to be part of the 33 SharedWork program through the Employment Security Department (ESD). The 34 employee must be eligible under the SharedWork program criteria, and approved by ESD, 35 in order to receive unemployment benefits. The SharedWork program helps to retain 36 skilled workers, reduce payroll costs, and is an alternative to layoffs. Employee 37 participation in the SharedWork program is a benefit to both the employee and the 38 District. 40 Claimants participating in the SharedWork program retain their medical benefits, 41 seniority and leave accrual continues as if they are working their full hours, and do not 42 have to look for other employment. 44 Employees in the SharedWork program must be available for all work offered by their 45 administrator/director. Reasonable notice will be provided to the employee of work being 47 program. Employees asked to perform additional work beyond their reduced contract 48 hours would timesheet those hours.
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