Term Disability Sample Clauses

Term Disability. If an eligible Employee becomes disabled anytime during the period of scheduled working hours benefits will be payable during the period of scheduled hours. Employees will follow the normal waiting periods for long-term disability. No money will be payable until their first (1st) scheduled day of work. If a disability occurs while an Employee is on unscheduled days, no payment will be received until such time as they are regularly scheduled to work. The normal waiting periods would apply. Benefit Premiums During the period of unscheduled hours, benefits will continue for eligible Employees. Premiums owing during this period will be recovered on the first (1st) pay cheque when Employees are scheduled to work. ON BEHALF OF THE EMPLOYER ON BEHALF OF THE UNION LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #4 BETWEEN ALBERTA HEALTH SERVICES - and - ALBERTA UNION OF PROVINCIAL EMPLOYEES RE: MUTUAL AGREEMENT TO ADJUST FTES WHEREAS the Parties see the mutual value in: • Providing Employees with confirmation of their full-time equivalent (FTE): • Defining approaches to enable the adjustment of FTEs for Employees where mutually agreed; and • Developing larger FTEs and more full-time positions; The Parties agree as follows:
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Term Disability. The School District will continue to pay the School District's share of the above insurance premiums as provided above for an employee on short-term disability.
Term Disability. The Employer agrees to enter into an arrangement with an Insurer under the Insurance Act to provide a Long Term Disability Plan. All employees of the Employer become eligible for membership in the plan on or after the effective date of the plan.
Term Disability. STATUS - 75% of weekly earnings NON-STATUS - 75% of weekly earnings • Payable after the 14th day accident/sickness • 15 week benefit periodMaximum benefit $1000 per week • Status: Non-taxable benefit/Non-Status: Taxable • Coverage terminates at age 70 Long-Term Disability STATUS - 75% of weekly earnings NON-STATUS - 66.67% of monthly earnings • 119 day elimination period • Non-evidence maximum $2500 • Maximum benefit $4000 per month • Best Doctors Service, Work-Life Assistance Program, and Spousal Disability Benefit • Coverage terminates at age 70 • Non-taxable benefit APPENDIX 1B Benefits Plan for Non-Status Employees Haisla Nation Council Benefits Plan for Non-Status Employees Division #409 Effective Date March 1, 2007 This group Plan arranged by: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Group Services Representative Telephone Number (000) 000-0000 or 0-000-000-0000 APPENDIX 2
Term Disability. Should an employee's absence due to illness or injury not covered by Workers' Compensation, extend beyond the fourteen (14) consecutive calendar day waiting period, the employee shall become eligible on the fifteenth (15th) calendar day for benefits under the short-term disability program of the existing carrier or similar policy or policies with other reputable insurers with the same coverage as may be selected by the College. Eligibility and amount of benefit are outlined in Appendix B. Vacation and sick days shall not accumulate while on short-term disability. When an employee is on short-term disability they are required to continue paying for all appropriate deductions (e.g. medical cost-sharing, enhanced benefits, etc.) in order to be eligible for continued benefit coverage.
Term Disability. The Employer agrees to pay percent of the present monthly billed premium rate for a long term disability plan for each full time employee in the active employ of the Employer, eligible for coverage subject to the terms and conditions of the plan. Effective January the maximum coverage period shall be up to twenty-four (24) months Vision Care The Employer agrees to pay percent of the present monthly billed premium of a vision care plan providing (Sixty Dollars) every four (24) months for each full time employee in employ of the Employer, eligible for coverage, subject to the terms and conditions of the plan.
Term Disability. Contract No. 45060 60 days after the total disability begins. within 30 days of the termination of this Long-Term Disability benefit. Part of the application process will include filling out claim forms that give us as many details about the claim as possible. You, the attending doctor and your employer will all have to complete claim forms. In order to receive benefits, we must receive these forms no later than 90 days after the end of the elimination period. We will assess the claim and send you or your employer a letter outlining our decision. From time to time, Sun Life can require that you provide us with proof of your total disability. If you do not provide this information within 90 days of this request, you will not be entitled to benefits. SIGNATURE PAGE FOR COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE BRITISH COLUMBIA NURSES’ UNION –AND– POST ROAD HEALTH AND DIET INC. (XX. XXXXXXXXX CLINICS) FOR THE TERM DECEMBER 17, 2010 – DECEMBER 31, 2014. Signed on behalf of Employer: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx X’Xxxxx Dated: Signed on behalf of British Columbia Nurses’ Union: Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx Rayjeet Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx XxXxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Dated: INDEX ACCESS BY EMPLOYEE 19 ADDITIONAL LEAVE WITHOUT PAY 21 AGENDA 6 AMENDING TIME LIMITS 8 AMOUNT OF DEDUCTIONS 3 ANNIVERSARY DATE AND INCREMENTS 10 APPENDIX ―A‖ 35 APPENDIX ―B‖ 45 APPENDIX ―C‖ 49 ARBITRATION 9 BENEFITS CONTINUED 18 BULLETIN BOARDS 6 COMMITMENT TO PRINCIPLES OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS CODE 21 COMPASSIONATE LEAVE 21 CONDITIONS GOVERNING STEWARDS 4 CONFIDENTIAL NATURE OF PERSONNEL FILE 5 CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF WORK 20 CONTACT INFORMATION OF EMPLOYEES ON RECALL 17 CONTENT OF JOB DESCRIPTIONS 18 COPIES OF THE AGREEMENT 5 COST OF ARBITRATION 9 DENTAL CARE 45 DENTAL COVERAGE 30 DEVIATION FROM GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE 8 DISCUSSION OF DIFFERENCES 7 DISCUSSION OF HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS 22 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 4 EARLY RETURN TO WORK 23 EDUCATION AND STAFF DEVELOPMENT 23 EFFECT OF LEAVE ON EMPLOYEE 28 EFFECTIVE AND TERMINATION DATES 33 ELECTION LEAVE 23 EMPLOYEE ACCESS 5 EMPLOYEE EVALUATION 13 EMPLOYEE OPTIONS ON LAY-OFF 17 EMPLOYEE RIGHTS 14 EMPLOYEES REQUIREMENTS TO WORK OVERTIME 20 EMPLOYER TERMINATION 13 EMPLOYER WITNESS 9 EMPLOYER'S BUSINESS 4 EMPLOYMENT CLASSIFICATIONS 9 EMPLOYMENT IN EXCLUDED POSITIONS 11 EVALUATIONS 13 EXERCISE OF OPTIONS 17 EXTENDED HEALTH CARE (MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT) 35 EXTENDED HEALTH CARE COVERAGE 30 EXTENDED HEALTH CARE PLAN MAXIMUMS 44 FAILURE TO GIVE NOTICE OF RESIGNATION 12 FAILURE TO OBJ...
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Term Disability. The employee shall pay the full cost of the billed premium for all permanent Employees for a Long Term Disability Plan to provide the employee with a monthly benefit in an amount equal to of an employee’s monthly earnings to a maximum benefit of per month. The elimination period is one hundred and twenty (120) days. Vehicle Business Insurance Employees who are required to use their own automobile for Agency business will be compensated for liability insurance as follows: The Agency shall pay the difference between the rate for liability insurance on the employee’s automobile if used for pleasure only, and the rate required to insure such automobile if used as well for the purpose of the Agency, up to a maximum difference of ($250.00) two hundred and fifty dollars. Article Benefits
Term Disability. A long term disability plan providing a monthly benefit after the waiting period of consecutive calendar days, in the amount of sixty-six and two-thirds (66 percent of monthly salary to a maximum benefit of seven thousand dollars ($7000.00) per month, subject to the following: Long Term Disability benefits will be based on the Member's salary at time of disability, except if there is a salary increase for the Member's rank within six months of the Member commencing disability in which case the long term disability benefit will be based on the increased salary for the Member's rank. Subject to the requirements of the Human Rights Code, Members on long term disability will cease to accumulate vacation pay credits or statutory holiday payments, so long as such Member remains on long term disability. Cost of living increases are not included in the Long Term Disability Plan.
Term Disability. The Board agrees to pay of the premiumcosts for a Long Term Disability Plan providing the enrolment requirements of the insurance carrier are satisfied. The basic conditions of the Long Term Disability Plan will be as follows: benefit level. month total disability as a qualifying period. Disability is defined as own occupation for years, and any occupation thereafter. benefit level will be reduced by any applicable pension premiums. The Board will continue to pay the Board’s portion of the premium costs of applicable employees benefits for a period of months from the date of eligibility for receipt of benefits under the Long Term Disability Plan. New employees hired after June who work less than full-time shall have the Board’s portion of premium costs for employee pro-rated according to time worked. ARTICLE
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